Ayurveda for corporate people with the aim of achieving longevity & productivity

Ayurveda is a system of lifestyle rather than a system of medicine. Maintenance and restoration of good health is the first aim here which in fact the other way to explain prevention of the diseases. In recent years, Ayurveda has gained world-wide popularity. People are looking for a healing system that allows minimum intake of chemicals, whose side effects and reactions are well known. Thus, alternate health care systems are becoming more popular. Ayurveda, which is a complete system including maintenance of health, prevention and curing diseases, can be the best alternate to today’s medical sciences. A natural harmony between Ayurvedic principles and the human structure is the main factor for its effectiveness. This concept of natural harmony, however, is missing in modern science. This is why, despite the most advanced technology and science, modern people are becoming increasingly sick, both physically and mentally. Problems such as mental stress, anxiety, depression and nervous debility are very common. Such problems, which relate to the mind, have a deep impact on a person’s life. 

    Due to improvement in the health care system, the average life span of a person has increased, but the peace of mind, which is important for happiness, has decreased. There is no fun in achieving a longevity full of problems. This is why we have increased suicide rates in some advanced countries. The purpose of longevity, nowadays, is material enjoyment, which unfortunately is not the goal of life. Therefore, we see a larger number of people living longer and not really enjoying life, because material enjoyment ultimately leads to suffering. Ayurveda, however, sees longevity in a different light. 

    Longevity, according to Ayurveda, means a complete balance in body, mind and soul, and then living a long life. Without this balance, a person cannot enjoy the real benefit of longevity: a state of permanent happiness and peace. In Ayurveda the person tries to attain longevity not only to satisfy the physical aspirations, but also to fulfil the needs of mind and soul. Sanskrit uses the term “Dirgha ayu” for longevity. There is a whole section, in the ancient Ayurvedic text, Caraka Samhita, which describes how to attain longevity. It states that one should try to attain longevity so that one can engage in spiritual activities and attain Liberation.  

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