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Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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The Moon spends the day in your intimacy sector, dear Aries, and you’re drawn to all that’s hidden or subtle and multi-layered. The Moon’s square to the Sun produces some tension you can work in your favor, pulling out motivation to make improvements. Still, the Sun has been encouraging you to detach, diversify, and experiment with its current transit of your solar eleventh house. These things can feel at odds with the full-on, intensive approach of the Moon’s current transit. Find ways to concentrate and specialize but also to compromise. You may very well satisfy both your need to feel attached to something and your desire to branch out. It should benefit you to keep your ear to the ground today, as you’re likely to gain inspiration for new ideas, dreams, and goals. A Mercury-Neptune transit stimulates your imagination, helping you gain insight into life-path goals and projects. There can be imaginative exchanges and interesting daydreams now. Today is excellent for nurturing and enjoying your ambitious side. Rather than logical or rote thinking, it’s a better time for intuitive thinking and connecting through mental chemistry.


The Moon spends the day in your partnership sector, and you seek more interaction and feedback, dear Taurus. However, today’s Mercury-Neptune transit encourages engaging your imagination. It helps smooth over some of the rougher edges of your life, and a soothing or inspiring conversation may be part of this. Discussions tend to lead in the right direction, even though they may not be particularly structured. Brainstorming or networking can lead to bright ideas or solutions to predicaments. Still, you can feel somewhat divided between work and play today with the Sun at the top of your solar chart, encouraging you to deal with your responsibilities, and the Moon stirring your social side. It can be challenging to be present emotionally with different needs and drives competing for your time. While your needs for reassurance and your ambitions seem to be at cross-purposes, tensions stimulated today can light a fire under you to make important changes.


The Moon spends the day in your work and health sector, dear Gemini, and you feel much more emotionally satisfied after handling your duties and attending to your routines. However, today’s Mercury-Neptune transit encourages a gentle approach to the world. It’s an excellent time to allow conversations to flow and listen generously. You’re comfortable in your own skin, and this ease coaxes your imagination to emerge in supportive ways. Patience is rewarding now! Dreams of an exciting direction can inspire you. You might solve a problem intuitively, and self-expression comes naturally. As you relax and get comfortable, you come to valuable conclusions. There may be an absorbing mystery to solve or a revealing conversation to enjoy.


With the Moon in your romance and pleasure sector all day, dear Cancer, you must make some room for spontaneity and personal enjoyment. You’re in perfect shape for gaining some perspective with this Moon transit, but even further with a Mercury-Neptune transit inspiring imaginative conversations. You could find that the details are less relevant than the overall meaning under today’s transits. Your interactions are likely comforting and possibly healing, or they are a little off the beaten track, rousing curiosity. Efforts toward making peace and accepting one another can be in focus and successful. Energies today are great for creative pursuits of all kinds, especially since your sense of harmony and balance is so strong.


With the Moon in your solar fourth house all day, dear Leo, you crave some familiarity and gentleness. Fortunately, the day holds much potential for relaxing your mind, although it doesn’t mean you need to be idle. You might keep yourself busy doing something soothing that you genuinely enjoy–a form of meditation in motion. You can resolve a tricky emotional problem or situation under a mind-expanding Mercury-Neptune transit. Conversations are accepting but also stirring; intuition can lead you to the right information. Intimate relationships can thrive. Good energy is with you for letting your imagination take you to inspiring places. Your ability to make anyone feel interesting is even stronger than usual today. It can also be a time for showing you care about someone through help and support. Smooth and flowing daily routines will ultimately help you achieve your goals, making it worthwhile to put some energy into getting them into shape.


The Moon spends the day in your communications sector, and your curiosity grows, dear Virgo. While this is a particularly mental influence, today’s Mercury-Neptune transit inspires some imagination. You possess more than usual psychic energy and personal magnetism. This influence tends to increase your feelings of ease or acceptance of current circumstances, and it’s freeing! You might have a mind-opening experience as you entertain unusual and different perspectives. Or, you can come to a helpful new view of a matter that once puzzled you. Understanding and compassion are the best ways to open doors right now. You can expect agreements and negotiations to be favorable now, and you’re in an excellent position to let go of stress and negative emotions. Playing with ideas and possibilities feels right–it’s easier to relax your thinking and let your imagination go.


Getting yourself into a pleasant groove boosts you emotionally, and it comes naturally today, dear Libra, with the Moon in your solar second house. With this transit, your needs are pleasantly simple and definite, which eases your mind and interactions. With today’s Mercury-Neptune transit, energies are good for daydreams and detours from the usual routine. You’re applying wisdom and past experiences to a current problem. You might want to wrap your mind around a mystery or another mental activity that is both enjoyable and absorbing. Opening up and enjoying conversations comes more naturally with the atmosphere today, as there is little or no pressure to be precise. Communications or news shared today can inspire you with new ideas, or you might decide to connect with a loved one and share something special. You’re in good shape to see a new side of a situation, and it’s pleasantly revealing!


The Moon spends today and tomorrow in your sign, dear Scorpio, moving emotional needs to the front burner. In many ways, you’re clearer about how you feel–you’d rather set the pace and let your emotions lead you. Still, it can be challenging to integrate your need for independence with your powerful desire to stick with what’s most familiar and safe. Fortunately, an alternative look at a situation can be fascinating with today’s Mercury-Neptune transit. This creative and patient energy is therapeutic, helping you unwind and enjoy yourself. You may want to pull yourself away from the details of a particular situation or problem and let your intuition work for you. Fortunately, your words and ideas are received well. It’s a good day for romantic gestures, particularly of the verbal kind, and expressions of love or affection. Conversations can be uplifting, and fantasies or musings are positive, lighting up your mind and opening new possibilities.


The Moon spends the day in your privacy sector, dear Sagittarius, inclining you to keep some things to yourself and process feelings more than express them. It’s a beneficial influence at this time of the lunar month. Aim to tackle areas of guilt that may have prevented you from getting the break you need and deserve. You may need a healthy escape of sorts. It’s also a good day for imaginative thoughts or discussions. You can be inspired to create and maintain more peace and compassion in your personal life. A Mercury-Neptune transit is gentle and supportive, encouraging you to look at situations in different, more forgiving, and happier ways. Engaging conversations can figure strongly, particularly with or about family, or they might relate to home or domestic matters. Your intuition for money or business is excellent, and money-making ideas can be golden now.


Today’s Moon rouses your friendliness and brings out your need for a sense of belonging, dear Capricorn. You can find yourself inspired by ideas or communicating in rewarding ways today, with Mercury and Neptune in harmony. This transit favors making extra room for imagination and wonder. Stepping back from problems enables you to see situations in a new way. You’re picking up on the hidden layers of a matter, and it’s not the time to rush decisions! Working with others towards a common goal can be very useful, and it’s easy to smooth over differences if needed. Instead, you might pick up where you left off with someone you care about today. Reaching out, even in little ways, can be rewarding. Your powers to subtly persuade and influence are especially strong today, and your communications, interactions, the news, or studies can be uplifting. This transit is good for smoothing over the nerves.


With today’s Moon, dear Aquarius, you’re investing more energy in your ambitions and performance. However, these feelings can clash with your desire to be a free spirit in spots today. You may need to do some compromising today, as some rules need your attention, but you also need to go your own way. Today’s Mercury-Neptune aspect helps you take a break from overanalyzing or overthinking. Letting go of tension and allowing your imagination to engage is easier than usual. You might enjoy some quality time to yourself, dreaming up plans and playing with ideas. Still, conversations can help inspire you and stimulate your objectivity as you come to a more comfortable perspective on a situation. You’re in great shape for dreaming up plans. The trick is to avoid investing too much in the details or the destination so that you can genuinely enjoy the process.


The Moon encourages you to explore and discover today and tomorrow, dear Pisces. New settings or surroundings can be most refreshing! Second-guessing a situation or decision is possible now, but this may help you pace yourself. Still, Neptune in your sign harmonizes with Mercury today, creating the perfect atmosphere for using your imagination and accessing your intuition. A calm and gentle theme suits you well. Dreams and fantasies can be nice conversation points, and you may learn something valuable by exchanging ideas. Your words can inspire others. In turn, there’s inspiration in what others are saying. You can make a meaningful connection with a friend, and interacting, sharing, and accepting feels good. More than usual, you’re seeking satisfaction and comfort from your social life, and today’s atmosphere is refreshing.

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