DAILY HOROSCOPE – Friday 9 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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You might enjoy a breakthrough, a new way to manage health problems, or a happier work environment, dear Aries. Getting rid of physical or emotional clutter can be empowering now. You’re also making room for connections, relationships, and projects that empower and excite you. The benefits of a reset are great, even if they’re not immediately apparent, and today’s New Moon pulls things together. A healthy level of detachment from personal concerns is good for you now. You might now find more time for sharing, connecting, and community. It’s certainly a time to connect with your higher aspirations and experiment with new ideas. Surprising events surrounding a friend or group can occur now and this week. Watch for impulsiveness today, and while you should enjoy the enthusiasm you’re feeling now, avoid taking on too many commitments, as you may not have the energy or resources to follow through on all of them.


This can be a time of creative breakthroughs, romantic spirit, and a break from the past that frees your thinking and opens you to new opportunities, dear Taurus. You could find new channels for enjoying and expressing yourself creatively or playfully. As well, today’s New Moon brings fresh energy for career and reputation matters. Doors might open up on professional or public levels in the week ahead. You’re taking charge of your reputation, responsibilities, and business or career plans, with improvements in mind. You’re clearer about putting something behind you so that you can begin fresh. It’s the time of year for paying a little more attention to outside markers, and this can be very useful, but remember to listen to your own heart in the process. You are becoming aware of new responsibilities as old plans and projects fall out of focus. The next few days are about taking action and shooting for the stars. However, it’s important not to take on more than you can handle, as energy levels can change later.


This is a time of personal opportunities for healing, mental health, emotional wellness, financial support, home, property, and family, dear Gemini. There can be breakthroughs in a family relationship or improved living conditions. Today’s New Moon brings a charge of innovative energy to your adventure sector, motivating a desire to experience or learn something entirely new, adventurous, and off the beaten track. Your approach to the world is a little braver now, and discovery is a theme. The emphasis is on activities that break you from the usual routine and connect you with life and spirit. You are bound to feel refreshed and open to learning. Feel the inspiration but take things slowly rather than pushing things forward too quickly. A fun and healthy escape or mind-expanding experience may be in the offing and can be a real refresher. Stirrings of restlessness can motivate you to make improvements to your life.


You’re seeking a stronger sense of freedom and fewer inhibitions this week, dear Cancer. Transportation and communication options can open for you, which can lead to greater opportunities. Circumstances are such that you feel more positive and optimistic. With today’s New Moon occurring in your solar eighth house, the days ahead are favorable for starting a financial plan, taking out a loan or consolidating, paying off debt, and pouring extra energy into a pet project or research. Taking charge of the areas where you feel unhealthily dependent on others comes naturally as you advance. This lunation might also (or instead) stir up the desire for emotional intimacy and closeness with others, which can propel you into more creative relating patterns, but it might also stimulate your inner frustrations if current relationships are not satisfying your deeper needs. Seek out passion, not just experience, for more emotional fulfillment.


You feel positive and confident about your value to others and your talents with current transits, dear Leo. It’s a great time to enjoy opportunities to improve your work, financial state, and reputation. Still, today’s New Moon is relationship-focused. You possess more courage than usual to break down walls between you and others now with a New Moon occurring in your partnership sector today. This lunation brings you the chance to improve or attract close partnerships over the coming weeks. Honoring others in your life seems the main route to fulfillment and success for you at this time! If partnering is not on your agenda, then this New Moon is about your relationship with others on a one-to-one level and how you balance your needs with those of another. It can also be a time to gain a new perspective on your life through someone else’s eyes. It can be an excellent time for teaming or pairing up and coming up with a perfect idea.


It’s a great time for enthusiasm, creative enterprise, self-expression, and letting go of inhibitions, dear Virgo. There can be circumstances occurring now that release you from restriction in some significant way. Also today, a New Moon helps clear the path for new beginnings related to self-care, work, and wellness. The week ahead is strong for embarking on new or improved projects along these lines. This can be about putting the limitations of the past behind you to make way for the new. Health and wellness programs, as well as resolutions for better organizing your daily life, launched in the coming days, have a strong chance of surviving. Job offers may arise, or you could have new priorities and tasks to manage. New directions are likely with current projects. You can experience motivating prompts toward new and improved conditions but do watch for impulsiveness and impatience.


Today’s New Moon occurs in your sector of joy, dear Libra, and you can be anxious to start fresh. Now and in the coming days, you can have the chance to find new and exciting ways of expressing yourself in uniquely creative ways, or through rewarding pastimes or a romantic relationship. You’ll be happily busy enjoying yourself over the next while, and your powers of attraction are sure to skyrocket. This lunation highlights a very happy, creative, and romantic area of your chart, making the next couple of weeks good for starting new hobbies, creative activities, and even love relationships. This is a time for following your heart! Enthusiasm and motivation are on the rise. It’s time to improve the fun, entertainment, leisure, and creativity elements of your life. While there is always some impulsiveness at the time of a New Moon, and this one is particularly erratic, a little jolt may be what you need to make meaningful changes.


You might be able to break out of limiting or restrictive circumstances this week, dear Scorpio, and social opportunities are stellar. It’s a good time for learning, partnering, communicating, networking, and negotiating. Still, today’s New Moon brings start-fresh, dynamic energy to your domestic world. If you want to make changes on the home front, in your home, with your domestic routines, or with family relationships–or even about your relationship with your inner self–this is the cycle for you. The improvements you make, of course, will affect all areas of your life in some way, as the sector of your chart that’s activated now is all about your roots and getting more comfortable. It’s an excellent time for making long-range plans, as well. You’re seeking and making room for emotional replenishment.


This can be a time to discover new ways to improve your health and well-being, dear Sagittarius. There can be more joy in your work or daily routines. You could enjoy more cooperation with others or support for your goals. Today’s New Moon can motivate you to take on new studies or a special-interest project, or it can bring on a more connected, busier daily life. There can certainly be a lot coming in, many things to do, and a generally quick pace. This New Moon occurs in your communications and learning sector, launching a cycle that emphasizes and spotlights communication skills, learning, and daily interactions and contacts. You’re better able to establish a mental rapport with others, and making contact with interesting people is also likely.


You could be finding new and exciting channels for expressing yourself this week, dear Capricorn. It’s a strong time to connect with others romantically or creatively, and educational or promotional efforts are well-starred. There can also be a fresh start involving money, finances, business, and career in the week following today’s New Moon. New energy is with you for creating success, and ambition increases. This lunation can serve as a prompt toward improved management of your practical affairs. It’s time to take charge of your finances and make meaningful, long-lasting changes to your earnings and spending habits. You’re motivated to make your life secure and comfortable! As you contribute and share, you naturally draw resources your way.


This is a generally good period for securing the support you need, dear Aquarius. Loans, profits, home, family, and real estate are areas of improvement and opportunity. Instead, family and intimate relationships can improve by leaps and bounds as you discover new and improved ways of relating and interacting. This is a time for ridding yourself of old patterns that are no longer working in your favor and adopting unique, unusual, and progressive methods. A New Moon in your sign today brings a whole new orientation, a blast of personal energy, and a sense that you’re getting going. It’s time to present yourself in ways that serve you best, and you have all of the power to make meaningful changes. You can be at your most impulsive now, and while you possess tremendous energy, you need to weigh all sides of a situation before pushing forward. Pace yourself and avoid rushing things, keeping in mind, too, that this is a personally powerful time. Work on self-improvement now, and as you do, you can find yourself filling up with new ideas and hope.


This can be a strong time for freeing yourself of limiting attitudes, problems, or situations that have been holding you back from expressing yourself freely, dear Pisces. Transportation or communication channels can open up for you now, bringing long-lasting opportunities. You can be incredibly inventive, picking up information that others overlook. With a New Moon today, aim to observe and remain alert, but avoid starting something entirely new just yet. This New Moon occurs in your soul sector, marking a period of review, letting go, seeking closure, and recharging your batteries ahead of you. The urge to find emotional peace of mind will be apparent. New energy is with you for dealing with matters of the past. In the weeks ahead, you may need to put some things behind you or put some things to rest, and this New Moon highlights this need.

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