DAILY HOROSCOPE – Monday 12 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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The Moon’s move into your sign today is energizing, dear Aries. Still, with some reflection, you could better understand where you’re heading. Emphasizing the non-material elements of a project can be a good idea now as Venus and Neptune head into harmony. There can be a sense of peace with the past or drawing from your inner wisdom and experience, which you might positively apply to business or relationships. You may want to make nice with others, particularly parents, bosses, or associates. It’s an excellent time to relax, let go, and move on with less baggage and stress. Breaking free from the past in some manner is more comfortable today. This is also a time when someone could be speaking highly of you.


The Moon heads into your privacy sector for a couple of days, dear Taurus, stirring a need to let go, forgive, and unwind. A Venus-Neptune influence coming into play today supports this theme–the more compassionate qualities of your nature are in the foreground. This transit can have a soothing effect on you. You gravitate to activities that refresh your spirit and connections that inspire and delight you. Sharing your ideas and ideals can be rewarding, or there can be more compassion or understanding in a friendship today. Your confident, calm demeanor helps you attract easygoing interactions. Transits today put you in fine shape for love, friendship, and camaraderie. You’re more interested in ideas and concepts that take you away from the expected or routine. A release from a burden can figure strongly now, or you see the positive side of a situation, and it feels great. It’s an excellent time to nurture a dream or wish.


A Venus-Neptune transit influencing today and tomorrow can show you the beautiful side of a situation or person, dear Gemini. You might make unique connections or discover new layers in a relationship or person. It can be a time when you’re especially attracted to someone’s depth of character. You seem to be tuned in to different levels of experience and look at the world a little differently. Fortunately, this perspective benefits you greatly! The chance to repair a relationship might present itself under this warm, forgiving influence. It’s not a time for tackling the more complicated issues, but it’s simply fabulous for bonding. Your reputation or professional image can improve, or you’re bringing more creativity, imagination, and idealism into your work.


Your sensitivity attracts others, or someone appreciates your gentle qualities today, dear Cancer. With others cooperating, you feel more motivated in many different life departments. You might enjoy expressing yourself in ways that are meaningful to others now. Your appreciation for art increases and you see more beauty and wonder in your life, including the people in it! In fact, you can feel re-energized on spiritual levels, and you have more faith that you’re headed in the right direction, even if it’s not clearly defined. You may thoroughly enjoy helping someone out. You are carrying yourself in a worthy way, and this can attract more to you. While you may have been wrestling with a tendency to procrastinate recently, you’re rebuilding your faith, and this encourages you to not only move ahead and attend to your responsibilities but also to reach a little higher.


Your intuition for work, research, discrepancies, analysis, and health matters is powerful today, dear Leo. A creative approach to problems can lead to new insight and unusual but effective solutions. You might feel moved by the idea that you’re helping and supporting others through your work or practical advice. You might end up tackling problems or projects that have been difficult to deal with in the past. Still, the day is equally powerful for bonding with others and making nice with people you care about. You are empowered right now! The idea that you’re helping and supporting others through your work, services you provide, or your practical advice can move you. The day is good for letting things go and feeling better off for it. With the Moon’s move into your sector of spirit, you’re shooting for the stars.


Focusing on life’s positive and magical qualities can be most soothing and calming today, dear Virgo. You can be in a pleasingly sociable and creative mood, and feeling less pressured is part of this. Compassion may move you to help and support someone who needs attention. Venus in your romance and creativity sector heads into harmony with Neptune in your partnership zone, and you attract positive people, feelings, and experiences into your life. It’s a time for activities that refresh your spirit and build your faith in your relationships. It’s a fine time for bringing a bit of romance or imagination into your life, which can be therapeutic. Powerful energy is with you for communicating affection, compassion, and understanding. An agreement might be made with a partner, or you could come to an understanding about past problems. Benefits come from partnering up, as well.


Making life more comfortable and pleasing can be a successful focus today, dear Libra. A Venus-Neptune influence coming into play today can gently stir your desire for harmony, beauty, and balance, and you’re likely to want to apply these things to your home or work environment. It’s an excellent time to open yourself up to learning from and through others. You may feel pleasantly committed to your work, a health pursuit, or a particular project. The day’s energies bring good intuition for work and money matters, and business affairs can prosper as a result, but it’s also excellent for relationships. You come across well–there’s a bit of mystery to you right now, and you can have someone pleasantly intrigued. This transit encourages a non-possessive approach. It’s a good time to reach out and show your support, but you’re inclined to keep things simple. You’re renewing your faith in what you’re doing.


Emotionally refreshing activities are in focus, dear Scorpio. While there can be a helpful focus on your daily affairs and getting organized, you more readily recognize and appreciate the beauty in your life and your relationships as the day advances. Venus heads into harmony with Neptune, bringing fresh connections and creative inspiration. You’re in perfect shape for opening up and enjoying yourself with others. You’re also in excellent condition for a pleasant interlude or gaining some perspective. A delightful interlude is possible, and gaining some perspective can be just what you need. You might communicate something special or receive good news. Your faith in yourself can reflect outward, magnetizing good things to you.


With a Venus-Neptune transit influencing today, dear Sagittarius, you might recognize different levels and dimensions of your needs that you usually miss. You want to bring harmony and balance to your family and home life. This transit stirs a romantic or idealistic outlook. Intuition runs high for business ideas, but the real beauty of the day lies in a stronger awareness of intangibles that contribute to a sense of satisfaction. It’s a good time for making peace with others, particularly through compassion and understanding. It’s a fine time for reminding yourself of those things in your life that make you feel comfortable and safe, and you’re in great shape for making important purchases or assessments about personal possessions. But while there is a distinctly gentle quality to this influence, the Moon moves into your sector of joy, bringing the desire to share, enjoy, and express yourself. Ideally, you find ways to fill your needs to support and be supported.


Today’s transits favor drawing up plans for a writing, speaking, or learning project, dear Capricorn, and for getting in touch with a special person in your life. You can benefit from sharing your ideas and inspiration now, and the feedback is good. Your more compassionate qualities are in the foreground, with Venus in your sign harmonizing with Neptune. People gravitate to your healing energy right now. You’re especially appealing, and warm or peaceful interactions can powerfully boost your mood. It’s easier than usual to see the positives and beauty in the situations and people around you right now. The Moon’s move into your solar fourth house for a stay of over two days encourages the need to settle in and center yourself. Try to take a load off now, as it’s a “stop to smell the roses” kind of day.


The Moon heads into your communications sector, dear Aquarius, harmonizing with your sign for a couple of days and gently stirring your curiosity. It’s an excellent time to receive and share good news. Still, the day can also produce fantastic opportunities to unwind emotionally and let go of tension and frustration. You are more inclined than usual to notice and appreciate the unique or magical side of people and situations, especially as the day advances and a Venus-Neptune influence comes into play. While the focus tends to be intangible and spiritual levels of your life, practical matters can benefit from a healthier dose of imagination or intuition than usual. In fact, you’re putting more trust in your intuition with these issues, and it’s rewarding. This transit softens rough edges and diffuses tense feelings. You can feel pleasantly committed to your goals, and harmonizing with others comes more naturally than usual.


Even though the Moon leaves your sign, dear Pisces, and you are going under the radar in some ways, you attract positive attention as the day advances. You could be in the position to strengthen a friendship or let go of negativity or tension and put it behind you. Venus is heading into harmony with Neptune in your sign, and you’re in fabulous shape for getting the right message across. Your popularity bumps up a notch, and it’s effortless–you’re just being yourself! Natural appreciation is in the offing. An intuitive understanding between you and someone special can feel fantastic. Your powers of attraction are in superb form. Perhaps most importantly, positive energies are with you for forgiveness.

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