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Communications are mostly friendly and fair early today, dear Aries. You’re emerging from a period when there was a larger focus on the past and distinct benefits from considering what has worked for you and what hasn’t. Now, you feel more confident about your next step. The Moon moves into your intimacy sector, and you’re seeing new layers of a situation. But as the day advances, we approach the Sun’s annual opposition to Neptune–an influence that can temporarily confuse things. Your interest in work and health is substantial these days with the Sun’s transit of your solar sixth house, but today, you can struggle with finding a healthy balance between work and rest or between physical and mental/emotional health. There could be a disappointment or a misjudgment, and energy levels are up and down until you arrive at a healthy middle. You may need to tame some of your expectations and temper your energy to get there. Today’s transits remind you to respect rather than challenge your natural body energy rhythms. You could also recognize the need for more inspiration that can help refuel you.


You’re hungry for balance and steadiness today, dear Taurus. In the first half of the day, there can be satisfying conversations about creative or entertainment interests. This is a generally strong time for creative, expressive, and romantic pursuits, but there are some challenges and ups and downs involved as the day advances. A Sun-Neptune opposition comes into influence, reminding you to work on your expectations. This transit also wants you to pay more attention to your valid needs to dream, imagine, and believe, particularly related to your social life. You may be questioning an uncertain or ambiguous situation related to a friendship or longing for a kindred spirit connection. It’s not a time when people see things clearly, making it better to wait important matters out. If you’re temporarily uninspired, consider taking a small break to refresh yourself. Today is not ideal for opening your heart, taking a risk, or gambling. It’s a time to slow down, catch your breath, and trust that this is for the best.


While conversations can be clear and helpful early today, dear Gemini, a Sun-Neptune opposition comes into play as the day advances, leaving you sensitive to ups and downs related to reputation or career matters. You may not know where you stand on an issue or where you’re headed, and these things can interfere with your motivation levels. It’s possible family and loved ones aren’t entirely on board with your goals, or a lack of defined goals leaves things up in the air and uncertain. This is a time when you could struggle with your intuition temporarily, so making the bigger decisions may not be wise. In truth, your living conditions, relationship with family, and personal life are strengthening this month, and the current emotional dip is a reminder to adjust your expectations or dreams and goals to better match your current situation.


Early today, be sure to let things in and open your mind to others’ perspectives, dear Cancer. Conversations and musings can be helpful. The Moon moves into your entertainment sector, and the need to share, enjoy, and express yourself is strong. While you’re generally going strong with personal interests these days, a Sun-Neptune opposition coming into play later today can mean a temporary dip in motivation levels until you figure out which areas of your life need special attention. They will likely revolve around communications, transportation, projects, beliefs, and learning. Be more vigilant when working with facts and figures right now, and watch that you don’t communicate in a way that can easily be misinterpreted. Dream and create, but pay closer attention if dealing with practical matters today. If something is up in the air, pushing for answers or trying too hard to fill in the blanks may not be helpful. If someone is seeking a commitment or definite answer from you, but you don’t feel right about it, try to defer it to a time when there’s more certainty. Events of the day may remind you to take a small and refreshing break from overthinking.


The Moon moves into your solar fourth house today, dear Leo, prompting you to take particular interest in your home or personal life. You can benefit significantly from finding your emotional center. Doing something useful around the home can fill an emotional need today. There has been a stronger focus on the material and physical world these days with the Sun’s transit of your solar second house. As today advances, your experiences may illuminate some level of spiritual discontent. There may be some confusion surrounding financial or intimate matters as the Sun heads into opposition with Neptune. You might face a situation where you must draw boundaries with others who drain you of time or energy. This yearly transit reminds you of the need for more attention to your spiritual and emotional needs. On practical levels, avoid making larger purchases as well as lending and borrowing, just for now, until you see things more clearly.


Although there are pleasant outlets for expressing yourself today, dear Virgo, you are unlikely to commit to one particular feeling. The day is more about experimenting and exploring on an emotional level. Transits these days tend to raise your spirits, in general, and it’s a special time for advancing your personal interests. Today, as the day progresses, a Sun-Neptune opposition coming into influence can temporarily deflate you until you understand its purpose. It could have you swinging from idealistic images of someone or a situation to imagining the worst. Focus on the things you love for the best results instead of pinning your hopes elsewhere. If you are unprepared or disorganized, any drama occurring now can feel worse than it is. Recognize that you are more sensitive on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels right now, and do your best to take a break from overdoing or overthinking. You may well discover the need to connect to something spiritual or mystical to find more meaning in your life. Blending this with your recent focus on physical concerns will be ideal. Don’t push yourself or a situation, and you’ll be in fine shape now.


Learning new things about your inner needs can be satisfying now, dear Libra. There can also be progressive thinking related to money matters today. It’s a good time to think outside of the box and come up with inventive solutions and ideas. While the day holds creative promise, there can be some lack of clarity to deal with as the day progresses, particularly related to what is expected of you and what you expect from others. Work and service are in strong focus, but dealing with routine matters can be difficult if you’re not feeling motivated or directed. A lot is going on behind the scenes, and you may not always feel on top of your game due to this general distraction. While energy levels are less than ideal, your intuition is highly stimulated, and increased compassion can motivate you to help someone or provide a service.


The Moon moves into your sign, dear Scorpio, and you crave more interaction with the world around you. You are not afraid of some solitude, and in fact, you do some of your best thinking and planning on your own. Your capacity to withdraw is usually quite healthy, leading to a stronger state of balance. Today, however, you may have had your fill of seclusion and now crave acknowledgment for your feelings or a more stable connection to the world around you. This is a good period for your dreams, hopes, and social life. Even so, there are some ups and downs involved, and with the Sun moving into opposition with Neptune, you may get a reminder of specific unrealized dreams now. This annual event seems to spotlight what’s missing in your life, and yet it may be difficult to pinpoint, and vague discontent is the result. You might experience some confusion in your relationships, desires, and attractions until you sort things out. The tendency is to see-saw between fantasy and reality until you find a middle ground.


You see options where there didn’t seem to be any in the past, dear Sagittarius, particularly related to your larger goals, career, and money matters. In the first half of today, you are especially industrious, coming up with original ideas and practical solutions. While this is a generally strong time of year for meeting your responsibilities and pursuing your goals, there can be a temporary dip later today. A Sun-Neptune opposition reminds you to align your goals with your current dreams. You may need to pay more attention to your need for extra magic, imagination, or spirituality in your life if you’ve been ignoring these drives. It can be a slightly disorienting or confusing time, but going with the flow and accepting that you may not need to know everything at this point can help you. Ambiguities related to living conditions or arrangements, with family, or insecurities about your capabilities seem more prominent today, affecting the pursuit of your goals, career, or responsibilities. However, taking a breather to get in better touch with your intuition on these matters can help redirect you. You might find new and improved sources of inspiration in the process.


The Moon moves out of your performance sector and into your happiness sector very early today, dear Capricorn, signaling a need for a change of atmosphere. As the day advances, the Sun moves into opposition with Neptune–a transit that can temporarily throw a veil over your perceptions. You could question what to believe or have a difficult time focusing. Misinformation may be circulating, and there is a tendency for looping conversations that don’t really get you to where you want to go mentally. Be careful not to make a commitment or speak too soon or officially on a matter until the fog clears and until you are certain of the facts. This transit can serve to spotlight your unrealized dreams or areas of discontent. A temporary lack of direction or inspiration can leave you especially sensitive to distractions, which makes it challenging to get things done. It’s a good time to reconsider or examine your expectations. Expectations can sometimes spoil perfectly good moments, so do your best to keep things realistic. However, if you’ve been ignoring your need for inspiration and happiness goals, now is the time to give them some attention.


There is a stronger focus on your goals and objectives today with the Moon’s move to the top of your solar chart, dear Aquarius. Meeting your responsibilities without delay can help protect you from emotional ups and downs. As the day advances, the Sun heads to an opposition with Neptune, blurring our perceptions. It’s best to be cautious about investing time, resources, and energy into uncertain endeavors. A financial or ownership matter can be up in the air for now. In relationships, boundaries could be unclear. Watch for hanging onto a false, idealized image of a person, project, or relationship. Uncertainty about your means and resources can also affect your relationships now. Wait things out rather than pushing for clarity and resolve to pay more attention to your spiritual needs while protecting your material ones. Tap into your more imaginative side today when it’s appropriate to do so!


With the Moon’s move into your solar ninth house, dear Pisces, you may be seeking a higher level of freedom and well-being. Conversations in the first half of the day are likely to be rewarding and inspiring. Creative inspiration can come from a partner or close friend. With the Sun and Neptune’s impending opposition influencing later today, you may not be seeing people plainly and situations realistically. It’s even more possible that others are not seeing you correctly, and you should try your best not to encourage this, as tempting as it may be, to avoid discomfort in the present since it works against you ultimately. You may want to escape if someone seems to be pressuring you for a definite response or commitment. Since it’s far better to attach yourself to dreams that inspire you than those that let you down, don’t be afraid of holes you might see in your current plans and visions. Wait out the big decisions and aim to observe instead of taking action.

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