DAILY HOROSCOPE – Monday 5 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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Today’s Mercury-Pluto alignment brings mental intensity to your life, dear Aries. Mercury moves into your social sector for a stay until February 23rd and quickly meets Pluto there. It can be an excellent time to tackle a problem with new understanding and insight since you can see more layers to a situation. In fact, you might see the very heart of an issue. A happiness goal or friendship matter can be in stronger focus. Be sure to avoid getting stuck with old habits and methods, instead aiming to push just enough to get to a new level of understanding. Keep in mind that there is a tendency to make mountains out of molehills today, and avoid going too far with a line of thinking if it’s fear-based. Ideally, conversations with friends and networking activities offer meaningful learning experiences.


Mercury moves to the top of your solar chart today, dear Taurus, where it will stay until February 23rd. This cycle is strong for connecting, thinking, and discussing in your career or regarding your life direction, responsibilities, or status. There is likely some intensity to the day and perhaps some mental pressure as Mercury aligns with Pluto. Acute insight into a career matter or forward movement on a major project can happen now as these bodies come together in your sector of accountability and reputation. Fears and worries may prompt reworking or strengthening a vulnerable area in your life. If you’re worried about your reputation or career path, for example, this is an excellent time to work hard at making fixes. It’s also a fine time for paring down so that you can perform better. You are communicating with intensity now, but remember that what you say today may stick with you for longer than you imagine. Avoid tense power plays. Today’s energies are intense for solving problems–there is a lot of power available to you through mental focus and determination.


Mercury moves into your spirit sector today, dear Gemini, where it will stay until February 23rd, boosting your optimism and communications. Today, Mercury meets Pluto, and while helpful, is far from light. It tends towards a one-track mind–either dwelling on a problem or opinion or determinedly following a personal interest and investigating a matter more fully. You can feel quite fired up about an idea or topic. A pursuit or idea can get the adrenaline pumping! However, watch for the tendency for an exchange of ideas to turn into a frustrating power game. While you should avoid trying to “convert” someone to your line of thinking, you should take advantage of your spirited, passionate frame of mind by applying it to something constructive and worthy of your attention. As you pursue your interests heartily, others are more likely to see your perspective, given some time. Fortunately, you’re well-positioned for new insight into your beliefs or educational plans.


Your thoughts run deep today, dear Cancer. Not only does Mercury begin its transit of your sector of hidden and intimate matters, but Mercury also aligns with intense Pluto today, revealing new layers to a situation. It can be an excellent time for research and investigation, although you might take this too far if you’re not careful. Aim to nurture your desire to get to the bottom of a matter only to the point that it serves you well! Conversations and thoughts need not go to negative places to find answers. What’s most important now is that you learn more about yourself and your desires and feelings to make better decisions. You can be investigating and uncovering information with great success. In fact, the day holds much promise for discovery and insight.


Mercury moves into your opposite sign today, dear Leo, where it will enliven your conversations and relationships until the 23rd. Mercury quickly meets Pluto there today, however, inspiring much mental intensity or focus. You could find your thoughts frequently turn to a relationship matter, or someone wants your undivided attention! Whether or not you wish to “go there” in a conversation, it may end up moving in that direction regardless. You might consider approaching an uncomfortable topic if it needs airing, but do keep in mind that there is a strong tendency today for people to take things more seriously than usual. There can be stimulating interactions with a significant person in your life, or your thoughts on a matter are in focus as you reach an epiphany and greater understanding of your relationship needs.


Mercury moves into your work and health sector for a stay until the 23rd, dear Virgo, inspiring a stronger focus on building skills and solving problems. Today, Mercury quickly meets Pluto in this area of your solar chart, increasing the mental intensity! You can experience a stronger desire and drive to be efficient, tending to wrap your mind around problems and work through mental challenges. This alignment stirs your determination to succeed in a project or endeavor. Researching a health or healing method can be rewarding. Watch for a tendency to be overbearing, and be kind to yourself by knowing when to let go of a matter! Facing a truth, even an uncomfortable one, can motivate you to improve, firm up, and get a handle on important areas of your life, leaving you less vulnerable to worry or problems later. Aim to embrace your ambitions if they inspire and motivate you, but avoid putting excessive pressure on yourself.


Mercury heads into harmony with your sign, dear Libra, and will boost your communications until the 23rd. Today, Mercury meets intense Pluto, which is more specialized. You can find yourself entirely engrossed in a matter that seems to beg for resolution or further investigation, likely related to a creative project, child, or romantic relationship. An event may force you to pay attention to something you typically would avoid, and you may have powerful feelings about it. Looking to find out the truth about a matter can work in your favor if you do so with moderation. Pushing your natural boundaries when thinking, connecting, and creating can be valuable. However, knowing when to stop is vital so you can regain control and get back on track. You bring a dramatic and competitive touch to what you do, and you can be highly persuasive and magnetic.


Mercury moves into your home and family sector today, dear Scorpio, and will be a guest there until the 23rd. Mercury quickly meets Pluto in this area of your solar chart today, adding intensity and focus to the mix. Notable conversations can revolve around personal matters, family, or home life. With this transit active, as much as you want answers, it’s better not to push things too far. Try not to let others push your buttons. Channeling extra energy into making plans, organizing the home, or family activities can be successful. Or, you could find that your mind frequently turns to a matter from the past and an unresolved problem, and you’re seeking a resolution. The issue is that you could become so focused on one idea that you miss the vital point. It follows that you should watch for taking a line of thought or conversation too far. Otherwise, it’s an excellent time to investigate or see the hidden layers of a situation.


Mercury moves into your communications sector today, dear Sagittarius. While this transit, lasting until the 23rd, is usually light and inquisitive, Mercury meets Pluto today, supporting deeper thinking or analysis. A complicated matter can emerge that requires your complete attention, or your mind may latch onto a dilemma or problem, and it can be challenging to pull yourself out. Watch for taking a line of thought too far if it interferes with your priorities or good mood. Instead, use your natural smarts to keep communications healthy. It can be a powerful day for influencing others through your ideas and communications, and there can be breakthrough insights now. Your insight into a matter can be handy to others, and conversations tend to be heavier and more penetrating than usual.


Today’s Mercury-Pluto alignment inclines you to more profound thought, dear Capricorn. Mercury leaves your sign and enters your resources sector for a stay until the 23rd, but today, it also meets with Pluto there, and you can experience a strong drive to understand something. A topic or line of thinking can keep you alert and eager, and conversations can be insightful and weighty. With this transit, it’s possible you feel slightly paranoid, worried, or simply focused. This transit intensifies your mental world! It’s best to use it to firm up your spending or identify flaws so that you can fix them. Resolving a financial issue can be in the cards. However, aim to take some time away from a problem if it’s draining or distracting you from your priorities, especially with the Moon in your privacy sector encouraging you to take some time off.


Mercury moves into your sign today, dear Aquarius, and will enliven your life until the 23rd. Today, however, Mercury meets with intense Pluto, which can make you the topic of discussion! You can be intent on working through a personal matter. You could also be quite determined to find an answer or uncover a truth, or you’re especially eloquent at persuasion today. This transit can motivate you to change or renovate your immediate environment or communications. Conversations can certainly trigger deeper issues, and provocative comments could be taken the wrong way. However, challenges today seem to light a fire under you to make improvements. Take advantage of an opportunity to bring a new perspective to a problem. Remember that seriousness can hang in your aura today, and you appear contemplative or might even intimidate someone. Fortunately, you might gain new insight into your personality, personal plans, or health. You’re not afraid to take the bad with the good, helping you see much more than usual.


Much is happening in your private life or inner world today, dear Pisces. Mercury enters your privacy sector for a stay until the 23rd, and it aligns with Pluto there today. It can be a time of intense thoughts, a mystery to solve, or an old problem that begs resolution. You can be very preoccupied! Fortunately, you can get some valuable insight into a complicated matter or a new understanding of a significant event from the past, which changes your mental direction in the future. While you should watch for becoming overly focused on something to the point of distraction from priorities, it should be a good time to get to the bottom of a situation. Recognize when contemplation becomes overthinking, as the former helps you out, and the latter can take you further away from a solution.

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