DAILY HOROSCOPE – Saturday 10 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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Take time to catch your breath today, dear Aries, especially with the Moon’s move into your solar twelfth house and the need to step back to process and digest matters. Freeing yourself of excess baggage is a good idea to clear the way for new beginnings. Fortunately, reflection on recent events and processing of feelings can come in handy now. Still, today’s energies can sometimes seem to encourage going overboard. You can be considering fantastic ideas and dreaming up ways to pursue long-term happiness. It’s best to wait to run with them, as impracticality is likely with a Mercury-Jupiter square in play. Aim to enjoy the mental exercise involved with thinking in big terms while keeping your feet on the ground. Later today, your concentration will improve considerably. In fact, you prefer to focus and specialize.


There is some tendency to overdo, and especially, to say too much today, dear Taurus. Try to leave your ego at the door when entering professional arenas, or in more formal settings since, with Mercury at the top of your solar chart, you have more impact than usual. Avoid sweeping decisions that come on suddenly and impulsively for best results. Adding more to your plate should also be tamed. However, this can also be a time for stretching your mind to consider new possibilities. You are thinking far ahead and in bigger terms than usual now. It’s essential to simplify as you can juggle far too much right now. Career matters are a little complicated but also fresh and exciting. It’s important to simplify as you can be juggling far too much right now. Even so, it’s a good time to dream up new plans and ideas. Career matters are a little complicated, but also fresh and exciting. As the day advances, you’re in great shape to bring more order to your world, especially through your social life.


While it can be exciting and inspiring to share your thoughts, ideas, or beliefs today, dear Gemini, you should be careful to listen to others as well. A Mercury-Jupiter square in play can lead to misunderstandings or misfires. You can be quite focused on a moral issue or a particular belief and perspective. Watch for those who are boasting or exaggerating, as it’s all too easy to stretch the truth under the influence of this transit. However, all ideas entertained now are not write-offs. In fact, you can come up with something exceptional today that will need fine-tuning later. The problem lies in speaking or promising something too soon. Later today, it can be easier to sit on your observations until they’re fully formed.


Watch for impulsive actions today, but consider anything revealed in the heat of the moment since it can be relevant food for thought, dear Cancer. With a Mercury-Jupiter square today, it’s all too easy to miss important, practical details or focus on things that don’t truly matter in the long run. There is some tendency to make mountains out of molehills. As well, it can be challenging to relax your mind. Consider that information coming in could be overblown. There is no need to jump into something, even if it feels that way. Aim to reserve judgment. This is a time when what’s below the surface of matters is more important to you than pretty much anything else! Find ways to know yourself and important people in your life more deeply while sidestepping glossed-over info. Aim to discover ways to improve, enhance, and enjoy current relationships. As the day advances, it’s easier to focus on priorities.


With a Mercury-Jupiter square early today, dear Leo, watch that you don’t burn out by attempting too much or by setting over-the-top goals for yourself. It’s best to avoid rushing through your work or conversations, as it’s all too easy to overlook something critical. Judgment may be off just for now. With this aspect in play, the temptation is to borrow from the future in some manner — by promising something, for example, that defers things to a later date. The tendency to go a little overboard, or for a partner to demand too much from you, is strong. Keep things real for best results. Even so, sometimes our minds can use a good stretch before coming back to earth a little more open, and this may be the case now. As such, for best results, entertain big ideas, but don’t do it at your own expense.


With a Mercury-Jupiter square today, dear Virgo, you could easily become all wound up on a mental level. In truth, some great ideas can come out of this kind of tension–entertaining big ideas can stretch the mind. However, it’s up to you to keep this moderate when appropriate. Ideas about how to handle chores, work, or health endeavors can stand out as exciting. There could be innovative ways to manage a health or mechanical problem coming to you now, and the trick will be to focus long enough to build up a realistic plan. Keeping in mind that there can be some misleading talk or false leads, you can nevertheless enjoy new ideas that excite and motivate you now. As the day advances, it becomes easier to avoid adding too much to your plate. Expectations even out.


With a Mercury-Jupiter square today, dear Libra, there can be a tendency to exaggerate that needs to be tamed. You might jump upon a new idea and, in your excitement, forget about the practical details required for its realization. Otherwise, listen to your creative ideas and inspirations, even if they seem a little way out. For best results, stretch your mind while keeping your feet on the ground. Remind yourself that great ideas usually go through many transformations before reaching their potential. As the day advances, it’s far easier to center yourself or focus on priorities. If you need to solve a problem or get something into better order, energies support you well later today.


With a Mercury-Jupiter square today, dear Scorpio, there can be a lot of talk that is impractical or exaggerated. Still, thinking in big ways may be helpful, especially if you previously missed an opportunity by focusing mainly on practical possibilities. Ideas are big and easy to come by but hard to bring home! The problem is that there are so many things to consider that it can be hard to know where to begin. The pace may be hectic, and your domestic life may be awhirl, or this energy can all take place in the mind, and nervous tension is possible. Taking things quite personally right now can interfere in a relationship. Do yourself a favor and find the time to catch your breath today. Fortunately, as the day advances, concentrating comes more naturally. Your practical priorities become clearer.


With today’s Mercury-Jupiter square, it’s best to keep a check on your communications, dear Sagittarius, as you are inclined to speak too much or too soon. You may be campaigning for a good cause now, but the message may be a little over the top or perceived as such, and plans may not come together just yet. Fortunately, mental restlessness can lead to positive experiences, particularly if it compels you to seek new, interesting information or interests. Discipline, however, can be lacking temporarily if you are required to focus on dry or monotonous work. Later today, it’s far more natural to concentrate. Unlike the first half of the day, it’s not as easy to distract you! You’ll learn more if you relax and observe rather than push, prod, and full-on investigate a matter.


With today’s Mercury-Jupiter square, dear Capricorn, you could come up with a truly visionary idea, or you could be thinking too big! There may be a war of words about personal possessions, value, intimacy, and respect, or this can be a day when the ordinary fails to satisfy, which can lead to alternative, interesting thinking. While you could be unproductive as you focus on the less essential things, priorities will be easier to see as the day advances. Until then, you’re stretching your mind, which can be a good exercise. You’re more inclined to throw caution to the wind, and thoughts can be up and down now. Later today, you’re far more serious-minded.


With a Mercury-Jupiter square today, dear Aquarius, watch for exaggeration and an attempt to score intellectual points, which may come at a price. Big ideas are exciting now, but because you’re not yet in the frame of mind to see what’s genuinely doable, it’s best to save fleshing out details for a more organized, cautious time. For the best results now, you might enjoy the mental exercise of thinking up possibilities without banking on them just yet for the best results. It’s best to avoid exaggeration and overlooking details today, though, for your more demanding or mundane endeavors. As the day advances, you’re in far better shape for centering yourself and focusing on what’s truly important to you.


The energy of yesterday’s New Moon fuels some enthusiasm today, dear Pisces, but pushing something forward now could be premature, especially with a Mercury-Jupiter square in play. Consider that information is incomplete, overblown, or misconstrued temporarily. You’re thinking in big, creative terms. You can be privy to some exciting news, as well. But while it’s a good time for positive thinking, the details may not get their due attention. As well, the tendency is for people to make mountains out of molehills. Fortunately, it’s not necessarily a waste of time–it could lead to some exciting ideas and possibilities–as long as you aim to reserve judgment or adopt a wait-and-see approach. The energy and optimism of this aspect can lead to misjudgments that may not stick around once the influence passes!

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