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DAILY HOROSCOPE – Saturday 19 February

Astrology is the ONLY means of determining the cause of the present and future happenings in your life. It also offers an umbrella in the storms of our life and a cushion before your fall.

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With today’s transits, you may want to soak up ideas and inspiration from others, dear Aries, and opportunities to do so can emerge through networks, groups, and friends. The fluency between your feelings and mind today helps you express yourself better, making it natural to iron out differences or make connections. Expressing yourself through spontaneous and perhaps unusual activities can be enriching. A new way of looking at your life, projects, and friends can benefit you greatly right now. You can be particularly pleased with your projects, studies, and contacts. Even small gestures made now can have an incredible impact.


The Moon spends the day in your work and health sector, dear Taurus, and you pay more attention to practical priorities and details. You can find it hard to ignore taking care of business. At the same time, you tend to gravitate to your inner world, working behind the scenes, preparing, building inner strength, and reflecting or enjoying more solitude. You’re looking at finances, self-worth, your talents, and resources in new ways, and you’re more imaginative, ready to consider potentials and possibilities.


The Moon spends the day in your sector of joy and creativity, dear Gemini, and you appreciate your leisure time and heartfelt pursuits. It’s a great time to explore your thoughts and desires without pressure, playing with ideas. There can be lively and thought-provoking exchanges that inspire you and renew your spirit. You could be feeling a stronger sense of purpose as a result of your interactions or new projects and plans. Your ideas are original and progressive, and they excite and motivate you. It’s easier than usual to gravitate towards what your heart wants.


The Moon spends the day in your home and family sector, dear Cancer, and you seek a little more comfort, familiarity, and quiet. It’s a good time to tone things down. Domestic and personal matters take center stage. Conversation or further thought can lead to useful solutions today. You may benefit from past work, good deeds, or experience today, but it’s a good time to find moments to detox, relax, decompress, and detach. You’re in fine shape for bringing more imagination and love to what you’re doing.


The Moon spends the day in your communications sector, dear Leo, and you take an active interest in learning new things and connecting with others. It’s a good day to benefit from others’ input and help, and a change of pace can be refreshing on an emotional level. Favored now are learning, guidance, advice, and sharing ideas. An idea or person inspires you to grow, improve, discover, and explore. Your interactions are particularly spirited but also productive. As you get the strong sense that you’re valued and respected, you feel more motivated and encouraged.


With today’s transit of your solar second house, you prefer to make or build something than to pioneer, dear Virgo. Your physical and comfort needs are in the foreground. You talk readily of health, work, and other practical matters today, or you give these things special thought. You could find yourself in a great position to focus on what you love doing, primarily due to increased self-acceptance. As well, you are more likely to recognize and appreciate the imaginative or supportive elements in your connections. Financial interests are favored–there could be a lucky break happening now.


You find it quite natural to seek channels for expressing yourself today, dear Libra, and it’s a good time to connect with people or projects you love. Conversations are inspiring. With the Moon in your sign all day, you can feel a strong need for self-nurturing. You want to feel connected and engaged. At the same time, enjoying extra-curricular activities with someone special can figure strongly. Someone can be a source of inspiration, and the realization of a happiness goal seems more likely now through their support or positivity. It’s a fine day for an open and optimistic attitude that helps attract positive attention. Working on a special project that you share with others can be gratifying now.


The Moon in your privacy sector all day points to the need to take it easy, and it feels good to do so right now, dear Scorpio. This transit signals a need for more time to yourself or space to process, digest, and wind down. Still, conversations can be supportive today. Even if you’re going low-profile, problem-solving is natural. Helping out is satisfying, and you can experience new feelings of inspiration regarding your daily affairs, services, work, or wellness programs. Your thinking is both optimistic and pragmatic, which helps you make the right decisions. People seem more cooperative with you, and feedback has a positive, growth-oriented tone.


You’re more creative and at ease when it comes to expressing yourself today, dear Sagittarius. It’s a good time for some intellectual companionship or engaging discussion. Today’s transits can be busy yet not especially productive, but this works just fine for you at the moment. You attract others through your words and ideas even more than usual. Increased attention to creativity, imagination, and recreation can improve a bond. You’ll find that people are more willing to cooperate and that sharing your happiness can take a relationship to a new level. There is also good energy for taking care of yourself emotionally.


With today’s transits, it can be satisfying to keep a goal in mind so that you can focus, dear Capricorn. You feel more at ease with meaningful tasks, and your ideas and conversations are down-to-earth and valuable. It’s a fine time to seek and build a stronger sense of belonging or connectedness. You might improve relationships with family or associates through increased understanding. You might also feel more valued and valuable in the work you do, and inspired to take better care of things.


The Moon spends the day in your solar ninth house today, dear Aquarius, and you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. While you’re not inclined to overthink things today, it’s also a good time to express yourself. You seem to be at ease expressing both your ideas and feelings today. You might seek a break from the routine or a change of scenery. You’re in fine shape for guiding, learning, advising, and teaching. It feels great to find more meaning and inspiration in what you’re doing. Today is one of the better days of the month for sharing your ideas, creations, and affections. Favorable reviews or feedback can arrive for your work, creativity, or insight.


With the Moon in your solar eighth house all day, your need to observe and reflect is in the foreground, dear Pisces. You gravitate to those things that engage your emotions. You feel more at ease with your inner world, or you arrive at a place of understanding of your deeper feelings. The desire to settle in and enjoy yourself is strong today. Improving home life can tie in with a better income or healthier attitude toward money and talents. While you may have been on the fence about expressing your feelings, you’re now ready to discuss things openly and honestly.

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