DAILY HOROSCOPE – Saturday 20 January

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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The Sun begins its transit of your social sector today, dear Aries, and will continue to influence this area of your chart until February 18th. Emerging now is your need for others or spending time with people and projects that help you de-stress. This transit tends to de-emphasize career or life-plan goals. It also increases your interest in finding joy, connecting, or contributing. You may be networking and socializing more than usual — you benefit from teamwork in the weeks ahead. You also have a stronger influence on friends and groups during this period, which, by extension, boosts your self-esteem. The month ahead is great for trying on new styles and ideas. It’s a period for planting seeds in the form of ideas, dreams, and hopes.


The Sun heads to the most visible part of your chart today, dear Taurus, for a stay until February 18th. The weeks ahead are strong for adding more structure to your life, mainly by setting reasonable goals. You’ll bring more strength and personality to your public or professional life. Your ego and identity tie in more closely to your professional or social standing, what others think of you, or your ability to meet your responsibilities. You, and especially your performance, stand out more than usual. As long as your needs for approval are balanced and moderate, they can serve a useful purpose. You can reach a high point of the year with your career or reputation or feel motivated to reach your goals during this month-long cycle. Today, people are especially interested in your conversation, ideas, and opinions.


Your aspirations and ideals are stronger driving forces in your life as you begin a new Sun cycle, dear Gemini. With the Sun’s move into your spirit sector, you gravitate to more mental and physical exploration or engagement in the weeks ahead. You feel more outgoing and adventurous. It’s a powerful period, lasting until February 18th, for nurturing your spirit and broadening your mental experiences. Interesting activities, books, topics, studies, destinations, cultural activities, and connections with people with different ideas and perspectives can be in focus. You find more reasons to spread your wings. Today is good for support, research, and strategy.


With the Sun-Pluto alignment early today, dear Cancer, a light shines on your relationships and attachments. Make a plan to be more self-aware and to iron out complicated problems in your closest relationships. The Sun moves into your intimacy sector for a month-long stay, and you’re in excellent shape for focused attention on projects and relationships you care about. It’s a time of year when you crave a little more from life. Or, you might rid yourself of a bad habit or attitude and thus gain more personal power and a stronger sense of personal accomplishment. Changes, both inner and outer, tend to occur now that reinforce that you’re growing, learning, and transforming. An increased focus on intimate connections, sharing, and financial or emotional support can figure strongly in the month ahead. You might also feel driven to get to the bottom of complex matters. Your private world assumes more importance, and you take more notice of the hidden elements of circumstances and people around you.


Aim for self-honesty again today, dear Leo. With the Sun’s final alignment with Pluto in your solar work and health sector, you’re getting powerful messages about what you can do to improve and transform these areas of life. Both the Sun and Pluto move on, entering your partnership sector. The Sun will transit this sector until February 18th, bringing to the fore your need for others, particularly a partner in some shape or form. You’re discovering yourself through your interactions. In the weeks ahead, you’re more willing than usual to adjust and adapt to the needs of others. This transit challenges you to find a balance between independence and accommodation. It’s an excellent time to recognize the need for a different perspective on your life and boost key relationships. It’s also an ideal time to examine your expectations of others and formulate relationship goals.


You’re in an excellent place for making changes that empower you, dear Virgo. Your growth depends on eliminating unhealthy attachments. Even so, there may be a past experience you don’t want to repeat, which can motivate you tremendously to make improvements. If you’re holding onto something driving you to a good place, turn it to your advantage! The Sun begins its transit of your solar sixth house today, and until February 18th, health and fitness goals and work or daily routines come into stronger focus. Schedules, habits, and organization assume more importance, making the weeks ahead especially useful for taking care of details that help get your life into smoother working order. You’re taking more pride in these systems, your work, or your self-care programs. Health goals assume more importance in your life in the month ahead. Taking charge of your work and health is rewarding as a need to lead a more organized, productive, and healthier lifestyle awakens within you.


You more easily find ways and devise strategies to improve your personal life today, dear Libra. At the same time, you’re moving on as the Sun heads into your solar fifth house. In the month ahead, you’ll be gaining inspiration for creative efforts, pastimes, and special relationships. The Sun will stick around here until February 18th, and it’s a time for celebrating and expressing your talents, abilities, and affections. You’re more inclined than usual to reach out and seek feedback and reinforcement in the upcoming weeks. Enjoying and expressing yourself in fulfilling, heartwarming ways can be in strong focus now. You might pay more attention to personal hobbies or recreation and entertainment.


You might get particularly caught up with a certain idea or subject today, dear Scorpio. You get a unique window into areas where you may have been so attached that you’re missing out elsewhere. Also today, the Sun begins its transit of your solar fourth house, and until February 18th, there can be potent reminders of your roots, foundation, and closest ties. You bring healing, refinement, and organization to your home life and family relationships during this cycle. It’s also a time to get in close touch with what’s in your heart and for nesting on a psychological level. It’s not the most adventurous or outgoing cycle in the Sun’s journey through your chart, but it’s vital for establishing a sense of identity, comfort, and increased self-knowledge. Increasingly, you’re finding satisfying ways to relax and get comfortable. Worldly ambitions take a backseat in the weeks ahead. While outside interests and responsibilities are still important, this is a time for honoring your need for time to replenish and center yourself as well as some familiarity or routine.


Aim to get in touch with your deeper desires and ambitions today, dear Sagittarius, as the Sun meets Pluto. With some self-honesty, you can connect with important goals. As well, the Sun moves into your communications sector today, spotlighting your connections, thoughts, studies, and mind until February 18th. The weeks ahead are excellent for learning new things! Because your interests and the demands on you can be very diverse, focusing is challenging, but branching out can serve you exceptionally well. In the coming weeks, you become more aware of what needs repairing, healing, and improving with your environment, communications, and interactions with others. It’s an excellent time to pick up new skills, learn about the people around you, and take care of everyday affairs.


For the best results today, dear Capricorn, aim to focus on the things you can master and avoid succumbing to the pressure to do it all quickly. There is an intensity building that you can use to your advantage, but watch for a tendency to fixate on problems. As the Sun meets Pluto for the last time in your sign, you feel more empowered and ready to make long-lasting improvements. Both the Sun and Pluto leave Capricorn and enter your solar second house today. Note that Pluto will return one last time to your sign later this year before moving on, but the Sun won’t meet the planet again while in Capricorn. There has been much attention on you and your plans in recent weeks, you’re now settling down a little. It’s a good time to build upon recent ideas and discoveries. Until February 18th, you enjoy a wonderfully grounding Sun transit, and you can make the best of it by increasing activities that remind you of the importance and beauty of the moment. Security is a driving force for you right now.


The Sun passes over Pluto in your privacy sector today, dear Aquarius, just before both bodies enter your sign. This transit reminds you of your more deeply buried feelings, fears, and ambitions. It’s a powerful time for seeing ways to clear the path for new beginnings. The Sun moves into your sign today and will stick with you until February 18th, boosting your confidence and visibility. You are at your most noticeable and effective during this yearly transit. If you’ve wanted to make positive changes to your image, this is an excellent time to do so. You have more impact and personal presence during this cycle. It’s a time for seizing the day and shaping your life as you’d like it to be. You may feel as if you are coming out of the shadows in some way now. Starting fresh comes naturally.


The Sun aligns with Pluto in your friendships and ideals sector today, dear Pisces, shining a light on ambitions as well as fears in these areas. This can motivate you to make amends, connect, or start anew. Both the Sun and Pluto move on today. The Sun enters your privacy sector, where it shines a light on the need to attend to spiritual, non-material, and emotional matters until February 18th. It’s a good time for forgiving others and letting go of those things you no longer need, if necessary. Decisions may require more time than usual. More than likely, they can wait! You might withdraw a little from more worldly endeavors and need more time for introspection and rest in the weeks ahead. It’s a preparatory period before the Sun enters your sign next month, and a new cycle begins. If you are shutting the door on a plan, dream, or attitude, know that you will be opening another to a fresher, more authentic or empowering period.

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