DAILY HOROSCOPE – Sunday 11 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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The Moon spends today in your solar twelfth house, dear Aries, pointing to a time for behind-the-scenes activities, extra rest, and, ideally, a reprieve from recent demands or competitive life situations. It’s a good time to look within for answers. Look for ways to better understand yourself and connect with your spiritual needs. While you are inclined to withdraw — and it’s good for you — there can be an advantage gained in business today. But as the day advances, there is a tendency for mixed signals or communications. With motivation levels dipping temporarily, it can take longer to get through your duties. The general atmosphere may be a little off on a social level, so this may be the perfect time to retreat into your own world! Nevertheless, wonderful energy is with you now for dreaming, wishing, and planting a few seeds for the future.


With today’s transits, you seek out situations, goals, ideas, and people that–and who–make you feel good, dear Taurus. Relatively easy energy is with you today for socializing and enjoying new experiences. Right now, you seem to do best in situations that allow you to escape the daily grind. There can be an advantage gained through studies or news. A Mercury-Neptune transit coming into play later today can point to some indecision or lack of clarity. This may be irritating but could also redirect your thinking in positive ways. Don’t let a disappointment with a friend or associate get you down. It’s not the best day for making big decisions. Feeling a tad in the dumps might even help you to aim higher later. Strive to be clear in your communications, particularly professional ones, or better yet, save presentations and important talks for a clearer time.


With the Moon in your sector of responsibility and image all day, dear Gemini, you’re focusing on the rules and your larger goals. Still, you’re not feeling the typical pressure in this respect, and instead, you tend to feel connected and relatively content about your general direction. There is compassion and patience in your approach to others today. One-to-one interactions can thrive. Later today, however, a Mercury-Neptune transit coming into play can point to some cloudy thinking or unclear directions. Bringing more imagination to what you do can be helpful. It’s a time to seek extra inspiration or meaning. You could find that previously hidden or elusive information is now emerging bit by bit, but the whole story isn’t with you today. It’s best not to draw hard conclusions.


You can be in the mood for something non-routine or just a tad adventurous today, dear Cancer, as you prefer a bit of freeform or leeway for spontaneous discovery. There can be helpful support for cooperative activities, particularly with a partner or close friend. The energies of the first half of the day tend to support natural discoveries and spontaneity, while you might feel a little lost as to what you want to do in the second half. But even with some cloudy thinking as the day advances, you could find yourself in a naturally optimistic frame of mind. While it’s not an ideal time for signing contracts or engaging in work that requires attention to facts and figures, it’s a strong day for creative expression. It may take longer to arrive at an answer, but the results will be so much better if you take your time. You might be too distracted to make progress in any one particular subject, but free form suits you the best at the moment.


The day favors contemplation and observation, dear Leo, and you might choose to lay low in some way or pull yourself out of regular activities in order to connect with your deeper needs and desires. The day favors cooperation from people around you. While you are inclined to be a little introspective, the day is nevertheless good for enjoying some chatting. You easily find something exciting and engaging to pour your energy into, even if you’re doing things solo. Your emotions are intense but contained, and you’re particularly resourceful. The second half of the day feels less directed. Relaxing your expectations or schedule may be in order now. Responses from others may be vague, but they’re temporary, so avoid the temptation to push.


Your focus is rather relationship-oriented right now, dear Virgo. It’s the time of the lunar cycle when someone in your life tends to take center stage, and it makes sense to allow this to happen. You can ease off your personal plans for the moment, taking more time to understand the role of a significant relationship in your life or considering your approach to others more thoughtfully. Nevertheless, there can be some confusion or incomplete information to manage later in the day. A Mercury-Neptune minor challenging aspect comes into play and can stir up idealistic yearnings, particularly when it comes to close relationships, so it would be wise to be sure of your perceptions before banking on them. Boundary problems can be an issue.


The Moon in your sector of work and routine today inclines you to be anxious to take care of details, dear Libra. This Moon transit is brief but useful as it reminds you of the importance of getting the primary systems in your life into better shape. Aim to handle small tasks that get your life in order. Family or the desire to enjoy downtime can motivate you now. While later day’s transits can feel a little murky, it makes sense to aim to simplify your life in small ways. You are inclined to overindulge if you don’t recognize the reasons for inner unrest. You can sometimes have a great need for a calm person in your life who reminds you that you might be overthinking or worrying excessively about something, as long as they do so gently. Get another’s perspective before your mind races ahead of yourself today.


You may be putting more than usual energy and effort into your friendships, learning endeavors, pastimes, and personal interests, dear Scorpio, and there can be pleasant advances in these areas. It’s a time to explore creative avenues of expression and find good outlets for enjoying yourself, perhaps related to hobbies or creative works. News or conversations might point you in the right direction toward healing. Later today is not an ideal time to lock things down as you may see things as you imagine them to be. While you’re in the mood to take charge and take action, it may be better to wait and see.


Today’s transits are good for concentrating on creating more harmony in your personal life or home, dear Sagittarius. You can experience an emotional need to stick with familiar situations and seek safe havens as the Moon transits your solar fourth house all day. You might also be more sensitive than usual. Later today, either distractions are plenty, or you’re easier to distract! This may mean it’s time to take a break from the action and instead focus on reflecting, strategizing, and planning. There could be some feelings of disconnectedness or discontent, but these things can prompt you to think about what you’d like to change. On the other hand, you have tremendous insight and experience to share.


Today’s energies seem to encourage dabbling in your personal interests, dear Capricorn, and sharing various bits of information. Others can be especially attracted to your manner of expressing yourself. It can be a busy, chatty, and somewhat scattered day, especially as it advances, but quite engaging, particularly in the first half of the day. The urge to escape can overcome you in the second half, and many distractions or an unsettled mind may figure strongly now, leading to procrastination. There is also some tendency to say something that doesn’t reflect what you genuinely mean. Because of confusing elements in your communications, aim to be as clear as you possibly can – or tight-lipped to avoid problems, if you’d prefer! But while this is not the best time for finalizing things, it is a strong day overall for imagination and creativity.


You have a stronger need for emotional contentment and predictability today, dear Aquarius. With the Moon in your solar second house today, you’re happy to build upon what you have rather than urgently seeking out a connection to the world around you. While you can be very caught up in the present — and quite healthily so — there is good energy with you for examining the past and drawing upon past ideas and experiences that will benefit you in the here and now. There can be some confusing elements to manage later today, when wishful thinking dominates. People and perceptions are temporarily not very straightforward , and motivation levels can plummet as a result. A good part of you simply doesn’t want to be bothered with nonsense right now, but you can’t seem to get away from it! There can be a lot of talk about things that you either know aren’t true or you don’t really care about. Distractions can be plenty, but you can certainly find ways to avoid them.


The Moon is in your sign all day, animating your emotions, dear Pisces. A friend can be supportive, and activities related to networking and innovative work can fare particularly well. The second half of the day is better for resting and a flexible schedule. Deviations from the usual are in order, or else your mind will tend to wander. A Mercury-Neptune minor challenge that comes into play can suggest some indecision or fuzzy thinking. It may be a sign that you need to redirect or reorient yourself, and a wait-and-see approach is likely warranted. While it can be challenging to get your message across, the lines of communication open wide, although not entirely clearly. Even if you’re not scoring brownie points, you can always choose to clue out distractions and interruptions to the best of your ability and let others work out their problems amongst themselves. As well, support might arrive from behind the scenes, and you can be feeling on top of family or home-related challenges.

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