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DAILY HOROSCOPE – Sunday 4 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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You can do battle with self-doubt in spots today, dear Aries, but it can be a learning opportunity. It’s possible a small bout of self-pity turns into fuel to move beyond a problem, for example. A Sun-Chiron aspect coming into play readies you to seek the lesson or benefits of your current situation. It encourages you to avoid becoming stuck in old habits and methods and instead look to push your boundaries just enough to get to a new level of understanding. You’re also motivated to develop ideas for projects or fix a friendship. Discussions and ideas emerging now can help create turning points, even if they’re a little provocative. Still, touching moments or warm musings can refresh your spirit.


Relationships can be tricky if faith is lacking, dear Taurus, and this can be about confidence in yourself! Events now seem to subtly trigger vulnerabilities and insecurities. Letting go of negative feelings such as resentment can be fantastic, but you need to get in touch with your true feelings to begin the work. Fortunately, a Sun-Chiron transit coming into play helps with this mission. There’s much to learn about yourself and your goals. As you pay more attention to your mental and emotional health, you feel stronger in your career or experience more meaningfulness and purpose with your responsibilities. At the same time, with a Mercury-Pluto alignment on the horizon, there is an extra edge to what others say and more intensity to your thoughts and conversations.


Aim to keep an open mind about any negative feedback generated now since it can help you grow and improve, dear Gemini. If you feel a compulsion to prove or defend yourself to people you shouldn’t need to do either of these things with, try to resist and let your actions speak for themselves. Fortunately, resolving problems is more straightforward when you see the bigger picture. Sharing ideas or viewpoints can be satisfying and a real learning experience. You help encourage others to speak about their dreams and hopes, and emotional blocks can loosen through sensitive communications. Networking, courses, or extracurricular activities introduce you to new concepts, causes, and people.


The idea or anticipation of a situation may cause worry or concern today, dear Cancer, but once it comes to life, it’s far less sinister than you imagined! Aim for new approaches and flexibility Investigating or experimenting with different methods can satisfy an itch today. The better you know yourself, the better your choices will be, and today holds incredible energy for self-understanding, even if there are ups and downs in the process. You might open your eyes to an intimate or personal matter or gain insight into someone’s behavior. Finding a solution to a problem that previously eluded you can be satisfying. You see your life path, relationships, and projects in new ways, finding more meaning and purpose through these things.


There can be an opportunity to gain a new understanding of someone’s point of view today, dear Leo, and it can be both rewarding and instructional. While people can rather easily trigger some soft spots with you now, your openness to working through problems helps you make the best of a situation. Connecting or bonding with someone through mind-expanding experiences or non-routine activities can figure strongly. Communications and exchanges–and even thoughts–can be more intense as the day advances. If you let frustrations overwhelm you, you are wasting powerful energy with you this week that’s best harnessed and channeled into productive work and goal-setting.


Some self-doubt, or doubt about recent undertakings, is natural today, dear Virgo, and it can help steer you in a better direction! Imbalances can be a focal point, keeping you in a state of limbo and unrest, so aim to make adjustments rather than giving problem areas so much attention that you stagnate. Fortunately, if you’re able to pull back from a situation just enough, you can get a good overview of it. Your intuition for research, health, and work is powerful as you do. The day’s energies support a sense of a higher purpose or mission and general enjoyment of your routines. You take more interest in your psychological health and how it impacts your physical health. The desire to perform, work, and excel is strong, and creative energy is abundant.


Mental energy is strong and building this week, dear Libra. There can be notable discussions, discoveries, or big reveals. At the same time, it’s a fine day to learn about your feelings and share your ideas or creations with others. Relationships can receive a nice boost as you’re listening and supporting one another. Still, there can be some lessons or ups and downs involved with getting to this point, as people are more sensitive than usual. It’s very easy for others, particularly a partner, to push your buttons. Fortunately, you’re ready to address your vulnerabilities rather than shrink from them today. The Moon heads into your communications sector for a couple of days, and you’re feeling the need to branch out, diversify, and seek new ideas or information.


Insecurities about intelligence, likability, or preparedness can be at the heart of problems today, dear Scorpio. It’s a good idea to pay attention to these but also to embrace this time as a chance to grow, improve, and accept that you’re perfectly imperfect! Recognize soft spots and sensitivities as things that make you a layered human being. Fortunately, channeling extra energy into making plans or organizing the home and possibly family activities can work well. There can be some intensity in your communications this week. You are provocative but also productive. You might find that focusing on the moment is best, and worrying too much about your next step can waste energy when you are uncertain of the final destination.


You may feel the weight of recent worries and concerns due to emotional insecurities at times today, dear Sagittarius. Soft spots may be about issues of lovability, but coming out of a pity spell can be highly motivating! The Moon moves into your sign today, bringing strong attention to your emotional needs, wants, and desires. Transits help you pinpoint the areas of your life that could do with an update or significant improvements this week. It makes sense to slow down and enjoy the moment, and as you do, more clarity comes to you. In fact, you might see the futility of juggling too many options and projects. Your belief in yourself and your endeavors can take you far now.


Events now can trigger your insecurities at times today, dear Capricorn, especially regarding the past, living arrangements, or family matters. Fortunately, you’re open to learning from your vulnerabilities. Your ability to visualize solutions can also benefit you on a practical level, and transits this week can stir a desire to make some changes. As you see the big picture of a situation, you feel more equipped to make long-term decisions. There can be more clarity or insight into a matter related to business, money, valuables, or home life. Still, the Moon moves into the sign behind yours today, and it makes sense to find ways to relax and decompress.


There is some tendency for certain events to reopen a wound on an emotional level today, dear Aquarius. Hypersensitivity mustn’t be ignored, as it’s a symptom of a persistently vulnerable spot, which might be a fear of something from your past re-emerging or insecurities related to the mind or learning. You can have a hard time with uncertain things, as it leaves you feeling insecure, but letting go of control in small ways from time to time can be liberating. In fact, you might open up to unique insight into problems now. You can also help someone understand themselves or their lives more clearly. Conversations can be the key to good feelings, as they’re surprisingly open with the Sun in your sign heading into harmony with Chiron in your communications sector.


Hurt feelings or lack of confidence can figure strongly in spots today, dear Pisces, but fortunately, you’re learning from your experiences. While it can be temporarily deflating, you’re also getting in better touch with matters of self-worth and capability of taking care of yourself and loved ones. There is some tendency for others or events to trigger your soft spots today, and these can be important to explore, especially if they’re persistent. Sensitivity is a strength; you can feel freer as you accept something about your nature now. It’s natural and easy to learn from mistakes or missteps, thanks to a Sun-Chiron transit coming into play. This transit encourages you to improve and grow through the insights you gain now. While it helps you see the positive side of things, an impending Mercury-Pluto alignment is a little more intense. Aim to harness its determination to get to the bottom of a matter.

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