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Astrology is the ONLY means of determining the cause of the present and future happenings in your life. It also offers an umbrella in the storms of our life and a cushion before your fall.

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Your ability to express yourself with charm and intention today can make it a strong time to present an idea or plan, dear Aries. Your timing is excellent today, and competitive activities can thrive. You seem to instinctively sniff out opportunities in unlikely places. There can be good news, a beneficial conversation, or new information that benefits you down the road. You can feel especially optimistic about the future. With a Mars-Jupiter harmony happening, you’re inclined to take the lead and take action! Still, the Moon spends the day in your solar eighth house, and you readily slip into the background–your need for emotional regeneration is stronger than usual.


You can feel strongly motivated today, dear Taurus, enough to take action aimed to improve your current circumstances, your sense of security, and your income or resources. You more readily identify sources of waste or fear and take steps to put them behind you. Volunteer work or some other behind-the-scenes activity can be gratifying. You can feel rejuvenated today! Benefits can come from hidden places or from resources you never knew you had. A great idea now might open the doorway to an increase in income down the road.


You have an especially good sense of timing today, dear Gemini, and can be more effective than usual as a result. You are ready to take the initiative, and you employ foresight as you do, which contributes considerably to your success. Others support you and place their confidence in you–they recognize your sincerity. Being direct and confident seems the way to go right now. Competitive activities can thrive, but working with others is the best way to succeed at the moment. You seem to instinctively discover opportunities, even in unlikely places. Mars in your sign connects with Jupiter in your social sector, and the key to enjoying this aspect’s benefits is to take some form of action to improve, grow, and advance. Sharing activities with others can lead to something very special and quite enterprising, or you may be gathering up a team or group or drawing upon the resources of an associate in order to move a project forward.


Support can come from behind the scenes or from unexpected sources today, dear Cancer. You could make significant advances in your career or with your responsibilities. A Mars-Jupiter connection today can fill you with a little more courage and energy, and it makes sense to try to apply it well. You could be taking action on a matter, solving a problem, or moving a project/plan forward. With Mars in your privacy sector, your charisma is a little more mysterious than usual–you’re keeping some things to yourself, or at least coming across that way! In fact, strategizing and observing makes the most sense under current transits.


It can be a great time for furthering a cause or helping a friend, dear Leo, and it can be an enriching experience. You can feel especially passionate or enthusiastic about a dream, belief, or idea. Friends or associates can be a source of opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience. A broader viewpoint can arrive through your connections, and it’s a positive, growth-oriented, mind-expanding moment. Today’s Mars-Jupiter connection boosts confidence, particularly on a social level. You can be enthusiastic about sharing ideas, publishing a work, joining a group or workshop, or making a new friend. There can be a connection made with someone who will play a big role in your future.


Support tends to be forthcoming, and combining your resources with a trusted someone can work to your benefit right now, dear Virgo. Matters related to debts, refunds, intimacy, and career are in good favor–taking action in these areas is a desire. Others lend a hand, offering moral or financial support more readily. Your integrity is shining through, which may be why things are flowing along well. It’s a time for combining energy with action and looking out for opportunities where you may not have seen them before. It’s a strong day for personal magnetism and connecting in satisfying ways. Today’s transits tend to refuel your confidence.


The Moon spends the day in your steady second house today, dear Libra, but you’re still raring to go due to a Mars-Jupiter sextile. Circumstances are such that you feel you are growing through your contact with someone special, and sharing a perspective or personal philosophy can bring a relationship to a higher level of understanding. It’s a strong time for lending a hand and accepting a hand as well. Things seem to work better in partnership than on a solo level now. It’s also a good time to do something different and non-routine. Reaching out to others can be enriching. A mini adventure can figure strongly and can be empowering as well. You’re seeking a better balance inside and out, and you owe it to yourself to go there.


You could be actively involved in research or especially enthused about finding an answer to a problem today, dear Scorpio, and you’re psyched to move something forward. It’s a good time for big-picture thinking and making plans. While good fortune may be coming to you today, you are more likely to be making your fortune now by taking definitive action on a matter. Resolution of a problem or the discovery of critical information can be empowering. There can be a special project you’re working on that now advances. Work can be exciting and motivating, and so can putting in the extra effort to improve your health. You might even settle a dispute.


A relationship, romance, or creative project can advance today, dear Sagittarius. You are making your own luck under a Mars-Jupiter transit that encourages you to follow your heart with courage. You may be going out on a limb to express your affections, and you’re likely to make a good impression. Someone in your life may be boosting your confidence in yourself, or pairing up with somebody can be notably beneficial now. While cooperative action is favored, you can also do well in friendly competitions today. A casual relationship may move to a new level today, or you could feel especially confident about relationships in your life in general. Still, the Moon spends the day in your privacy zone, drawing you to activities that heal, replenish, and renew your spirit.


Your sense of timing is quite strong at the moment, dear Capricorn, and plans can be coming together well, particularly those involving work or home life. You are more determined than usual to make things happen, and people around you seem more inclined to go along with your ideas and beliefs. Your can-do frame of mind is due to a Mars-Jupiter influence that encourages you. You might act on a matter that’s important to you or resolve a problem that’s been tripping you up. Work, chores, routines, and home life are areas of special interest on these lines, and with your heart engaged, you can move mountains now. You’re bound to discover ways to improve and advance your projects.


Today’s Mars-Jupiter aspect goads you on and encourages you to reach your goals, dear Aquarius. You want to make things happen! You have a stronger ability to express yourself with confidence and creativity today, which can lead to exceptionally fruitful contact and new interests or finding the resolution of a problem. Exchanges with others can be very passionate or intense and yet maintain a playful quality. Good news or essential information may boost your confidence in the future. A courageous attitude makes things happen for you. You’re finding solutions, support, and opportunities now. You might be able to move a creative or communications project forward.


Today’s forward-looking energy can be refreshing, dear Pisces. Mars and Jupiter harmonize, helping along a home, family, business, or money matter. You’re inclined to want to make things happen rather than simply think about your next step. It’s a good time for home and family-related projects, as you are exceptionally resourceful. Enthusiasm runs high for making money and taking care of personal possessions. Anything that improves your sense of safety and security will appeal now. Still, you’re creative with these matters.

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