DAILY HOROSCOPE – Tuesday 13 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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Mars moves into your solar eleventh house today, dear Aries, and until March 22nd, your social life is likely to animate, or your pursuit of happiness goals speeds up. The prospect of new ventures can inspire you. While conflict or discord with friends or associates may surface, these likely come from long-standing problems overdue for some attention! Energy levels improve with increased confidence in your ability to make things happen. You might come up with plans for your future, and this process can be gratifying, if not exciting. Today, we’re heading toward a Mars-Pluto aspect that has been building, and while there can be some tension and pressure to make improvements, it’s also an energy that amps up your courage to make a difference. Something in your life needs an overhaul, and the courage is with you to take action. A major project can be all-consuming now. If tensions with a friend or competitor exist, they can rise now since feelings are complicated. You could be in the position to make changes regarding friendship. This transit has “cleaning up” energy that can take us to a stronger place if we apply it constructively to make improvements.


Mars heads into your career and reputation sector today, dear Taurus, where it will transit until March 22nd. This transit is rather ambitious. You’re more inclined to want things running your way during this period. This transit can bring new energy and motivation to your professional life, but it can also sometimes stimulate conflict with bosses or parents. To avoid this, you must watch for a confrontational or defensive manner. On the other hand, if there is a real need to clear the air, you may have more courage to do so now. Today, you have some great energy with you for imagination, forgiveness, resting, and releasing stress as Venus and Neptune form a sextile. At the same time, you can be winding up quite a bit with Mars approaching a conjunction with Pluto. Your ambitions to meet or exceed a goal are going strong, and the pressure is on as the day advances. You have extra courage to reach the top. Things are heating up for you regarding responsibilities, leadership, or career. You can be quite masterful in a leadership role, and it’s a powerful time for making your mark and going after your goals with gusto. Try not to wear yourself out in the process! Be sure to make time for breaks from current pressures.


Mars moves into your solar ninth house today, dear Gemini, and will continue boosting you until March 22nd. It’s an influence that raises your confidence, energy levels, motivation, and courage. Your appetite for new experiences or increased knowledge is enormous. You are incredibly enthusiastic. Some restlessness and hunger for adventure are likely as you seek new skills, interests, channels for expression, or topics to study. A Venus-Neptune sextile today helps tune you into the subtle or otherworldly elements of life, and your understanding of others, yourself, and your purpose skyrockets as a result. Still, a Mars-Pluto alignment is winding you up mentally. A compelling experience may happen now that changes your perspective. The goal should be to purge and let go responsibly if you seek or defend an opinion today. While it’s a tense combination, in many ways, it’s also a power boost. You might discover or develop a personal interest or course of study with this energy. It’s a fine time for promotion, teaching, learning, guiding, and advancing your skills or knowledge. While this can be a strong time for getting an answer, things can get heated and intense pretty quickly, making it important to be mindful of where you put your energy.


Mars begins its transit of your solar eighth house today, dear Cancer, and will energize and animate this sector of your chart until March 22nd. This transit brings increased energy, desire, and fire to intimate matters, sometimes producing very favorable, intense feelings and other times stimulating conflict. This can also be an opportunity to direct more energy into a pet project or an exciting personal pursuit. Shared resources, money, boundaries, and power dynamics are in stronger focus during this cycle. Today’s Venus-Neptune aspect can break up some tension, but a Mars-Pluto aspect that comes into play as the day advances can wind you up! You can be highly focused if it means eliminating something unhealthy from your life or uncovering important truths. You may be craving intensity or experiencing it through a significant someone. The Mars-Pluto alignment suggests profound emotions, intensity in a relationship, or the need to make significant changes. It’s a powerful time to break free from a bad habit, and intimate relationships can turn a corner and transform now. If you’ve been frustrated with a situation, it may reach a head, and you’ll want to do something about it, particularly if you’ve been over-attached.


Mars begins its transit opposite your sign today, dear Leo. This transit enlivens your relationships with others, sometimes stimulating conflicts. You could be rushing into a new relationship or partnership during this cycle, or problem areas in your close relationships come to your attention, and this can be a good thing if you’re looking to clear the air. However, this transit can also bring events and people into your life that motivate you to get in touch with your own need for stimulation and self-assertion. Relationships with others are lively during this cycle until March 22nd. With self-honesty and effort, this can be a strong period for bringing fresh energy into a relationship. Today, Mars and Pluto are heading toward alignment, and while opportunities are emerging to break the tension, intensity is building in the background, particularly in a key relationship. The mood is dense, and you may need to break through some of this to reach a new level of understanding. It’s best to recognize that something has to change and work with it rather than fight it. You are attracting intense energy into your life through your relationships.


Mars begins its transit of your solar sixth house today, dear Virgo, bringing energy, animation, and motivation to your pursuit of health or work in the weeks ahead. Until March 22nd, you’ll find it hard to tolerate inactivity or waste in your daily routines, habits, self-care programs, or your job. Conflicts can be related to independence and speed with co-workers or people you share your daily activities with. However, it may be just what you need to clear the air, and problem-solving can be productive now. A Venus-Neptune aspect today helps you see the beauty in the ordinary. It can be a time of self-discovery or the development of a close relationship. On the other hand, Mars and Pluto are heading into alignment, and this combination builds tension, ideally to make important changes. Your intuitive understanding of others’ feelings and moods boosts your dealings with them. Even so, the desire to gain more control over your life can become a driving force as the day advances. While tension can run high, this can help push you to new heights. The determination to meet or beat a goal is strong, perhaps to obsessive levels!


Mars begins its transit of your solar fifth house today, dear Libra, supporting you here until March 22nd. During this cycle, you’re more confident, involved, and spirited. This transit tends to animate and energize your creative world or romantic life. You may sometimes feel over-stimulated in these areas, however, and you should watch for taking unnecessary risks. Otherwise, enjoy this time when your courage levels get a boost, and you are more inclined to choose a direct route to satisfy your desires. You tend to put more energy into play and pleasure, and you can be especially magnetic. While there is some intense energy with you today, a Venus-Neptune sextile helps you find some release or smooth things over. Still, we’re heading toward a rather tense or intense Mars-Pluto alignment, and you can be quite determined to make improvements and changes as you strive to gain more control of your life. This transit occurs in harmony with your sign, helping you make the most of it. You can become very single-minded now; if you channel this well, you can move mountains. Where extremes are not appropriate and possibly destructive, it’s best to avoid them. However, concentrating on making improvements can be fabulous, and you may have the chance to zero in on a problem or perplexing matter.


Mars moves into your solar fourth house today, dear Scorpio, and until March 22nd, you’re in a more self-protective and protective phase. This transit can be chaotic or turbulent at times and very productive at other times! You can certainly work this position to your advantage by putting your energy into productive channels, such as decorating, organizing your home, activities with family, or actively working on problem areas in your personal life. It’s best to watch for a defensive manner, but enjoy extra time improving your home life. Today, we’re heading toward a Mars-Pluto alignment that can wind you up, particularly related to home, family, and personal life. Aim to use this intensity to improve or transform your domestic life, relationships, or relationship with yourself. The focus should be on renovation, whether this is literal or figurative. This Mars-Pluto aspect can challenge you to confront, manage, and handle emerging issues that have been buried, swept under the carpet, or otherwise hidden.


Mars begins its transit of your solar third house today, dear Sagittarius, and until March 22nd, this transit will motivate, energize, and animate your daily affairs, personal interests, conversations, and connections. You can be quite excited to learn, connect, and pursue your interests in the weeks ahead. At times, impatient moves or communications can be a problem. Otherwise, it’s an excellent time to get things done and feel pleasantly engaged. New interests and contacts can be significant. Today, we head toward a Mars-Pluto alignment, bringing a feeling of urgency to your life. You might choose to use this tension or stress to boost your productivity. There can be some tendency to push too far or to test yourself and your limits. For example, you could be thinking of something obsessively. However, it’s a good time to keep in mind that gaining more control over your life doesn’t mean knowing everything; it is about managing your behavior and actions. Channeling this energy well, you can also be highly productive when it comes to taking action on matters that you’ve previously only been considering. You can find yourself thoroughly absorbed in a pet project or with studies and ideas, and ambitiously chasing a goal–this is the powerful benefit of this combination.


Mars leaves your sign and enters your solar second house today, dear Capricorn, where it will transit until March 22nd. This transit drives you and tickles your desire to make your life more comfortable, settled, and secure can be stimulated. You may need to stir things up to get more settled! This Mars transit can push you to make more money or settle a financial or relationship matter, leading to increased comfort and predictability. You’re remarkably resourceful now, making the most of what you have, including tangible and intangible resources such as money, valuables, know-how, and talents. Today, a Mars-Pluto alignment is building, and while you can feel some stress or pressure related to money or possessions, the emphasis should be on turning a situation around with this energy. Aim to draw on your determination to make improvements to those things you can control and impact. Certainly, there can be intensity revolving around a money matter or question of values, and tensions can lead you to a decision or a significant change. You have a stronger sense of what truly matters, and you’re better at parting with those things you no longer need. There may be some power struggles with others if you feel undervalued, however. If you’re getting frustrated too quickly, consider that gaining more control over your life and your material resources may be at the root, since you don’t want to feel at anyone’s mercy.


Mars begins its transit of your sign today, dear Aquarius, bringing much energy to your personality. During this cycle that lasts until March 22nd, you’ll have plenty of chances to assert yourself and seek what you want from life. Mars supplies you with increased personal energy, initiative, and drive. Angry feelings might also stir during this period, and you might watch for overly hasty, impulsive, or impatient behavior. Otherwise, you can use this period to pursue personal goals heartily. Today, a Mars-Pluto conjunction is in the works, and tension builds as you feel compelled to make changes and improvements. This can be a time of great personal passion, ambition, and influence. You might use these powers constructively and enjoy the courage to meet and beat your goals, but do watch for a tendency to either come on a little too strong or push yourself too hard. This can also be a time when people are looking to you to lead. You can feel super-motivated to reach a personal goal. You might embrace your desire to go after what you want and find it empowering to do so. It’s a day for having a huge say in what others think of you since the power to shape your image is strong.


Mars begins its transit of your solar twelfth house today, dear Pisces. This cycle, lasting until March 22nd, is important for taking action on long-standing problems, reconsidering or reorganizing projects and pursuits, and seeking more time to rest and heal. You could require more downtime and time to come to decisions. Honor this need, and you’ll do especially well. Today’s Venus-Neptune transit also encourages taking more time to unwind. Still, a Mars-Pluto alignment is coming into play, and it winds you up in other areas of life. Watch for deflecting the blame or tense behavior with others, which can happen too easily under strain. Energies are intense with this transit, and there can be a personal dilemma or challenging decision. Aim to get in touch with deep desires and confront them. There can be a lot going on beneath the surface, and there can be some fixation on past events, guilty feelings, or missed or lost opportunities. Self-honesty is essential to manage your emotions and move forward feeling refreshed and purged.

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