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There may be good news or rewarding conversations today, dear Aries, and a buzz of ideas with you. It can be natural to clear the air without too much in the way of drama. Light learning and sharing are in favor. You might enjoy lively exchanges. Benefits and good feelings come from connecting, particularly on romantic and one-on-one levels. Good communication skills can reverberate positivity to other areas of life as well. Pairing up with someone can be pleasant and rewarding, or there can be increased warmth in a relationship. The Moon spends today and tomorrow in your sector of the higher mind, raising you above regular stresses and daily life problems. You take a more vital interest in new ideas, places, and people.


Your powers of observation are more potent than usual today, dear Taurus. The hidden elements of what you’re seeing and experiencing draw you in, and you pick up quite a bit. Playing around with ideas is an enjoyable, light-hearted experience. While you are inclined to be a little introspective, the day is nevertheless good for communication. You might find some sweet spots for happy exchanges, and a relationship can enjoy a nice boost from a discussion. It’s easier to communicate feelings that perhaps were hard to define before today. You may be seeking clarification in your interactions and conversations. A Mercury-Venus aspect helps you find the right balance between light and serious. It’s also an excellent time to enjoy your work or duties, particularly if you mix in a pleasant social element. Your intuition regarding health or work methods is strong.


Your instincts are very good for relating today, dear Gemini. You crave interactions with people on the same mental wavelength as you. Answers to complex emotional dilemmas seem to come to you, even if they’ve perplexed you for awhile. People have a way of jumpstarting your thinking processes at this stage, with Mercury in your partnership sector and the Moon joining Mercury today. You’re sorting out your thoughts and observing what’s happening around you. Communications happening now can help you center and pace yourself. Even though you may not be at your peak energetically speaking, this can be a fine time for pleasant conversations. Another person’s perspective, even if it diverges from yours significantly, tends to enhance your own today. With a Mercury-Venus aspect influencing the day, communications with a partner or good friend are in focus, and coming to agreements, making romantic clarifications or overtures, or sharing good times with people you care about can figure strongly. Ideas and words flow easily, and you’re looking for the positive in the news and information you come across now.


More clarity is likely today, dear Cancer, particularly as you sort out your feelings and needs. Communication can help center you and relieve your mind regarding your troubles or concerns. Focusing your attention on a special project can be useful. Your increased desire to find peace in your domestic life, family, and work can lead to agreements and favorable circumstances. Good energy is with you for solving problems and relating well with others. Conversations can be helpful, and you might enjoy mending fences and expressing your feelings. You might also see things more clearly if you verbalize, write out, or talk through an issue. With a Mercury-Venus transit influencing the day, you might come to satisfying and mutually beneficial agreements.


The Moon spends today and tomorrow in your creative sector, dear Leo, which can be emotionally freeing in some ways. You are coming across quite charmingly in your communications, and you need some leeway and room for spontaneity. Look for ways to relieve stress. With today’s transits, rapport comes more readily than usual. Ideas flow well, and a boost to your romantic and social life can be due to your power to communicate pleasingly. Approaching people and problems in a relaxed manner works in your favor right now, and clarifying things can be rewarding. Today’s energies are good for getting the chance to enjoy your interactions and learn something interesting. There are opportunities to rise above feelings of unrest, particularly if you focus on friendly gestures or creative pursuits. Romance, comfort, and finances are in favor.


With the Moon in your solar fourth house today and tomorrow, dear Virgo, it’s helpful to focus on strengthening your feelings of support and security, whether on inner or outer levels–perhaps both! You express yourself more flowingly today. You can feel understood, cared for, and supported. It’s easy to sort out your needs and feelings, and getting to the root of any recent problems in your personal life is possible. Pleasant conversations that soothe and help you center yourself can be notable now. In fact, today holds promising energy for powerful and helpful musings, exchanges, and communications. You’re in a good position to make your money work for you, or there are favorable developments with family, home, financial affairs, or purchases. You may be expressing your affection through being a good listener.


It’s a powerful time for personal attraction levels, selling an idea, or your personality, dear Libra. There could be news that is warm, pleasant, and promising. You could be delighted to discover that the day makes it easier to verbalize what you want. Your charm shines through your communication and gestures. There can be relief about sharing a particular topic now, or you could be a go-between helping others to come to a compromise or state of peace. You might fully enjoy studying, teaching, and connecting, and your appeal gets a boost. Current projects excite and motivate you. While life is busy, it feels energizing rather than chaotic to you. You might be looking into a new idea or discovering a new interest.


It can be a good time to build upon what you have rather than urgently seek something new to do today, dear Scorpio, with the Moon in your solar second house. The Moon aligns with Mercury, inclining you to think and analyze or communicate more than usual. Playing around with ideas is an enjoyable, light-hearted experience if there’s no pressure to arrive at a decision or conclusion. Aim to seek out activities and perspectives that nurture positive self-worth and self-perception. And, with a Mercury-Venus aspect in play, a balanced approach to relating helps you and your connections feel supported. It’s a time when sharing your ideas or knowledge can help someone immensely. You’re eager to explore new options today. You can find it easier to express things often left unexpressed, hard to articulate, or kept to yourself. You might also come up with interesting ideas about improving your financial state. You are more inclined to pay attention to unusual signs or symbols, and these can factor strongly into decisions now.


The Moon is in your sign today and tomorrow, dear Sagittarius, stirring your desire for more emotional freedom and spontaneity. As it aligns with Mercury today, your intellectual capacities heighten. It’s a good time to organize your thoughts, and you’re likely to find it natural to find channels for expressing your feelings. You could enjoy a wonderful sense of relief to talk about certain issues on your mind. A Mercury-Venus transit coming into play brings satisfying cooperation or a feeling of camaraderie. You have a stronger sense than usual about which of your ideas have true potential for success in the long term. It’s possible you gain clarity about a person’s feelings for you, or you could thoroughly enjoy a conversation about the future. You’re especially charming, personable, and engaging.


The Moon spends today and tomorrow in your solar twelfth house, dear Capricorn, drawing your attention to background matters in your life. You’re winding down a cycle, and it makes sense to take more time to digest, process, and rest. This Moon transit may prompt you to take some pressure off to regroup. Even so, the Moon aligns with busy, chatty Mercury today. A Mercury-Venus transit also heavily influences the day, and you could find satisfying channels for expressing your emotions through sharing, learning, and connecting. Talking something through can be very helpful for clarifying feelings. Themes of cooperation, conversation, and pleasant exchanges are likely. Even though you are keeping some things to yourself and unsure whether or not you should be sharing certain observations, it’s a mostly good time to harmonize with the people around you and take a relaxed, tolerant approach to your life. There is a magical quality to your charisma, appeal, and creative output.


Exploring new ideas can be fruitful today, dear Aquarius. Great ideas can result from casual interactions with networks. A Mercury-Venus aspect coming into play helps smooth things over, if needed. Your appeal shines brightly, and self-expression seems more flowing and easy than usual. Friendly gestures or overtures can figure strongly today–people are more inclined to show their interest in you. Building friendships and mending broken fences are in favor. You might arrive at a more positive perspective on a particular person or problem. You communicate more hopefulness and positivity now, and others easily warm up to your ideas and follow along with your plans. It’s a good time for informal learning, teaching, and guiding.


Communications can be lively and stimulating today, dear Pisces, as well as refreshingly open. Today’s transits can pull up the chance of making the connections you crave, or you can see a person or project in a new light, and it’s a helpful perspective. Making long-term plans can be fun and rewarding, particularly those along creative lines or having to do with learning or sharing. The circulation of ideas and the feedback you receive while interacting can help jumpstart your own creative process, even if you’re going in the opposite direction. With Mercury at the top of your solar chart, you are more aware of public sentiment and what others think of you when making decisions. You are persuasive and charming now. Learning things that help you in your career, discussing plans for the future or long-term goals, and improving your reputation can figure strongly.