You are currently viewing DAILY HOROSCOPE – Tuesday 6 February

DAILY HOROSCOPE – Tuesday 6 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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Mercury has just begun its transit of your solar eleventh house, dear Aries, and will continue to influence this area of your chart until the 23rd. This period favors communicating with flair and getting your message across smoothly. People readily catch on to your ideas and the intended meaning behind your communications. There can be more frequent contact with associates and friends, and networking may assume more importance during this cycle, adding value to your life. Your thinking is particularly progressive and inventive. Today, there can be a special project you’re working on that now advances. Settling old disputes can figure strongly. You can feel inspired to move forward on a personal goal, dream, or plan. Ideas are practical and imaginative all at once.


Mercury is now transiting your career and reputation sector, dear Taurus, and will influence this area of your solar chart until February 23rd. It’s a period for communicating with more impact and thinking up long-term strategies that will move you closer to your goals. Your thoughts and conversations more frequently revolve around your responsibilities during this cycle! You can be doing some important thinking in the weeks ahead, and you might also be communicating with more power. People seek your advice. This is a time for applying the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in the previous cycle. You could be in the position to speak, lead, and advise more than usual. Transits today favor giving a project your all. You can draw upon great ambition and determination to push it to a new level.


Your non-material goals are assuming more and more importance, dear Gemini, with Mercury now in your solar ninth house until the 23rd. You seek a breath of fresh air on a mental level during this cycle. This transit eases self-expression and smooths out communications. It’s an ideal time to teach, disseminate knowledge, share ideas, broadcast, publish, and otherwise spread the word. You’re inclined to look for new interests or broaden your knowledge now. This transit is particularly refreshing for you since your planetary ruler is Mercury and its position in your solar chart affects you more than most. It’s a time to enjoy positivity in your outlook, thoughts, and conversations. You embrace new ways of looking at problems as you’re tired of old rules, routines, and information. Today, a sense of belonging in a group setting can give you a good feeling. Working solidly towards a personal happiness or group goal can be fruitful and fulfilling now.


Mercury has just begun its transit of your solar eighth house, dear Cancer, drawing to more profound thought, study, thinking, and conversations. This cycle lasts until February 23rd and stirs a desire for life’s mysteries to intrigue you. It’s a good time for devising strategies and plans and digging deeply into a topic, although there are better periods for straightforward communications and transportation! Fortunately, you bring more reason and objectivity to sensitive issues and are primarily interested in meaning and context. Conversations are more intimate, or the topics on the table in the weeks ahead are not your regular fare. It’s a strong time to work on lifestyle improvements. Today, you’re feeling more confident about what you can accomplish, and you’re especially motivated.


Mercury has just begun its transit of the partnership sector of your solar chart, dear Leo, where it will visit until February 23rd. This transit strengthens the tendency to consider others’ ideas and decisions and perhaps attract talkative people into your life. Or, it can be a period when you seek an intellectual companion. Communications assume far greater importance in your life. It’s a good time for counseling and advising, and you’ll find that conversations with others jumpstart your thinking processes. Your interactions can leave you with much food for thought! Conversations can be particularly interesting, and ideas generated through these back-and-forths can be beneficial. There can be times when unsolicited advice from others can seem like meddling. However, much of the time, you benefit from the feedback you receive now, and you could find that others have something important to say or they help stimulate your thinking in meaningful ways. Today, particularly creative energy is with you for promotion and publicity if needed. The day holds promise for making connections or communicating positively. There can be a happy feeling that you can rise to a challenge.


Mercury has just begun its transit of your work and health sector, dear Virgo, bringing an excellent period for attention to detail, running errands, and organizing your work and routines. The technical side of a topic can be appealing during this cycle that lasts until the 23rd. It can be a time to gather valuable information related to work, skills, diet, and health. Specialized disciplines can thrive now. Watch for a tendency to over-analyze and criticize during this cycle. However, in special favor now are activities that get your life and your mind tidy and organized. With your planetary ruler in the area of your chart strongly associated with the sign of Virgo, you can feel very much in your element. It’s a time for focusing on–and perhaps fretting about–the details of your life. Your thoughts and conversations often turn to work, health, and practical matters. Today, you can have a strong desire to master a project or resolve problems, and you’re up for a challenge. This can also be an excellent day for self-discovery.


Mercury has just begun its transit of your sector of joy, dear Libra, and in the weeks ahead, you take a greater interest in creative expression, the technical side of creative projects or art, and crafts or hobbies. Intellectual creativity can be in strong focus during this cycle that lasts until the 23rd. Relationships can be very verbal, and others are likely to find your ideas particularly appealing. In strong focus now are activities through which you can have fun, impress, create, and share. This transit can feel quite liberating — you become far less guarded and find it easier to express your ideas and opinions now. You’re more communicative, humorous, and friendly. You’re inclined to take a few personal risks when communicating and learning new things. You might crave feedback and intellectual entertainment. There can be a stronger need for communications and movement in a romantic relationship. While you’re more thoroughly enjoying what you’re doing or learning now, the Moon moves into your home and family sector this morning, awakening a need for extra rest, time at home or with loved ones, and familiar places and faces.


Mercury is now transiting your solar fourth house, dear Scorpio, and you can talk and think about (and with) family far more than usual until the 23rd. There could be more activity in your home environment. With Mercury in the sector of your solar chart that rules heart, home, and family, your thought processes are inward and intuitive. There can be a lot to learn about or through family and close loved ones now. Thoughts and conversations often turn to domestic affairs, the past, and family concerns. You are not as communicative in the outside world, and you may not feel quite as understood or “heard” at this time. Mind you, this can be quite fine for you at this time. Even so, the Moon moves into your communication sector today, and until early Thursday, you’re particularly interested in talking and thinking about your feelings and attachments.


Mercury is now transiting your communication sector, dear Sagittarius, and until the 23rd, you’re in particularly good shape for learning new things, brushing up on skills, connecting with the information you need or want, and making contacts. This transit highlights your desire to talk, share, learn, and connect. Keeping and getting in touch with others can benefit you. Learning, teaching, studying, and conversations flow naturally now. Today’s energies are strong for creative satisfaction and expressing affection. Learning something that helps move you forward can figure strongly. Still, the Moon moves out of your sign and into your resources sector today, and emotions settle. You crave just a little more predictability for a couple of days, and you may very well achieve it!


The Moon heads into your sign today, dear Capricorn, and your emotions are on your sleeve! Even so, Mercury has just moved out of Capricorn and into your resources sector, where it will stay until February 23rd. This influence is more subtle, but it’s especially helpful for your practical affairs, bringing more thought, intelligence, and attention to matters related to finances, valuables, possessions, and security or comfort. These are preoccupations at this time. It’s an excellent period to discuss, learn about, and seek advice on your financial situation. As well, you’re picking up useful, practical information, mainly because this is the kind of information you seek most. Today, especially, advice about money or business can be valuable. Plans may come together with finances, work, or other practical matters.


The Moon moves into your privacy zone today, dear Aquarius, and you gravitate to activities that heal, replenish, and renew your spirit. Still, Mercury has just begun its transit of your sign, and you’re finding your voice and making quicker decisions! This transit lasts until the 23rd and stirs your curiosity. You are more mentally stimulated, self-starting, and perhaps restless or frequently on the go. You are alert and observant, making it necessary to find the time to relax. This is also a good period for attracting romantic admirers or creative projects your way. You prefer to take the lead on mental or intellectual tasks rather than consult others or collaborate. Your intelligence plays a more significant role than usual in your personal appeal during this cycle. Today holds fine energy for positive experiences and connections. You sense you’re growing, and your personality shines. Finding new ways to express yourself can be rewarding.


Mercury has begun its transit of your privacy sector, dear Pisces, and decision-making can be more solitary as you’re inclined to do more ruminating than usual until the 23rd. You are more prone to keep secrets or spend more time in your own world. It’s a strong time to see your life differently, which rounds out your understanding. You’re doing some necessary processing of recent experiences and reasoning your way through issues that you’ve left unfinished or pushed to the side. A significant project may come to completion. You can arrive at a greater understanding of your life, and you might help out others with words of advice and wisdom. Today, you’re looking within but also staying in touch, and this balanced approach serves you well. Good energy is with you for your practical affairs.

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