DAILY HOROSCOPE – Wednesday 7 February

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

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You can take particular pleasure through your work and responsibilities or regarding a sense of your future opening up for you, dear Aries. You’re also in an excellent position to connect with people in high places or those who can help your cause. Bringing a fresh attitude, idea, or method to the table can figure strongly, and you’re incredibly open to making progress, moving on, and embracing different approaches. With money, responsibility, or work, you may have reason to breathe a sigh of relief, or there is a bit more freedom or leeway to enjoy now. Following your higher values or guiding principles feels good today, and you’re particularly shining in your work or through your responsibilities. You’re feeling pleasantly capable and ambitious. Your intuition is in top form, and you might solve problems, particularly work-related ones, with a different perspective.


You’re latching onto a positive and inspiring vision today, dear Taurus. You’re thinking outside the box, and activities involving communications, projects revolving around technology or alternative therapies, and love connections are favored. Surprises turn out pleasant in the end. Letting go of negative feelings such as resentment feels excellent now. You’re attracted to things or products that make your life easier or more interesting. You’re also drawn to activities that bring spice to your life. As you tune into life’s subtle or otherworldly elements, your understanding of others, yourself, and your purpose can increase. You might help someone or be a source of great comfort or inspiration to a person, or learning something new is exciting. It can be particularly satisfying to put others’ needs before yours. Your approach to your relationships is anything but conventional today, which can be refreshing!


You’re relying on your intuition to take you to the next step today, dear Gemini. You might experiment with different ways to relate and learn something exciting and new in the process. There can be important breakthroughs of feeling occurring today. Liberating yourself from a burdensome secret or concern can be refreshing. You can be productive and friendly right now and get away with both. It’s a more balanced day than usual, and you appreciate the optimism expressed in your interactions, even with a practical focus also in play. Your intuition for your next move, even if it’s about holding back until you make a new move, is on point today as Mars and Neptune harmonize. Your tendency to see the layers of a situation can bring you to important discoveries. You are interested in seeing into the heart of a matter, but as willing as you are to dig deep, you tend to keep a comfortable emotional distance. You can come to an understanding or see the benefits of sharing power today.


It can be an inspired time to reach out, publish, informally share your work and ideas, and express your viewpoints, beliefs, and dreams, dear Cancer. Friends support you, and you’re quick to return the favor! While it’s not necessarily a day for making commitments, it’s a good one for expanding your reach and entertaining new pleasures or ways of relating that benefit all concerned. There can be a liberating feeling regarding friendship and partnership. Working cooperatively or in friendly competition can be satisfying today. Romance can strengthen, and long-standing relationships benefit from friendly energy. If appreciation is due in a relationship, it’s a favorable time to show it. Reducing the tendency to live in the head today is important since you’re connecting on higher levels. It’s not a time for pushing your agenda. Instead, you get to learn about the needs and concerns of someone important to you. Something may touch or inspire you through your interactions with others, or you could learn something that raises your respect levels further.


Ideas and solutions are unusual or arrived at unconventionally today, dear Leo. Venus and Uranus, in harmony, stirs some excitement. This happy connection occurs in your productivity sectors, and you’ll find that detaching yourself from expectations and being in the moment leads to greater pleasure. Mars and Neptune also harmonize, positioning you well for gently pushing boundaries and getting somewhere. Beautiful energy is with you for adding creative touches to your work or home environment. There can be an intuitive arrival at a resolution of a problem or to information that has previously eluded you. If you’ve been ramping up a health or work project, now may be a time for doing so in creative or imaginative ways. There can be a stronger appreciation for the intangibles, and letting go of something to embrace the new comes easier as a result. It’s a fine day for reaching a new level of understanding, particularly with work, health, and living arrangements.


You’re quick to turn ordinary circumstances into fun, exciting ones today, dear Virgo, or otherwise make the best of a situation now. You’re also very much in need of something a little different, upbeat, and engaging. This can be a wonderful day for strengthening relationships. You might even experience an intuitive or psychic connection between you and a beloved. You maintain a somewhat mysterious air about you, and it’s alluring. Physical creative arts are in most favor now, but any form of happy release or expression can be satisfying today. Gestures and shared moments seem more important than verbal rapport at the moment. You can make meaningful connections, you’re quick to find solutions to problems, and you’re an expert at using the power of persuasion. You seem to be able to make your dreams come true in an easy and relaxed way.


With today’s harmonious transits, dear Libra, it’s a good idea to allow yourself some breathing room for freeform thinking. You’re able to discuss typically tricky topics without being either overly sensitive or insensitive today. Good-natured frankness can be part of this! Forward movement on a home project can be exciting, or you’re in good shape for creative problem-solving around the home and creative relating with loved ones. The general mood is generous and cooperative, which suits you well. You might decide to take action to bring more harmony, peace, beauty, or balance to your working and living environments. Similarly, using your creative talents to advance your work, health, or domestic goals can be successful. Physical and emotional healing tie together nicely right now. You are at your happiest when you are letting things flow naturally today. Complicated problems seem easier to understand when you allow your intuition to work for you, and it comes naturally to you now. You prefer to do things just a little differently today; the conventional or traditional route is currently unappealing.


Today’s transits are quite fabulous for self-discovery and examination of your dreams, desires, and plans, dear Scorpio. Aim to embrace this time as a chance to grow and improve. There’s a very good chance of finding someone on the same or similar wavelength as you. Expressing yourself comes naturally — you are bringing more imagination to the creative process. Your powers of perception and persuasion are also in great form. You might take action to correct things that have been making you unhappy, or you might extend communication or thoughtful gestures to someone and boost a connection. These can have magical results! Intuition dominates over reason right now. Today favors mental tasks, communications of all kinds, travel, and transportation. You’re especially appealing, so be sure to express yourself. Your mind is fertile, and conversations are supportive and imaginative, and you can enjoy guiding or teaching someone. Mediation or otherwise bringing others together can figure strongly.


Enjoying a detour from the usual routine can be in focus today, dear Sagittarius. A change of pace is good for you now. There can be a surge of excitement about money-making or work matters, and new ways to improve your health, job, or routines can figure strongly. With the slightly detached energy of a Venus-Uranus trine, it’s easier than usual to leave frustrations behind. You may enjoy an unexpected pleasure or connection now. A Mars-Neptune influence boosts your connection to your intuition. It’s a fine time to pay special attention to your dreams and intuitive feelings. You’re getting in touch with your inner faith, which can be powerful. With Mars in your sector of resources these days, you’re finding motivation to do something more with your talents, resources, or money. Its connection with Neptune today can boost your desire for your efforts to be meaningful. You are drawn to the right resources as you’re trusting your intuition, leading to sound decisions. Art and music can have unique appeal now and can be used most effectively to calm yourself down.


Today’s harmonious transits can lighten your load, dear Capricorn. Creative talents are in the spotlight. You might turn heads and gain the attention of someone special. Or, you find yourself more courageous about expressing yourself. Emotional intelligence levels are very high today. People are interested in what you have to say and the person behind the ideas. You have a talent for handling difficult situations with grace. You’ve had more energy and determination to move personal plans forward and more directness in your requests recently. Today, there’s an added dose of personal magnetism on your side, and the ability to persuade and charm is potent. Some serendipity is also with you. Use this time to express yourself creatively and persuasively. It’s a good day for getting into a positive groove.


Enjoy the courage to express or explore your desires or wishes today, dear Aquarius. You might feel compelled to share a normally private feeling or to release yourself from heavy feelings that have weighed you down. There may be a new development in an attraction or a private matter in a relationship. You are gracious and obliging today, and you tend to offer your support through practical help. Your integrity shines through your gentle support. The ability to help without making a big show of it can be much appreciated now. You’re also picking up on the subtlest of cues in your environment, enhancing your knowledge. It’s a powerful day for getting in touch with your innermost desires–you’re in a good position to tap into your intuitive, psychic, and creative side. This can benefit your relationships, but can also lead to an improved understanding of a business or financial matter, and the motives of a person you work with/for.


There can be a feeling of relief or release from a concern or obligation, mainly related to a friend or a long-term goal, dear Pisces, or something that’s now out in the open leaves you feeling a little freer or lighter. Creative self-expression comes easily and naturally today. People energize you today, and you have the same effect on them. You might find inspiration in a person, relationship, or special perspective. Your contributions to a group or team effort can be appreciated, and a bit of imaginative exploration can lead to fun and valuable discoveries. It’s easy to find common ground with others now, but you’re learning the most from your differences. Aligning yourself with a worthy cause can also be very satisfying now. It’s a wonderful time for unified action, joining with others, pitching in, getting involved, and helping people.

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