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Discover the secrets of your past life

Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh

Do you believe that you have been here before? Have you had a past life? Theories of reincarnation date back to over 3,000 years and can be found in the ancient cultures as well as New Age philosophies. But how can you tell if you have undergone reincarnation? What does it look like to be reborn? And how can you begin to remember who you were in previous incarnations?

What is a Past Life?

In Buddhism, reincarnation is often referred to as rebirth. The theory deals with the belief that how a person acts in one life, directly links to how they will reincarnate in the next. The doctrine deals with karma as a major theme of how the soul will transition from one physical body to the next.

Hinduism also works with the belief that a soul can reincarnate after its physical host dies. Much like in Buddhism, in the Hindu religion, it is believed that the karma that the soul has accumulated will be the major influencing factor behind how the spirit will be reborn. It is generally acknowledged that good karma leads to reincarnation into the highest form of being and bad karma invokes a rebirth to the lowest form. 

Regardless of religion, a past life is the theory that your soul has lived before. Before your current physical body was born, the soul which lies within it has already lived. And it may not be that your soul has lived within another human. It is entirely possible that you may have once been an animal or even a being from another corner of the universe.  

What is past life regression?

When one feels that their current state is just one of their soul’s incarnations, past life regression therapy can help bring past life memories to the fore. Throughout the hypnotherapy session, patients are lulled into a deep sleep state through a hypnosis technique in order to remember who, what or when they may have been in a past life.

You can also try a guided meditation for regression which may answer the question of who you may have been in a past life. 

Past life memories take a variety of different forms. You may simply have a feeling of love but can’t quite put your finger on why. You may be able to recall a specific story. You may be able the physical form of the man, woman or being that you once were!

How can you tell if you have been reborn?

There are a number of ways to tell if you have been reborn in your current life form. The following mental, emotional, and physical phenomena may unveil clues to your previous identities.

1. Recurring Dreams

Memories of past lives can present themselves as vivid dreams and nightmares. If certain individuals frequently appear in your dreams, you may have had a special relationship with them in another life. Nightmares may indicate past-life traumas that have attached to your soul and haunt your sleep.

2. Déjà Vu

It has become quite common for us to experience a fleeting feeling that a situation we are going through has happened in exactly the same way before. Science offers neurological explanations for these phenomena but many believe that they could be vague memories of past lives.

3. Unexplained Fears

Many people are afraid of snakes, sharks and spiders, but what if you have more of an unusual phobia? What if you are terrified of the Sun, the ocean or wide open spaces? Perhaps, these fears have come in with you from a past life? A fear of fire may indicate past-life trauma like being burnt at the stake during the witch hunts!

4. Strange Memories

Did you have memories during childhood that your folks knew didn’t really happen? You were potentially remembering something that happened to you before you were born? We know that human memory can be unreliable. So is it faulty memory or are you remembering one of your previous incarnations? Upon examining them, look for details like names or landmarks that you can research in more detail. Young children have been known to be better connected to their past life memories so it’s more than plausible that any ‘strange’ tales that you used to tell your parents, may indeed be past life stories.

5. Attraction To Different Cultures

Are you one of life’s travelers? Perhaps you have never felt that you belong in the location you were born in. You might have a strange affinity to indigenous tribes or a curiosity for a destination which is well off the beaten track.  For example many people born in the western culture are attracted to the culture of the east and find that they understand and fit in so easily in the lifestyle, music, song, dance, customs, traditions and religious beliefs. Why not explore these desires through travel and research and see what you can discover?

6. Insatiable Desires

Strong passions can be evidence of a past life. If you find that you are almost obsessive about a certain subject that you work all the hours God sends to develop your skills and offer your wisdom or expertise out to the world in some way, this may be indicative of your soul’s pre-existence. This will continually drive you, excite you daily and goes far beyond the realm of just a hobby.

7. Incredible Talents

We’ve all heard of the children that showcase remarkable talents from a very early age that they couldn’t possibly have had time to develop. This could be anything from a sophisticated literary ability to brilliance on a piano, an incredible aptitude with a foreign language never studied or an impossible IQ. Often these are triggered after a head injury, accident or trauma.

8. Obsessive Disorders

Although psychological explanations can be found for these uncontrolled habits it is also possible that they might have their roots in past lives. Repetitive washing of hands, counting of numbers or even blinking frantically can suggest memories from previous existences.

9. Mysterious Pain

If you get bizarre aches and pains in your present life that can not be explained by the medics then these may be manifestations of suffering you endured in a previous existence.

10 Birthmarks

There are several documented cases of birthmarks being indicators of injuries sustained in previous lives. If you have one on your face, perhaps you experienced a nasty blow to the head?

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