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Easy Vedic Astrology Remedies to Fight Depression

Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh – Epasa

Depression has become quite a common mental problem these days. Due to increasing stress in life, from children to adults, more and more people are witnessing this condition. It is a state of mind in which we begin to think in a negative perspective. We lose hope in life and we start to feel that there is nothing left in life. With such intensifying thoughts, a person ends up becoming very gloomy and rejected from life which in turn adversely affects his mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.  There are various reasons because of which depression can occur like financial constraints, , loss of a loved one, failure in career, failure in love, failure in education, bad marriage etc. From my own personal experience in dealing with my clients and patients I have come across innumerable persons that are faced with this situation recently.

Astrological Reasons for Depression

Astrology has the potential to spot depression in a horoscope. Moon is the significator of mind and emotions and the very first house represents brain. Probability of depression reflects in the malefic influence on 1st house and Moon. There are various other astrological equations that happen to cause depression.  Some of them are:

Moon being conjoined with Saturn, Rahu, Mars or Sun.

Moon is in malefic state and is placed in malefic houses.

There are no planets on either sides of Moon and it is placed all alone.

Do make use of your horoscope to determine the positioning of the moon in your chart. If any of the above afflictions are present one needs to obtain advise from your astrologer of how this needs to be remedied astrologically. You may make contact with Dr Roshan Singh in this regards who will be very willing to assist you.

Astrological Remedies for Depression

No matter what are the reasons for depression, the point is this mental condition should be addressed without delay. Therefore, we have come up with some jyotish remedies for depression that are quite comfortable to follow and promise good results. So have a look at these astrological remedies for mental problems that are of great help.

1. Drink Water in a Silver cup

This is the simplest of all the vedic astrology remedies for depression. By having water in silver cup, it will impart strength to Moon. With Moon being the significator of water, intake of water is very much helpful in enhancing positive thinking and happiness. Therefore, consuming lots of water in a silver glass will be of great help. Water kept in a silver cup in the moon light and then consumed produces excellent results.

2. Worshipping Lord Shiva

Offering prayers to Lord Shiva and water to Shiva Linga is also very effective in conditions like depression. Fasting on Mondays has amazing benefits. Worshipping a Sphatic Shivling is very effective as this is pure crystal and is favourable towards the moon. It attracts positive energy which is reverberated wherever it is kept or worshipped. This may be ordered online via our website shop.

Spatic (Crystal) Shivling

3. Wearing Gomti Chakra Pendant or ring

This is yet another simple vedic astrology remedy for depression. Wear a Gomti Chakra ring or bracelet in your right hand. Make sure that it has no joints and you must put it on a Monday. Making use of a five face rudraksha as a pendant or rudraksha as a bracelet produces excellent results. Visit our website shop in this regards.

Gomti Chakra Bracelet

4. Chanting Om Namah Shivaya

Reciting the simple Shiva mantra i.e. Om Namah Shivaya every day 108 times is also very helpful for depression patients.  This is a very easy jyotish remedy for depression which can bring amazing results. Chanting this mantra on a rudraksha mala is even more beneficial.

5. Respect Mother or Elders

You must respect your mother and if she is not there then any other elderly lady around you. Offer her sugar, milk, flowers or any other sweet in white color on Mondays. Do the same seva to some old person at an old age home. You will be surprised with the results that you acquire simply by following this ancient but effective remedy to beat depression.

6. Meditation

This is an extremely helpful remedy for all those who suffer from depression. Doing pranayam and meditation every day, as and when you find time, helps in soothing your mind by controlling your thoughts and relaxing your body and soul. It has the potential to treat various kinds of health issues other than depression.

Depression is a condition and you can win over it with regular efforts. These astrological remedies are very helpful in coming out of depression and staying away from it. So if you are suffering from this mental problem or you have a friend who is witnessing this issue, these vedic astrology remedies promise wonderful help.

Talk to us if you require assistance in this regards. Our doors, ears and hearts and open to listen to you and try to assist to solve your problems. Remember that there is no problem that cannot be solved as time is the greatest healer.

Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh-  Epasa

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