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Graha Pravesh Vaastu Pooja before you move into your new home

Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh

Home is a place where happiness dwells and where the family members share their joys and sorrows. Entering a newly built house for the first time is a very important occasion for a family, since acquiring property is not an easy task. Graha Pravesh is the first entry into a newly built house and it has to be done at some auspicious moment which is determined on astrological parameters. Graha Pravesh ceremony, of entering the newly built house needs to take care of various aspects with respect to Vaastu Shastra (the principles of physical environment).

There are three types of Graha Pravesh:

* First entry to live in a newly built house on a newly selected land. This is called Apoorva or new Graha Pravesh.

* Entry in an already existing house to live in after traveling abroad or migration elsewhere or coming back after staying at some other place. This is called Sapoorva Graha Pravesh

* Entry to live in a house after renovation or reconstruction of the house which is damaged by fire, floods, water, electricity and wind. This is called Dwandwah or old Graha Pravesh.

Graha Pravesh ceremony needs to be performed at some auspicious time (muhurata) as per Panchang. The prerequisite of Graha Pravesha is to perform the Vaastu pooja for Vaastu Devata outside the house before the entry into the house. If the owner of the house hasn’t taken care of certain principles of Vaastu while buying the house or while constructing the house, then as per Vasstu shastra the life of the people living in that house will be full of trouble and misery. In order to lessen the effects of the negative forces, it is required to do the Vaastu Pooja before entering the house.

What is Vaastu Pooja:

Vaastu Pooja, the worship of Vaastu Gods, is required to the reduce the effects of the negative forces which are prevalent because of the not following the principles of Vaastu, by the owners of the house while getting the construction done. Vaastu pooja for Vaastu Gods is performed outside the house before the actual entry into the house. The best time to organize the Vaastu Pooja is during the day time. It is always advisable to consider the position of the stars and nakshatras for various events like the ceremony of giving food to a child for the first time (Anna Prashan), wearing new clothes, daily travels, first entry into a newly built house or the entry of a bride in the house.

Following Months are considered to be the best for Graha Praveshas:

Magh: This month symbolizes gain of wealth
Falgun: Symbolises gain of wealth and children
Vaishakh: Symbolises growth of wealth and prosperity
Jestha: Symbolises gain of son and cattle The other months of Kartik and Margshirsh give medium results. Graha Pravesh in the months of Ashadh, Shravan, Bhadrapad and Ashwin Paush are considered inauspicious and causes loss, trouble, pain, misery and fear of enemies. Avoid the entry into a house on Tuesdays.

If you have not done so at the very outset it is important for one to conduct this pooja now to clear all bad energy and bring in positivity to yourself, your family and your home.

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