Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh


The lemon is something I call a thermometer for energy. And here’s why. The lemon can detect high and low energy; light and heavy energy; clean and dirty energy; positive and negative energy.

Lemons have the ability to absorb energy — whether that is our own energy or that which surrounds us. If you place a lemon in a room, for example, it will pick up the room’s energy. If you place a lemon directly underneath the pillow upon which you rest your head at night, it will pick up on your energy. If the energy is good, the lemon will stay exactly as it is and, with time, turn into a dried fruit, shrunken through its natural process. If the energy is low, heavy, dirty or negative, though, the lemon will change its natural form and turn dark, green and even moldy. A lemon absorbs whatever energy surrounds it — much like a thirsty sponge.

Here are three simple steps for you to follow:

1. Buy a few ordinary lemons (no limes, please)

2. Place them around your home. There is no strict order or rule to it. Follow your intuition and place them wherever it feels right to you. You may decide to place one in each room — or one underneath your pillow or right beside your bed. If you don’t live alone, you may also want to place a lemon in your children’s room or on your partner’s bedside table, for instance. You can even place one at your work space; that may be at home or away from home.

3. Leave the lemons in their place for about two weeks. You may check on them daily. If any of the lemons discolor and go dark, green or moldy, then that is the indicator that says you need to cleanse that very room, space or person.

There are two ways to dispose of the lemons after the two weeks are over. Either throw them into the waste bin, or bury them in Mother Nature. I wholeheartedly advise to not consume the lemons afterwards — even if they appear to be in a good state

Your ever well wisher

Pundit Roshan Singh

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