You are currently viewing Jyotish Astrology is a map that guides you to take the correct road in the journey of your life

Jyotish Astrology is a map that guides you to take the correct road in the journey of your life

Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh

To many people astrology is simply the write-up you read in the newspaper based on your birthday—you might be lucky on certain days, or likely to fall in love this month. But astrology offers a far deeper purpose by serving as a guiding light to illuminate our actions and tendencies.

The biggest misconception most people have about the idea of self is that we think we are separate from the universe, when in fact we are all connected in one cosmic body. As the activity of the sun and moon has an effect on the earth and its habitats, the activities on earth have an effect on sun and moon. If someday the sun collapses, then all the planets in our solar system would also collapse and its impact on other solar systems and galaxies is unimaginable. Similarly, other planets also have effects on us through their lights, electromagnetic fields, and radiation, although oftentimes we can only see these lights through prisms and in rainbows.

With this cosmic oneness, then it is only natural that upon our birth, we are affected by the elements of the universe and vice versa. Everything in the cosmos is part of one consciousness and we are no exception. As we enter the world, in those first precious moments of exposure to the world through our five senses, the universe creates a permanent cosmic imprint on our mind and body contributing to our destiny.

Destiny, on the contrary to how it is popularly portrayed, is not a strict prediction of our future, but rather a “blueprint” or a foundation from which we can invoke our free will and make choices.

This classic example of destiny and the power of will may help you better understand these ideas. There was a spiritual master and a student; they were going from one village to another. The student loved to question everything the teacher said, and test him in all his teachings. They were talking about destiny and power of will. As they were passing by a little plant, the student said, “Take this plant, for example. What is its destiny? Will it live or will it die?” So the teacher sat and meditated on it for a few minutes, after which he determined the plant’s destiny was to live! The student of course pulled out the plant and threw it away. The teacher did not say anything, they walked in silence, soon after it started raining heavily, and pouring—so much so that mud was gathering in the puddles and being washed away with the running water. After a couple of days the rain cleared up and the teacher and student were coming back to their village through same route. They came across the plant again—however, during the rainstorm, the mud was pushed around the plant roots and the rain (as heavy as it was) had packed the ground around it. The plant was standing tall. The teacher said “look, there is the plant and it is alive. When I meditated on it, it had such a strong will to live, I knew that you would pull it off the ground to prove me wrong, but I had the confidence in the will of the plant and I knew it would live.”

In this case the plant’s will was so strong to live, stronger than the student’s will to have it perish. Thus the whole universe moved and came in its support and created conditions to allow it to live. If the will of a plant to survive can move the whole universe then imagine what can the will of a human being do.

The powerful message in this story is that if you have the will the whole universe will come running to your rescue. A miracle of will may take place and everybody would come to share the joy.

A Vedic astrological chart is the map of one’s will on the journey of life and an astrologer is a person who knows how to read it. Therefore one’s will, destiny, and what is reflective on their astrological chart is the same since all are intertwined. The power of will forms our destiny in the end.

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