Kartik Surya Shasti

Kartik Surya Shasti

Saturday 18 November

Kartik Surya Shasti is dedicated to Suryanarayan Bhagawan in the holy month of Kartik. Surya Shasti is celebrated on the sixth lunar day in Shukla Paksha (bright half) of the month. This festival is also referred to as Dala Chat in North India (Chat meaning sixth day).

In observing the festival of Surya Sashti, devotees rise at 4am, perform their purificatory rites and commence the worship of Suryanarayan Bhagawan before Sunrise. Performers of Surya Shashti Vrata keep fasting on the day and take meal only after the Pooja is completed. Aditya Hrudayam, Gaytree mantra and other Surya Stotras are recited during the observance of Surya Sashti.

Draupadi Mata, of the Mahabharata has developed great power to cure any type of disease including leprosy and other severe disorders. The main reason behind this was her intense love and devotion to Surya Bhagwan. The sun rays have power of curing any disease. The celestial and divine energy of Surya made her the most powerful woman in the world to cure any severe disease. Surya Sashti vrat was also observed by Karna, the son of Surya, who was a renowned warrior well-known for his charitable nature since Karna became a popular King by worshipping Surya Bhagwan,

Hindus also worship Surya Dev for courage, fame, health, wealth and prosperity.

Generally during the Chhat puja devotees cook food with dry wood in a choolha ( a stove made of brick and soil ) and the cooked food is ‘Prasad’ is offered to Suryadev as he is the source of all energy. If this is not possible one may prepare the prashad on your stove.

Offerings of flowers, fruits, sprouted grains, dry coconut, panjiri, sugarcane, white radish, sweets and khajur. Garlic and Onions are not used during Chat period. 

Subha Surya Khasti – Let the divine rays of Surya Dev continuously flow and purify your mind and soul to bring peace and happiness to you and your family.

Your ever well wisher

Pundit Roshan Singh

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