Method of casting off the evil eye using salt, red chillies and mustard seeds

A proven and tested method that has never failed.

Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh

Chillies possess the quality to rapidly attract Raja-Tama predominant waves, congregate them and emit them into the environment. Therefore, at that very instant in the atmosphere itself, Raja-Tama predominant waves are disintegrated by the heat of the fire; hence, the rule that a smouldering fire should be nearby when using chillies for casting off the evil eye. The speed with which red chillies attract Raja-Tama predominant waves is greater than that of mustard seeds and therefore, they are mainly used for casting off the evil eye on the gross body and the mental body. The touch of the humid field around the salt increases the speed of functioning of the chillies.

Removal of Raja-Tama predominant waves in the mental body assists in restricting the psychological process of raising doubts and the person is relieved of tensions. Especially those individuals who are tormented by ‘Anxiety Disorder (Excessive thinking)’ are best benefited by this method of casting off the evil eye.

Method of casting off evil eye


  • Mix chillies in odd numbers, with salt and mustard seeds in a comparatively greater proportion. And take them in a fist.
  • The person who is being treated should stand somewhere outside the home with his or her forearms crossed.
  • Turn the closed fists downwards (facing the ground) three times clockwise and the same procedure with ones palm facing downwards should be turned around the person three times anticlockwise.
  • After completion of the casting off process, the salt, mustard seeds and red chillies are to be burnt on smouldering coal and not in blazing fire.
  • This will give off smoke that will be very strong and chocking.
  • Do not stand outside but go into the house and close your door.
  • You may repeat this procedure for any odd number of days.

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