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Our own ego thinks that we are always right

Pundit Roshan Singh

Our own ego thinks that we are always right, that everyone around us should do things that way we say.

We always fight over little things. Everything is an argument. This is a matter of ego.

We tend to spend so much time arguing or holding grudges that we forget to love each other. We forget to be thankful for what God has given us.

We have been given a finite amount of vital energy in our bodies, a finite number of hours each day, and a finite number of days in our lives. Why should we waste so much energy and time engaged in the battle of will?

I remember when I was growing up, before beginning the day, every one would go to the temple, and do pranam to God and take three parikramas walking in a circle around God’s murti.

The parikramas signify, “God, I am about to go out and perform my worldly tasks, but let me always keep You in the center and let me remember that all work is for You.

“Then they would accept Prasad and God’s sweetness would spread from their tongue to their soul.

It is by living with situations that seem difficult that we can truly attain peace and non-attachment. It is in these circumstances that we learn that happiness can only come from God, not from one environment or another.

Attraction is not wrong but destruction which happens through that attraction is wrong. You can look at beautiful flowers, appreciate their beauty, smell them, its alright; but if you also pick flowers, that is wrong.

Neither is the appearance nor are the qualities bad; what is bad is the one whose intentions are bad. It is all about your intention, the rest doesn’t matter.

No matter what you do, your thoughts should be centered on God.

Others may not understand your today, but your good intention sooner than later will reap good rewards for sure.

Do not be bothered about the results, with good intentions you will be able to live in peace.

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