Citrine Gemstone Tree


The Citrine tree of luck and good fortune.

Also known as theitrine tree of abundance, it conjures metaphysical energy that could bring steady financial profits. The tree, however, signifies a protection aid from unwanted energy around your space.



How does an ideal sunrise feel like? Revitalizing, isn’t it!

That’s how you feel when you see through a Citrine stone under the light. A beautiful beam of golden rays.

But what about the scorching sun? Does it feel revitalizing or you look for some shed?

You know it, right!

The citrine tree brings you the same sensation.

What is a Citrine Tree Good For?

The citrine tree is good for self-growth, luck, and emotional balance. A tree is a symbol of life and Citrine is known for abundance. And together, they attract strong healing energies.

Any untoward happenings bring sorrow and misery. And Feng Shui is believed to curb such mishappenings.

Citrine crystal has significant importance in Feng Shui because of its ability to attract abundance in unexpected ways.

Therefore, in many Asian cultures, the stone is recognized for windfall luck.

Your personal space always has a direct or indirect influence on you. Because of unseen forces like energy or vibrations, you either express happiness or stress. These forces are always with you, no matter where you move or stay.

You only wish to feel the prolonged presence of positive energy. But at times, you experience a trail of suffering and unending misery.

A wanderer appears relieved from the scorching sun when he/she finds shelter under a tree. Similarly, this Citrine-embedded tree serves you as an instrument of manifestation and protection.

You can use this Citrine tree as home/office decor, hang it up with your apparel, or simply carry it within your purse. It also makes a great present for your loved ones.


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