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Use the power of the stars to navigate your way through your life’s Karmas

Dr Pundit Roshan Singh

In a world filled with psychics and fortune-tellers, it’s important to note that the techniques of Vedic astrology require many years of academic study and training. 

The best astrologers are ones who have actually developed their skills over lifetimes. Even then, its practice is so nuanced and in-depth, complete mastery is near impossible. The name of Pundit Roshan Singh precedes him in so many ways. He has become known nationally and his client base extends internationally. This is largely as a result of his deep insight into astrology and the its related Vedic sciences namely, Vaastu and Ayurveda. He is not only able to predict the cause of the present happenings in the life of an individual but also forecast the future of a person and is able to offer simple yet effective remedial measures. His case histories speak of success, success and success in the lives of those that have consulted with him.

Beyond its technical aspects, Vedic astrology is ultimately a spiritual science, and therefore requires a certain level of intuition that is generally only present in those who maintain certain standards of spiritual practice. In order to read horoscopes and then give advice on how to best approach life’s obstacles from a spiritual perspective, an astrologer should be living a life in which a strong standard of spiritual discipline is maintained. 

In fact, the astrologers of ancient India were considered to be great sages who were honest, humble, magnanimous, detached, and treated all equally. Their main purpose was to help guide individuals on the path of spirituality.  Pundit Roshan Singh is known for his deep knowledge of the scriptures and is a qualified Hindu Pundit having studied under various spiritual masters of India. With this profound background he is able to understand life and its problems better than a common man and thereby aid and assist people to lead a better happier and successful life.

Though they are much harder to find these days, astrologers who maintain a similar standard of spiritual integrity still exist.  Punditji is one such astrology and is one in a million. One the other hand there are those individuals who have columns in newspapers and take delight in taking photographs with prominent persons trying to make themselves famous creating a false impression of their popularity and greatness. One of the most important qualities of an astrologer is his humility, ever caring nature and simplicity.

For those who feel particularly lost or are going through a hard time, such astrologers can provide one the vision necessary to see life’s obstacles, not as sources of depression, but as lessons meant for one’s spiritual growth. Take the first step forward and make the call to arrange a personal consultation with Punditji and it will be a life changing meeting.

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