The power of the Holy Name

In his previous life prior to becoming a hunter and great sage was a young saintly boy Rishi Kumara studying in ashram of his guru.

Near that ashram was living a brahmana.

One day the brahmana while working with his weapon it hit a calf who died.

The Brahmana felt very distress that he has caused pain and suffering to another living entity.

Everyone started speaking how this brahmana has killed the calf.

The Brahmana was thinking that the best thing would be to end his life. But before that he went to the nearby ashram of a sage to ask him what he should do.

When he went to the ashram the sage was not there and will not be back soon.

But Valmiki as a young boy was there.               

The Brahmana asked where is the rishi, and Valmiki replied that he has gone for few days.

What is matter? asked Valmiki.

It is an important matter so I will wait for the sage said the brahmana.

The young 12 year old Valmiki insisted  for him to tell him what is the matter, so the brahmana explained.

Valmiki said : What you have done is not a problem! Just say Rama 4 times and you will be realised from your bad deed.

The Brahmana become very happy, Oh only 4 times Rama and my sin will go away!

The Brahmana went home and chanted Rama and became happy.

Back at the ashram the sage returned. He asked Valmiki if anyone has come to see me in my absence.Oh nobody, just one brahmana who has killed a calf. But I told him just to chant the name of Rama 4 times and he will be free from his sin. .By hearing the sage become very furious and angry.Go from this place. You have no faith in the holy name of Rama! You ask him to chant 4 times of Rama, why 1 time is not enough? You need faith said the great sage.

So he cursed the boy: You will need to accept the body of a hunter. But you will chant the name of Rama and in this way you will be liberated.

Moral of the story:

1) We should be very careful in causing distress to any living entity. That will be cause of our own suffering in life.

2) Be careful with giving advice’s to others. By giving advice we become very much responsible for what people do after that.

3) The Holy name of Rama is supremely powerful. But we should not cause offence in thinking that we can do any bad things and we will be free from bad karma. The holy name of the Lord is not to be misused as it is non different from the Lord Himself. One who has full faith in the name will automatically have a direct relationship with the Lord. Nama-rupa – the name of the Lord is the form of the Lord.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

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