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What is Shani Maha Dasha and how does it affect you

Jyotishacharya Shastri Pundit Roshan Singh

Determine if you are being affected by Shani by taking a look at your personal horoscope reading.

Saturn or Shani, according to Vedic Astrology, is the most powerful planet. It is one of the most potent planet. It is associated with discipline, hard work, karma, patience, ambition, longevity, and delay. On the other hand, it is the slowest moving planet, as a result of which it is dry, barren and cold. Saturn’s effects are experienced with greater intensity and for a more extended period than other planets. Shani Mahadasha and Sada Shati are some of these effects which impose extreme and unpredictable results. It could either bestow success or suffering to the individual. Persons born under Venus signs enjoy good benefits from Saturn.

Saturn or Shani Mahadasha runs for 19 years in a person’s life and brings plenty of opportunities during that period. Shani is the judge of all planets and does not tolerate injustice. During the entire period of the Mahadasha, a person has to face plenty of challenges in every aspect of their life that is brought about by Shani. Those involved in unlawful, unjust, illicit and illegitimate activities will be punished harshly by Saturn.

The Mahadasha phase is also an extremely hardworking phase of one’s life, yet the results tend to be very slow during this period. Shani is unbiased while bestowing the gifts as one only gets what one deserves. While undergoing the Mahadasha, one learns to face harsh realities, extreme labour and constant growth. Shani Mahadasha instils discipline in our life to help us sustain our responsibilities and makes us strong and efficient.

During Shani Mahadasha, knowledge increases to a great extent, and so does strong belief in God. It makes us modest and grounded individuals. A favourable Mahadasha period would bring in happiness and fame.

What occurs during Shani Mahadasha? 

Shani Mahadasha involves hard work; however, the results are only based on our previous life’s karma, irrespective of which house Shani is placed in your kundli. Success can only be achieved through hard work and effort. You may face delays, hindrances and denials along the way as Shani tests your determination, grit and integrity.

Positive effects of Shani Mahadasha

Shani Mahadasha effects play a major role in shaping your character and your future magnificently. The positive effects include immense wealth, success and monetary gains. You may also see an increase in your social status during this Mahadasha. Sometimes, success would come easily to you even when you haven’t worked hard, and this is all dependent on how Saturn is placed in your birth chart.

During Shani Mahadasha, you gain more knowledge, spirituality, the longevity of life, influential friends and social ranking. As Saturn represents karma, hard work, truth and destiny, your life will majorly orbit around these factors of life.

Saturn Mahadasha endows you with inner strength and power, which helps you to face and overcome all challenges and obstacles. The way to success is not exactly a bed of roses; rather, it is hard and comes with lots of challenges. Indulging in unlawful and unjust activities will only incur the wrath and punishment of Saturn, so one must endeavour to perform good and rightful deeds and maintain a clean slate.

Negative effects of Shani Mahadasha

During Shani Mahadasha, you may feel restless, fear, pain, agony, health issues, sorrows, loss of near and dear ones, loss of a source of income, etc. Delays become a part of life, be it for initiating or achieving results. Challenges will be thrown at you in all walks of life, be it personal or professional. Slowness is also another impact of Shani Mahadasha, making you lethargic and keeping you away from reaching your goals. There could be major losses that may be irreparable and may often lead you on the wrong path or bad habits. During Shani Mahadasha, one may also feel detached from their loved ones, which make things harder for the person.

Shani Mahadasha effects with other planets

Positive effects are experienced during Venus and Mercury Antardaashas under Shani Mahadasha. When paired with Sun, Moon, or Mars, the effects are malefic. Saturn Antardasha under Shani Mahadasha could be beneficial as you gain prosperity, social support, position and stature in life. On the other hand, there could be negative effects of this Mahadasha, which is dependent on various factors. Those born under Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra and Virgo ascendants can experience beneficial phases during Shani Mahadasha. In contrast, those born under Aries and Pisces ascendants may experience dangerous and malefic effects during Saturn Mahadasha.

Shani Mahadasha effects in different Antardasha

While analysing the effects of Shani Mahadasha for every individual, it is necessary to examine the birth chart to predict the intensity of Shani Mahadasha effects specifically. However, general predictions based on the impact of Antardasha of planets during Shani Mahadasha will also help to understand how Shani Mahadasha can affect an individual and what remedies can be adopted to overcome the negative impact of Shani Mahadasha.

Saturn Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

Suppose Saturn in the horoscope is unaffected; the person experiences better events in their life during the Shani Mahadasha. This period is also favourable for resolving family issues. Persons enjoy social support during this time. However, if Saturn is afflicted or malefic, this Mahadasha period can pose hindrances in professional life, family relationships, etc. Persons may also experience increased instances of aggression, jealousy, controversy and gastric problems.

Mercury Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

The adverse effects of Saturn in the horoscope are somewhat balanced in Mercury Antardasha. The person enjoys social recognition and good amenities. The Mahadasha period is favourable for business growth and achievements in the professional field. The Mahadasha effects make the individual charitable, intellectual, intelligent and efficient in handling challenges. They willingly engage in social work and charity activities during this Antardasha.

Ketu Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

This Mahadasha will promote the individuals spiritual inclinations. There may be chances of overseas travel. While income will increase during this Dasha period, so will the expenses due to the association with the 12th house. The malefic effects make the individuals weak from the inside. They may experience dissatisfaction and a lack of peace. Marital and familial conflicts may occur. This could lead to the  person showing more interest in religion and spirituality.

Venus Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

The person may eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel as life resumes its original track towards a positive direction after a period of hardship and struggle. Suppose Saturn is benefic in the birth chart. In that case, it bestows happiness in marital life, and the individuals may spend on comforts and luxuries. Progress in career and promotions may be achieved during this Mahadasha phase, including an opportunity to travel overseas. On the other hand, the malefic Saturn in Horoscope may cause issues related to eyes and fever. Marital relationships may be strained. 

Sun Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

The Sun Antardasha period will see some obstacles in professional life that could cause a delay in achieving success. There may be conflicts with father or fatherly figures as well as problems with authority. The person becomes vulnerable to false accusations of the family and detachment from family members. Enemies will try to take advantage of the native’s weakness and cause problems. Health problems such as fever, headache, heart ailments, etc., may pose trouble during this period.

Moon Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

This Mahadasha phase brings in adverse impacts on ones life. They may experience restlessness, depression, mental stress due to problems in professional and personal life. As a result, the person may feel mentally weak and lonely. Enemies will increase and will trouble you at every opportunity. Financial fluctuations may also occur. Involving in spiritual activities will help to reduce the adverse effects and achieve mental peace.

Mars Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

Mars increases aggression in the person. You may become authoritative and dominant. This would naturally create problems in relationships. Controlling your temper and avoiding harsh words is imperative, or else the consequences will be worse. Conflicts with life partners may arise, which could also lead to separation. Skin allergies may persist during this period. Enemies will attempt to damage your image. There could be career losses that may lead to hindrances in achieving your personal goals. One must be cautious while joining a new workplace or job.

Rahu Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

There could be some unwarranted conflicts during this period. Persons may be deterred from taking the path to success due to doubts and obstacles. Hence, hard work should be the mantra during this Dasha period. There may be mental stress and tension. One must make an effort to work harder and be self-sufficient rather than expect support from others. There could be some decline in career and position. Maintaining caution while dealing with people is crucial and essential. On a positive note, persons may get an opportunity to travel abroad during this Mahadasha period.

Jupiter Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha

According to Astrology, Jupiter is a benefic planet and, like Saturn, is associated with knowledge and spirituality. Jupiter decreases the malefic effects of Saturn during this Mahadasha period. The native acquires knowledge and education due to the benefic presence of the planet Jupiter. They are bestowed with intelligence, grit and determination to fight all obstacles and enemies. There will be happiness in the family, and the career trajectory will change for the best. This will ease the mental stress and will instil an increased interest and participation in spirituality and spiritual activities. Overall, the natives will experience relief during this Antardasha.

Remedies to Reduce the Impact of Shani Mahadasha

Shani Mahadasha’s effects can be countered or nullified to a certain degree by performing a combination of mantric and dharmic activities.

Hanuman Chalisa:

Hanuman Chalisa is known to have a controlling effect on the negative influence of Saturn for those in the Saturn Mahadasha or Sade Sati. The 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa are known to be very powerful as it makes the person chanting it earn merit for attaining the 8 Murtis, 12 Jyotirlingas, 5 Mukhis, and 15 Eyes. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa eight times on Saturdays and Tuesdays will help people experiencing this planetary alignment.

Graha Shanti Pooja

Fasting for 9 Saturdays and chanting the mantra Om Shum Shanischaraya Namah and ending with Graha Shanti Pooja is a very effective method of attaining the mercy of Shanidev.

Participate in a wilful donation:

The adverse effects of Shani Mahadasha or Shani Sade Saathi are a result of the bad karma that one has accumulated in their past life. Participating in donations to those in need will help the one to earn good karma and also aid in smoother transition during the Mahadasha period. Donating black fabric, mustard seeds or mustard oil is considered to be auspicious and negates the adverse effects of the period.

Feeding the needy:

Serving and feeding food to the poor and the needy is also considered to be an effective remedy in transitioning smoothly through the Mahadasha period. One must not indulge in these deeds with the aim of remuneration; rather, one must engage in such activities with utmost respect and devotion. Serving a home-cooked meal to the hungry people with love rather than serving restaurant-ordered food will always help to earn karmic points as the intent is to serve rather than get the job done.

Detoxification of body

Smoking, consuming alcohol, drugs and marijuana places humans a step away from their conscience and instigates them to commit gruesome acts without thought. This will only earn the anger of Saturn as Saturn is the judge of all planets and does not forgive injustice. Detoxifying oneself and staying away from such activities during the Mahadasha period will improve not just your body but your karmic chart in a positive manner.

Chanting the Shani Mantra:

One can appease Saturn and gain wisdom by chanting mantras that help negate the negative effects of this period. Chanting the Shani mantra, Sheena Bheej mantra, and Shani Gayatri Mantra at least once every day is advisable.

Engaging in good deeds

The negative karma of your past lives will put you through trying times in the Mahadasha period. Hence one must engage in good deeds as much as possible. Helping the needy, feeding the poor, donating as much as possible, staying away from unlawful activities, being true in your relationships and actively monitoring yourself and doing things that positively impact the karmic chart will help to negate the malefic effects of Shani Mahadasha.

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