What Saturn Retrograde means in your Horoscope

What Saturn retrograde means for you in your horoscope

Since around mid June of this year, Saturn has been doing its retrograde shuffle, making us feel like we’re trudging through molasses. It forced us to pump the brakes and assess our life’s path. And boy, did it make us collectively feel like things weren’t falling into place as we’d hoped. Even in areas of life where karma was calling the shots, there was tension in the air. Saturn has been chilling in the sign of Pisces all this time, guiding us to take a good, hard look at how we can make our dreams a reality.

Now, here’s the deal: Saturn takes about two to three years to glide from one zodiac sign to another. It made its move into Pisces in March. So, to connect the cosmic dots, reflect on how your life was shaping up from March to June, and compare that with the tension you’ve felt from June until now. This cosmic puzzle might help you figure out where to channel some extra effort.

Saturn, the karma commander, was camped out in Pisces, a sign all about dreams, imagination, and spirituality. Saturn wants us to go beyond wishful thinking and approach life with clear intentions; no more wandering aimlessly and hoping for the best. Saturn is challenging us to explore how our dreams can exist in the real world while holding ourselves accountable to avoid getting lost in the fantasy.

Over the past few months, you might’ve noticed that your go-to escapes to dodge responsibility and dive into dreamland triggered some tension. Well, guess what? That’s connected to karma. Saturn has been pushing you to move beyond your idealized dream world and take tangible steps toward making your dreams a reality.

Let’s break it down further: imagine you’ve always dreamt of being a teacher, helping kids learn and grow by sharing your knowledge. But here’s the snag—you get frustrated when kids ask questions that indicate they haven’t been listening in class. This doesn’t mean you have to toss your teaching dream out the window. It’s a nudge to find ways to align your dream’s overarching theme with real-world situations where you won’t feel that tension.

Now that Saturn’s retrograde escapade is over, it’s time to apply the lessons you’ve learned from that period toward how to chase your dreams, and thoughtfully examine how your dreams can best manifest in reality.

Remember, when diving into horoscopes, consider your sun, moon, and rising signs. But, for this transit, pay extra attention to your rising sign for the most accurate guidance on working with this energy moving forward.


Lately, you’ve been riding an emotional rollercoaster that’s a bit more intense than your usual adventurous self. These past few months have been a journey into the depths of your fears and anxieties, focused on introspection and digging into what might be holding you back from those big dreams you’re so passionate about.

Being an Aries, you’re naturally ambitious and a go-getter. But here’s a question for you: Have you been running from things, maybe out of fear of failing? It’s time to turn the page and let go. The first step is to face what scares you head-on.

Now that Saturn has shaken up your perspective, don’t let those things you’ve unearthed get swept under the rug. It’s time to take responsibility for your escapism tendencies. It’s okay to take breaks from the world’s stresses, but make sure you don’t let it swallow you whole.


The past few months might have felt lonely at times. You weren’t completely cut off, but you may have sensed some distance between your close friends and social groups—stopping you from connecting fully with your inner circle.

But you know what? That distance was Saturn’s way of sending you a message. It’s time to seek out more meaningful connections, to embrace the idea that you receive what you give in your social circles moving forward.

And here’s the key advice: It’s also a moment for you to step into realistic, long-term dreams. You’ve got that practical streak, which is great, but it can sometimes tip into stubbornness. So, as you move forward, set those expectations at a realistic level. Make sure you’re pursuing pathways that align with where you are and the resources you’ve got in your cosmic toolbox.


Feeling a bit frustrated, eh? It happens to the best of us. You’ve probably had all these dreams, goals, and aspirations swirling around in your head, but they’re not quite landing as you’d imagined. It’s like you’re on this rollercoaster, glimpsing bits of yourself achieving what you want, and then—bam!—a random roadblock appears out of nowhere.

But guess what? Now that the retrograde is behind us, it’s time for some introspection. Focus on your successes and failures and try to spot the common threads. Have you been setting your standards impossibly high? Or maybe you’ve been chasing things to prove a point to others instead of living true to yourself?

It’s all about tweaking your approach to your goals. Create a space where you can follow a path that’s uniquely yours. Your journey should be a personal adventure, my friend!


Over these past few months, you might have noticed yourself diving deep into some soul-searching. Saturn has become your cosmic coach, urging you to take a step back and really grasp what ignites your inspiration and knowledge. Ever thought about peeking into different walks of life or belief systems? Going on a journey without even leaving your cozy space can broaden your horizons in fascinating ways.

Here’s the kicker: What do you truly stand for, and how can you embody that in your everyday life? Now, let’s talk about spicing up your daily routine with a dash of adventure. Even when you’re not jet-setting, you can still feel like you’re taking a trip to uncharted waters. What’s something new you can do every day? Get ready for an exciting voyage of self-discovery!


Lately, you’ve had to do some serious contemplating about your boundaries and how deep you’re diving into connections with others. The part of your life that oversees intimacy and shared values is shining brightly.

But let’s talk about those walls you’ve put up. Are there any that need a little demolition to let the right people in? On the flip side, are you perhaps being a bit too open and vulnerable in areas where you should be more guarded?

It’s a cosmic tightrope walk, my friend. You want to avoid letting yourself or others take too much control over your life. Power and control are the themes of the day. And the key to navigating this maze is to build strong foundations of trust, both with yourself and the folks around you. It’s all about growing through Saturn’s enlightening influence.


Saturn’s retrograde dance has been quite the relationship rollercoaster lately. Some connections have solidified, while others might be on a bumpy ride. Your relationships are going through a cosmic shake-up; and now, it’s time to ground yourself in reality. Are you perhaps idealizing or glorifying certain relationships a tad too much? And are you as present as you should be in the ones that need your support?

As we bid adieu to this retrograde, here’s some cosmic wisdom for you: seek balance. Give folks the benefit of the doubt while also taking things at face value. No more putting people on unrealistic pedestals! Plus, recognize who’s got your back and who’s actively trying to connect. Those are the relationships you want to nurture, whether they’re professional, platonic, or romantic.


Have you felt like a tightrope walker in your day-to-day life lately, struggling to find that elusive balance? Well, guess what? Saturn’s been on a mission, nudging you to live each day with intention and seriousness.

As we glide into Saturn’s regular groove over the next few weeks, you might notice a cosmic cleanup happening. You’re shedding toxic habits and clearing out the mental clutter that’s been gumming up your focus. This is your golden opportunity to take the reins of your daily routine. Create solid schedules that keep you on track. It’s time to be the captain of your ship, not just sailing along on someone else’s orders.

Embrace the responsibility of steering your actions in the direction you want them to go. You’ve got this!


You’re not one to put up with any nonsense, and these past few months have only confirmed that fact. You might have experienced a struggle lately when it comes to figuring out what really makes your heart sing and brings you joy. But guess what? As Saturn says goodbye to its retrograde gig, it’s time for you to raise the happiness bar. Make those standards sky-high! It’s all about ensuring that you don’t tolerate anything that doesn’t spark joy in your life.

Now, I know your hobbies and love life might have hit a speed bump in recent times, but fear not! You have an amazing opportunity to get super serious about investing in your own happiness. Remember what the fabulous Kim Cattrall once said, “I don’t want to be in a situation for even an hour where I’m not enjoying myself.” Take that as your mantra moving forward. Approach life with the intention of having a blast and making joy your top priority.


Have you noticed that your attention has moved toward your home and family in recent months? Perhaps you’ve been drawn into a cozy, familial whirlpool, or found yourself pondering your role in the family dynamic. Are you shouldering some hefty expectations? It happens to the best of us!

The cool thing about this cosmic shift is that it’s an invitation to dive deep. You’re getting the chance to view your home and family life from a more realistic and practical perspective, putting those cosmic glasses on for a clearer vision of your domestic world. You’ve got the power to infuse more intention into your home base: maybe that calls for a little decluttering to refresh the energy, or setting aside quality time with your loved ones, or even pondering which family connections need a trim to break those generational cycles of trauma.

Here’s the golden rule for your journey—keep it real when it comes to your family relationships. You’ll find yourself building on a rock-solid foundation and nurturing more meaningful connections as you move forward.


Lately, the universe has been dishing out some serious karmic vibes, especially in the mental department. Did you know that even our thoughts can influence our karma? It’s pretty mind-blowing, right?

For you, this cosmic nudge is all about diving deep into your subconscious. Those sneaky, intrusive thoughts that pop up from time to time? They’re the ones that can sneakily impact your karmic journey. Over the past few months, you’ve been doing some heavy self-critiquing. But as we wave goodbye to Saturn retrograde, here’s the cosmic wisdom for you: Words are powerful! They’re like magic spells, even if they’re just in your mind.

So, moving forward, remember the importance of your words, even the ones you think and don’t verbalize. They can build things up or tear them down. Being mindful of how you communicate, both externally and internally, is the key to turning the tides of your life in a positive direction.


How’s your wallet been feeling these past few months? Have you noticed any money-related life lessons making their grand entrance? Here’s the scoop: Saturn retrograde has been your financial guru lately. It’s been guiding you on a journey to explore the deep connection between your self-worth and your relationship with moolah and possessions.

Think of it as a confidence and cash crash course. Saturn’s been gently nudging you to be more responsible with your spending and financial resources—you’re the financial guru of your own life! As we move forward from this retrograde, it’s time for some reflection. Take a good look at your spending habits and what you own. Ask yourself, do these things and habits make you feel genuinely secure? Or maybe—just maybe—it’s time for a little financial makeover?

Think of Saturn as your budgeting buddy, helping you to save, spend, and chat with yourself about money in a way that truly aligns with your self-worth.


I bet you’ve been on quite the introspective journey in recent months. Life has been throwing all sorts of curveballs your way, simulating the feeling of abruptly hitting the brakes on a rollercoaster. But guess what? In the midst of all this chaos, you’ve discovered something truly amazing—a newfound appreciation for yourself and your incredible capabilities.

Now, let’s talk about Saturn. This cosmic buddy of ours is here to lend you a helping hand. Think of Saturn as your personal life coach, teaching you how to set boundaries. Yep, you heard me right! Boundaries are your new BFF. See, as a typical Pisces, you’re always ready to say “yes” and help out in any way you can. That’s just your generous nature. But Saturn’s whispering in your ear, encouraging you to take control, set some limits, and navigate the world on your terms.

It’s all about boosting your self-confidence, my friend. So go ahead, embrace those boundaries, and let Saturn guide you toward a more empowered and self-assured you!

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