I continue to have the privilege of knowing and engaging with Punditji and I can truly attest that it has been a most transformative experience that I will treasure forever. Punditji is many things to my family and I including a spiritual master, guide, father figure and a friend. We have had many challenges and his teachings and practices have most certainly enhanced and enriched our spiritual wisdom and daily life as we wrestle with the demands of modern life. Punditji’ s unwavering support has kept us on track on the toughest of occasions. His sense of duty to those he helps is most sincere and his concern for others is genuine.

As an agent of the Lord, we are immensely grateful to Punditji for what he has done for us and unequivocally recommend him to anyone seeking a deeper connection to their spiritual path and looking to make positive changes to their life.


Veenesh Dhayalam

Chartered Accountant

I have been consulting with Punditji over the past 2 years. The positive changes I have witnessed in my life have been immense. I now discuss all major decisions with Punditji, to ensure that I appease all aspects of my astrological and spiritual life, ensuring that I am conducting myself in perfect alignment. 

From my first visit and discussion, I felt at ease that I had a mentor and guide that was with me through the challenging as well as prosperous times. I have grown to become a lot more self-aware and have access to genuine guidance, which makes these challenging times more bearable. 

Thank you to Punditji for your continued support and guidance. 

Anil Gihwala


Thank you for your everlasting love support and encouragement over 25 years..as a young mother of two sons, at times, I felt lost, and you were there for them as well, sharing your divine knowledge and blessings and never leaving them alone in playing a role of a spiritual father and spiritual master always and for the many Deepavalis that I could not come to see you.

Punditji you and your family have been a pillar of strength in our trying times. Due to your guidance, both my sons are so successful in their careers and have become respectful gentlemen that have become assets to their families, friends and ever willing to assist others in need. This is largely due to your guidance and wisdom always shared with them.  Your knowledge of Jyotish Astrology and the various scriptures has guided thousands of people in showing and teaching about God, and His words are very profound for this, we are all indebted to you forever.

My everlasting gratitude for being part of our lives.

Rita Chotu

I have had the honour & privilege of knowing Pundit Roshan Singh from childhood.

I have observed him perform many poojas & wedding ceremonies over the years.

He is an expert in Sanathan Vedic knowledge, knowing what process to follow & how to perform it correctly strictly according to scripture. His love for the culture, heritage, traditions and scriptures, especially the Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam is amazing as his discourses always awakens pure love and devotion to the Lord. In this way, he has guided hundreds of people lost in this material world to take to spiritual life.

In my adulthood, I have had the privilege of engaging with Punditji & taking his talented guidance.

He has performed multiple rituals for my family & each time, we have achieved a successful result due to Punditji’s sincere approach to prayer.

I hold him in the highest esteem & trust his guidance as he is empowered by the Lord himself. It is really a blessing for us to have Pundit Roshan Singh, also known as Rohininandan Das, after his initiation as a Brahman serving our community & we are forever grateful to him for his service, advice and guidance. He is truly an expert in conducting the 16 Sanskaars from birth to death in the life of a Hindu.

 He is always willing to help & even goes out of his way to support people spiritually and materially.

 My prayer is that the Lord continues to empower you to serve mankind in the amazing way that you are doing.

Shikaar Maharaj

Business Professional

Pundit Roshan has been my spiritual guide for most of my and my husband’s adult life. Pundit¡i has been involved in every major event in my life for the past 16 years, both personally and professionally.

We were blessed to have Punditji officiate our wedding in 2008; and conduct the Garbhadhan Sanskar poojas for both my children before they were born. Punditji is the only spiritual guide my husband and I have trusted throughout our marriage.

So prevalent is Punditji that before making any major decisions in my life, I always consult with him first to ensure that he gives his blessings for me to proceed. His guidance, support and prayer has proved invaluable throughout my life. Before I got married, Punditji told me that I would have my own business one day. At that time, being young, I said that I am not the type of person to own a business. However, years later, when I sought Punditji’s guidance to start my own law firm, he told me that he always knew that I would do it. Punditji believed in me before I believed in me, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Thank you Punditji for all that you have done, not only for me in my life, but also for Keeran and my two children. Your stories and teachings resonate with the old and the young and my family is proof of that. You have prayed for and with me and my family in good times and in bad. I have grown as a professional because of your blessings.

Punditji, you are powerful beyond measure and we have overcome many challenges and grown so much under your teachings and guidance. We appreciate you so much.

Thank you for always providing spiritual upliftment.

Any person lucky enough to be in Punditji’s presence will feel and experience the same.

I have been honoured to have the pleasure of the association of Dr Roshan Singh for the last 6 years. He is a learned and respected scholar, mentor and guide in Hinduism, Astrology, Numerology and most recently has received his esteemed accreditation by EPASA as a Doctor.

Punditjee has always exuded positive energy and sincerity in his prayers and collective havans. His angel readings are also so accurate and motivational. He is such an inspiration for young Hindus to appreciate and practice their religion. My association with Dr Roshan Singh has brought me confidence and courage to achieve goals that I never thought were possible. His teachings are from the Bhagavat Gita and other Vedas and these mantra recitals bring peace and harmony to all in this fast-paced world that we live in. Chanting of the Maha Mantra, during fasting days is such an essential gift that Punditjee encourages.

In this 21st century,  Punditjee aligns modern living with prayers and chanting. His astrological readings are very powerful and life-changing.   

May Punditjee continue with his wonderful way of teaching and practising the scriptures in such a humble and modest way.

Keshni Bipath

Professor Keshni Bipath


After over 10 years of consulting with yourself within my spiritual practice, astrology and ayurvedic healing, I have gained much insight overall.

Punditji’s broad knowledge coupled with guidance has enabled me to further enhance my personal development. 

Spiritual practice resonates with me and having access to yourself to provide clarity on topics allow for ease through the experience.  What stands out for me is Punditiji’s ability to simplify complex topics or the observation of significant periods through the year.  Ultimately, if you act from a space of purity and sincerity, nothing can be wrong.

With reference to Ayurvedic healing, it has been refreshing to access alternate ways of healing one’s self from within along with natural products sourced from the earth.  Pundiji shares recipes online which I often try and enjoy thoroughly. 

I am humbled to be associated with a remarkable soul such as yourself Punditji.

Thank you for your wisdom and guidance

YSo Pic

If we understand that the moon controls the tides of the ocean. We should then acknowledge that if the planets can control such a massive and vast entity, who are we to think that we are not governed by them as well?

I am truly privileged to have met Pundit Roshan. His guidance and mentorship has translated into peace, calm and focus in my life. Punditji dedication and love for helping us navigate this life and to understand and find god cannot be measured. I have done a horoscope reading in which he was able to identify the obstacles in my life and provided remedial actions for me to follow which has yielded great results. Punditji has also performed a beautiful house pooja for us that was conducted with such dedication and knowledge, all the while making sure he parted understanding at each point so that we gathered knowledge of what we were doing and why we where doing it. It was such a beautiful experience that my family and myself truly enjoyed.

I cannot stress the importance of realizing that we have become stuck in the process of this material world and we should seek out a spiritual teacher such as Punditji to awaken our spiritual self so that we can continue on our path back to godhead. 

Clayton Maharaj

Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh has supported my family and myself over the past 8 years. 

He has guided us through Vedic Astrology to overcome our difficulties that we face in this material world. With his Knowledge, Qualification and Passion for Vedic Astrology, he has simplified Astrology, giving us a better understanding of this wonderful subject matter that can most certainly change the lives of everyone. His knowledge of the scriptures and experience in life is shared so freely with everyone. His discourses are most encouraging and stimulate the love of God and direct one of how one can lead a better life.

My family and I have overcome many obstacles that were not possible to resolve sometimes even by a doctor or others with who we generally consult with in general. We are very grateful that we share a common stage with Dr Singh in the enactment of our karma in this lifetime journey.

Thank you to Dr (Pundit) Roshan Singh for all your support through our difficulties.

Parkash Latchman
Pundit Roshan Singh is a very humble and inspiring member of our community. The vastness of his knowledge enables him to relate to any person, young or old alike.
He has a dynamic approach to life with practical and meaningful examples. His diligence in the application of his work and his predictions that never fail, makes him a special person.
My family and I go back to many years of our association with Pundit Roshan Singh. He has been our guide and mentor
all along. We have not taken not a single major step forward without consulting with him.  I trust and pray that others will do so as well as they will benefit greatly from his knowledge and expertise.

I met Pundit Roshan during the latter part of 2013, I heard of him from a relative. At the time, I was unhappy at work, I am an attorney and worked for a boutique law firm in Johannesburg.

I contacted Punditji telephonically and met with him one evening during the same week that I first made telephonic contact with him. Prior to meeting Punditji, I knew very little, if anything at all about Hinduism, Vedic Astrology, and prayers in general. I basically went through life relying on the verbal teachings that were handed down to me by my elders, I followed these teachings accepting them to be correct.

After meeting Punditji, I was immersed into a world a beautiful world which lifted the veil of ignorance from my existence. I was amazed at how meant things I had done and still did incorrectly.

Punditji opened my eyes to The Bhagavat Gita, Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagavatam, Mahabharata and many other great epics and he taught me that the answers I seek I will find in Bhagwan and the way to Bhagwan is found in Scripture with the help of a spiritual Guru. Punditji prepared me to undertake a journey and as I embarked on my journey, I soon realized that there is no such thing as “the way my parents prayed or the way my grandparents prayed”, there was, there is and there will always be one way of worshipping and living in Sanathan Dharma and that way is prescribed in our Scriptures.

Once I made it my duty to learn the correct way, I found a beautiful new world. A place where I can connect with Bhagwan without doubt because now I was reading the word of Bhagwan.

Punditji, being a well-known and competently qualified Vedic astrologer, compiled my graha chart (a lifelong chart that does not require one to “open book” periodically), and as soon as my chart was compiled, the cause of all the difficulties I face were revealed and the solutions were presented. With Punditji’s guidance, I followed his instructions and immediately felt different, better, more in control and with a clear vision for the way forward.

My life has changed for the better, my relationship with God is rock solid. I thank Bhagwaan for leading to Punditji and pray that I may be a perfect humble servant to Punditji and Bhagwan.


Santosh K Gayapersadh

Admitted Attorney

Pundit Roshan has been my spiritual guide throughout my life. My first interaction with him was when I only was a teenage girl and since then he has helped me with multiple avenues of my life. Before making any major decisions in my life, I always consult with Punditji first and he has always provided me with the most accurate and supportive guidance one can ask for. His skillset measures beyond this material life and he always seeks to assist you through every situation with a gleam of hope. Thank you Punditji for all that you have done, all that you do and all that you will do in my life. You are a major contributor to my every success and I thank you for it. May the world seek your guidance so that we all can live in a better place and be better people.

To My Punditji,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as my spiritual guide. You have helped me overcome many challenges and helped me to enhance my approach on life. Today, I am a happier person and aim to be a better person with every waking moment and it is all thanks to you and your teachings. Thank you for always having my best interest at heart and caring about my wellbeing.

Mitasha Haripal

We Thomas and Usha Bissesar and our association with Pundit Roshan goes back many years.  We met Pundit Roshan during a Maha-Yajna in Bluff, Durban and never looked back.

From the first day we were so grateful for all your knowledge, teachings, blessings, guidance and spiritual upliftment.  It was far more than what we expected.

We have participated in many Yagna’s which were extremely fulfilling.  Our association continued with Pundit Roshan when we did a group tour to India in 2014.

We have been to India many times but our trip with Pundiji was absolutely amazing. We had many great highlights on the trip such as Akshardham, Ganga Aarthi, Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Prem Mandir (Vrindavan) and not forgetting Dal Lake in Kashmir to mention a few.

Punditiji, we salute you for your gratitude and for sharing your wise knowledge with us, leading us from darkness to light.

Your well wisher


Thomas and Usha Bissesar

Management IT Consultant

To me, Pundit Roshan is an astrologer, mentor, guru, career counselor and father-figure. His positivity and enlightenment on astrology, numerology and Ayurveda has brightened my life. Over the years,I have consulted with Punditji when taking major decisions in my personal and professional life. His readings are always precise, and his advice is well grounded and pragmatic. Deep gratitude to you to have enriched my life with such light.

TH pic

Tamina Hari


I have had a incredible journey with Pundit Roshan Singh over the last 8 years. His knowledge and practice of Jyotish Vedic Astrology and most of all his Spiritual Insights have been nothing short of “Mind Blowing”. 

My experience with Punditji has been life changing. He has educated me about prayer and has taught me the truth and power behind our Sanatana Dharma and it’s practices. Most of all, he has taught me to visualise and establish a relationship and friendship with our mighty Lord which has enhanced the way I live, learn and practice prayer!

I consult him before I undertake any major milestones in my life and his honesty, dedication and guidance has helped me navigate multiple challenges and maximise opportunities of which I have beniefitted immensely in both my personal and career decisions. 

Being in his presence is a blessing, and it feels like you are surrounded by a “line of Spiritual Masters” invested in your personal growth and success which is a rare life experience.

His reading are unbelievably accurate and I highly recommend his service!!!

Thank you Punditji for always going out of your way to serve and educate us. You are truly Godsend. May the Lord always favour you! 

I met Pundit  Roshan during a very turbulent time in my life and I am so glad that I did meet him then, this was more than 5 years ago and ever since his guidance and teachings have been invaluable to me. Astrology play a huge role in our lives, we are constantly going through ups and down, it is essential to have a knowledgeable person with integrity like Pundit Roshan to guide you along the way.

Ashwin Premlal


My encounter with you has been an amazing and wonderful experience, knowing that you give precise and accurate readings and information. You are indeed a very special and rare soul on this planet to carry out your duties for and on behalf God.  Your knowledge of the scriptures and of Astrology, Ayurveda and Vaastu is unparalled. You are truly a man of God who has brought joy and happiness to thousands of people but because of your humility you still remain as an unsung hero. Moreover I trust in you for this reason. 

My prayer is that others in need will seek you out for assistance as you have the potency to heal body, mind and soul.


Meeshana Mangru-Govender

IT Specialist

Having my Vedic Astrology and Numerology reading done my Pundit Singh, removed so much of the fear and confusion I was feeling for my future. I was feeling such conflict about where my life is going, but Punditji’s readings gave me a map that I can use to plan my journey. Knowing which inauspicious influences are affecting my life, and speaking to Punditji in person about what I need to do to shift those influences, has calmed my mind greatly. I don’t feel as if I’m wandering aimlessly along now, but rather that I am progressing with certainty, knowing which direction I am going in, and knowing some of what is waiting for me.


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