Each person’s zodiac signs is determined by the date of his birth. As is known, active planetary interactions when a person is born give him specific character traits, personality, temperament, and even the fate of what has been known since antiquity. For many centuries, people tried to associate phenomena occurring in outer space, characteristics of a person’s character, his life, and thus, due to this truly titanic and laborious centuries-old work, the descriptive characteristics of each of the twelve zodiac signshave been compiled. As a result, zodiac sign is not just a constellation under which a person is born, it involves all those complex cosmic processes and interactions that are a natal chart of the development of a person’s personality and destiny.

You can believe or not believe in horoscope, but this does not make it become less accurate. Everyone who reads the description of his zodiac sign both of the western and of the Eastern zodiac, and then track the periodic horoscope of his zodiac sign, can personally verify that horoscope works.

Under the external appearance of simplicity of the interpretation of the horoscope lies a centuries-old collected information about the mutual influence of planets on each other, their relationship to the Sun and Earth, and the impact of the outer space processes on man and his life path.

We are all born and we live under the stars. Man is just a little speck of the universe, he seems only a giant to himself. And, meanwhile, there is very great impact of absolutely all processes taking place in the outer space on him, and the task of astrology – to calculate these processes, analyze all the influences that will act on a person during his lifetime and, thus predict his character and basic living milestones. The characteristics of the zodiac sign describe the basic character traits of a man, which is a typical representative of his zodiacal constellation, temperament, predisposition to certain behaviors and activities.


The characteristics of each zodiac sign describes the talents and abilities of a person, better application in life, features of his personal life, and even the possible ways to correct those negatives that may prevent a particular individual to maximally, productively and successfully work or socialize.

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At birth, every person is endowed with his own, individual and unique character traits, because repeating the combination of the planets exactly in the same manner is impossible. To find one’s precise characterization, focused not only on the date of birth, but at the time, place and other personal parameters, many people turn to professional astrologers, who, doing some complex calculations and analysis, create a personal horoscope for a particular person, which of course contains more information and is more accurate.

The same characteristics of zodiac signs, which are available on astrological Internet portals and in special literature, describe the general features typical for most representatives of that zodiacal constellation, and therefore the degree of error will certainly be higher. The Natal chart of each zodiac sign can describe all the trends that were already in a person’s life,

and those that currently exist and will be in the future.. The characteristic of the zodiac sign give clues to understanding oneself, or others, they help to adapt to the society, find one’s personal happiness, talents and abilities. We live under the stars and every second we get from them signals that can predict our destiny to us and improve life. But man had long since lost the ability to capture these signals, and therefore destiny looks like a complex maze in which there are many discoveries and happy meetings, long periods of confusion and identity crisis.

Using the information provided by the characteristics of the zodiac sign for each representative of the zodiacal circle, one can feel a helping hand from the planetary union, support and a good interlocutor, who will dispassionately and objectively tell us about our own destiny – just to make it successful and happy.


Aries woman can become a muse, an ideal in a man’s life, and can also be a devastating hurricane, which will rush through life and will not leave a stone behind. Aries woman is by far more interested in herself than in a partner or other people. For her, she is always the center of the universe around which all others should be rotated. Proceeding from this subconscious belief of an Aries woman, she builds appropriate relationships with other people. Aries woman likes compliments and sweet words towards her. However, any criticism, even a fair one, can cause her anger that she can break a relationship with that person immediately, once and for all.

Aries woman is very self-sufficient, and often she needs a partner only to confirm her high status, emphasize her nobility and grace. She could easily do without a man in her life, and the stronger sex can be jealous of her strength, stamina and endurance because the Aries woman absolutely does everything for herself – both brewing coffee, and carrying heavy bags. She prefers to rely only on herself and not wait for favors from the opposite sex. Aries woman easily experiences the absence of a man near her. Representative of this zodiacal constellation is always beautiful, she has an unusually bright charisma. She will never seek to be a team leader through noise or active actions – she is the leader wherever she appears, and her word spoken in an undertone, acts on others more than flashy slogan of another person. Those around sometimes notice that this fairer sex has a very masculine character – she can easily compete with men on agility and endurance. Aries woman is an optimistic person, she becomes relentless and aggressive in the case when she sees illegality and injustice around her. Sometimes she can be sentimental, and her vulnerable gentle soul hides under feigned carelessness, and even under rudeness in behavior. She does not want to show everybody her weakness and tears, and, meanwhile, left alone, she can cry over a sad story or a sentimental film. Aries woman loves praises and compliments towards her, but can well distinguish between words spoken from the heart and false flattery – she does not tolerate sugary compliments, which are far from the truth. She has adequate self-esteem, and her rich skills and talents confirm her ambitions in life. She rationally looks at life and knows how to present herself with only the best side in any society. Aries woman does not aim to achieve high status in society or to make a brilliant career, although often in life, she has both. She is very interested in highly developed people, talents, natural gifts, people of insight and broad-minded people, she cannot be in a society in which she does not develop or cannot show her talents in full, and this automatically pushes her up into aristocratic circles.

In love, Aries woman will give everything, even her own interests for the sake of her loved one. She can surrender, become submissive, but this situation will persist only as long as she receives an equivalent sacrificial love from her partner. In the personal life of Aries woman – a great possessor, she will be jealous and burn with passion if her partner would give cause to that. Rebellious Aries woman can fetch down her abusers and teach them a lesson they will remember for a lifetime. Most often, Aries woman loves not a specific person, but his idealized image, which she herself has thought up, and her narrow-minded view on things relating to the subject of her love, can persist for many years. Strong in work and in life, Aries woman is virtually defenseless and weak in personal life, and if a partner will strongly offend her or if he betrays her, she will for a long time not be able to recover from this, and will cease to believe in love at all.


Taurus woman has all those wonderful feminine qualities that make her the queen of the heart and the dreaming range of absolutely any man. She is a very rare woman by her beauty and wisdom, who will be both a good employee, a beautiful wife and a wonderful mother to her children. Taurus woman always comports herself, she does not like to show extra emotions, especially in public. Without further ado, she creates a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort, and people are drawn to her – for a calm communication, for the right advice, for warmth and understanding. She can easily compete with men in any affair that requires high moral and physical stress, but Taurus woman’s wisdom is that she does not seek to dominate over men, and sometimes deliberately shows herself as a weak and defenseless person.

Taurus woman may be capricious, and even cry, but she will never use her weakness to achieve in life certain privileges and indulgence. She controls herself well and finely regulates an interaction, trying not to offend anyone by chance and not to humiliate. Taurus woman has no excessive demands on friends and life partner, and always takes people as they really are. Taurus woman perfectly gets along with people, she is bright and sharp and decently comports herself in any society. Sure, she has aristocratic manners, and can engage in high society communication, but she finds it more interesting with ordinary people who do not have secular pomposity. Taurus woman is wise, her mind is practical, this is a natural wisdom, but she does not very eager to get an education or additional skills, if they are not needed by her to execute any affair. She never envies the successes of other people, and steadfastly praises others even his friends and partners, because she has a realistic and objective attitude towards all people without exception, leaving behind them the right to be something better than her. She knows her worth, and will not be unnecessarily worried or jealous of others’ success because she too has a lot of talents and abilities. Taurus woman is not inclined to dream, that at times is inherent in woman’s nature, she prefers the deeds and accomplishments that are always planned in advance. Her self-confidence is derived from her huge internal potential since she feels that no person can surpass her fortitude and perseverance. Taurus woman looks for common sense in everything that happen around her, and takes up an affair only when she sees its practical benefit. Go for broke in something, or move randomly – is not for her.

Taurus woman is always a perfect hostess, she cooks well, knows how to keep the house, her house is always cozy and clean. She does everything slowly, but accurately and efficiently. In no case should she be stimulated and hurried, because she always knows herself how and what she should do. Taurus woman would never overindulge in jewelry or makeup, she prefers comfortable and very high-quality clothing of a simple breed without frills. This representative of the zodiacal circle loves children and will be a good loving mother, who not only cares about children, but will be an understandable friend to them. She is very welcoming, loves to receive visitors at home, but reluctantly visits others. For the husband, Taurus woman will become a reliable friend who will not only give him a strong rear but also be a reliable counselor in his affairs. Big emotions, whining, or swooning in happiness should not be expected from her, but she is not devoid of romanticism, and a man’s life will try to put on an invisible aura of romance and cozy warmth.


Gemini woman is a very interesting, versatile and smart person. At first sight, it is impossible to guess what kind of lady is she – the character is too elusive, weightless and dual. She knows that she has many abilities and talents, and is confident that on Earth she has a much higher purpose than other mortals, and always tries to find her proper place in life, jumping from one to another. The Gemini woman is very restless and fussy, she does not like activities that require prolonged concentration and a lot of time and effort. She is constantly searching, and this makes her to look for a work she loves whenever she is bored with an old one.

Gemini woman is a lucky person because this is almost the only representative of the zodiacal circle, who, without regret or superfluous memories of the bad in her life, may part with her past. She is very romantic, her soul, which seeks to guard protect her against ill-effects from the outside, and closes her rudeness, is very gentle and vulnerable. Gemini woman can have very strong passion towards her partner, if he interests and captivates her. It is impossible to predict Gemini woman’s behavior, she needs to be accepted for what she really is so as not to cause scandals and intrigues. She easily dreams and fantasizes, and moreover, her fantasies are always imbued with romanticism and sublime bliss. She strives to be ideal, and sometimes just does not notice what is going on with her here and now. The Gemini woman loves and knows how chat with people. She can succeed in an activity that involves extensive communication, organization of events and negotiations with partners. Frequent changes of her moods may discourage others: a moment ago, she happily laughed and had fun, and now she is sad and worried, is afraid of something and does not want to talk with anyone. Gemini woman does not like pressure on herself. She always walks away from a relationship in which she is being compelled to follow “the right path”. Her partner who wants to keep her near him needs to take this into account. The Gemini woman, thanks to her outstanding intellect, can be not only a good wife but also a friend and helpmate to her husband – she always gives very practical and wise advice, and her criticisms will help do things well. She will never be a “home” wife who fully obeys her husband, and lay career at his feet – this representative of the zodiacal circle will perfectly combine her own career with caring for the family, and she cannot be persuaded to stay at home, because communication and work is her life, nothing more, nothing less.

If the Gemini woman will in life search for her ideal man – she may forever remain single. This woman sees good qualities in a partner and would be very grateful for his good attitude and love towards her, but will always compare him with her ideal man, and find inconsistencies. Despite variability, Gemini woman can be very attached to her man only if he interests her as a man, fun-filled and active. Once the Gemini woman starts to be disappointed in the relationship, she may walk away from it for new ones, if she meets a better man on her way. Very often, Gemini woman falls in love with two men at the same time, and for a long time cannot make a choice between them. With time, she will become more steady and calmer, but will never get rid of the passion to travel, change, become better and communicate more widely.


Cancer woman does not like to open up to other people, she does everything to keep her inner peace intact. Her companion from the first sight will not be able to understand whether she is a kind and gentle person or whether she is just a fake, secretive and hypocritical woman. In fact, the Cancer woman is very sensitive, she can get upset and cry on every trifle that hurts her, or reopen surging sentimentality, but it’s not everyone can notice the tears and suffering of the representative of this zodiacal constellation. Most often, she is pensive and sad, and her bad mood is easily transmitted to those around.

If however the Cancer woman is in a good mood, she will openly and extremely have fun, as if being satiated with positive energy for all the subsequent bouts of melancholy. This lady is very economical, she always keeps in mind the thought of the possibility of a black day for her, and eventually saves money not to be in a hopeless situation in the future. Even if the Cancer woman tells others that she has no money, it means only that she has money but it is in the bank or under the mattress, but unfortunately none in her hands. The Cancer woman always looks great, beautiful and smart, has a languid look that attracts a lot of men. When choosing a partner, she is focused primarily on his reliability and stability so that he could defend her, and also on his ability to make money, and even on the content of his purse, because material security to the Cancer woman must have the highest meaning. But she is not at all a mercantilist, as it may seem at first glance. She simply seeks to ensure a quiet life in the future without hazards for herself and her husband. Cancer woman does not like criticism. She can seriously be offended by sarcastic remarks and can even go into a depression. An open criticism can cause protest from her, sometimes unexpectedly violent and loud. Throughout life, the Cancer woman is very afraid to be alone, she cannot endure the situation when she is abandoned or left even for a while. Most often, in family life, the Cancer woman becomes a shadow of the man she loves, she carefully preserves and protects the house, fulfills the whims and desires of her beloved man and completely dissolves in their children. The Cancer woman is not a careerist, she never sets a goal to win high office, but if the wind of change blows towards the direction of an improvement in career, and this lady will be confident in dependability of the company, she will clung to this step as an opportunity to earn more money for the future. The Cancer woman is very afraid of uncertainty, and therefore prefers to set small goals that can be quickly achieved, and not draw distant bright prospects, being contented with the little.

In relationships, the Cancer woman may greatly wave to and fro, so she needs a strong partner who is able to direct her, soothe, comfort, and take responsibility for the future. In her personal life with a partner, she prefers to reserve the right to their own space where she can reflect, indulge in melancholy or in her calm hobbies. She does not like noisy companies, her own home and relaxed atmosphere in it are more important to her. Sometimes too many infiriority complexes force the Cancer woman to have great feelings that she is not beautiful enough and not loved. Most often, these are signals to her man that she really needs his support, care and love in order to regain confidence and calmness.


Leo woman is very demanding to herself and those around her. She cares about her appearance, dress, and the society in which she lives. This is a very proud, confident, beautiful woman with nice manners. She has a sense of self-dignity, and she can’t be easily confused. The Leo woman does not like criticism, but she could just pretend that she does not pay attention to the quip until a good opportunity comes for her to take revenge on her offender. She is an optimistic person, failures and blunders will never knock the bottom out of her feet, she always stands firm on her feet. Under mistakes, the Leo woman can concentrate and collect energy to accomplish the same thing, but with tremendous success, because she is a real fighter and a winner.

Leo woman loves human society, in which she can express her many talents and receive a feedback – compliments. She is very concerned with her reputation, and she chooses a work focusing on its prestige, always striving for the highest society. The Leo woman occupies a central place in any company – no matter whether she is energetic at that moment or not. Inside, she feels an amazing inner expression and strength of character that it would seem she can manipulate other people just by thought. The Leo woman always achieves what he has conceived, and it does not matter in what ways since winners in the end are not judged. She can be quite sentimental, romantic – in such moments, the Leo woman becomes a goddess descended from heaven. Men will never leave the Leo woman without attention, she is certainly successful, and loves and knows how to break men’s hearts with her inaccessibility and coldness. Flirting is fun for her when she feels boring, but Leo woman is very serious about relationships, and her heart will be won by men who not only know how to speak beautifully, but who have achieved something in life, have a high position or status, or show signs of these. The Leo woman appreciates loyal friends and is very generous to them, but she has few real friends – not everyone can stand her difficult character. The Leo woman remembers her first love all her life, and all subsequent relationships will be considered in the light of this love, compare them with her recollection. Because of her difficult character, the Leo woman during her life breaks up with many people, and then, looking back, bitterly realizes that she has underestimated these people, was misled by her own ambitions, and not restrained. This representative of the zodiacal circle always strives to lead, even in personal relationships, and her lover has to accept the fact that she will always occupy a predominating place in all family matters.

Leo woman needs understanding, care and love. It is only through love that she blossoms like a beautiful flower, and only in gusts of tenderness and passion that she can turn into a furry affectionate cat who loves to purr at a man on his knees. Her partner should always support her confidence that she is irresistible, gorgeous, beautiful, because she is in dire need of support and understanding. Leo woman needs a society, freedom, and she cannot be locked up in the house and denied this because in doing so she will quickly lose her luster and brilliance. She needs a life partner who will accompany her to high parties, who will be a shadow of her royal person, but she will not tolerate a weak-willed man beside her. The Leo woman will be a great hostess and an excellent mother, she will protect her family from any assault, she has enough strength to create a brilliant career in production, and to take care of her loved ones.


Virgo woman is always very beautiful, she looks much younger than her age, always takes care of her appearance and behavior, not allowing herself to make any mistakes. Virgo woman is very strict and demanding to herself, she is very accurate and even pedantic in work and in life. She is very purposeful and never worries about failures. It is impossible to make her weak or inattentive, she is a fighter of whom unexpected obstacles on her way only make her stronger. Virgo woman loves to communicate, but a communication that should take place in a quiet, intellectual perspective. She does not like noisy get-togethers and parties.

There is no need of expecting gust of tenderness and romantic flirtation from the Virgo woman, she remains cool even in personal relationship with a partner, preferring not to show her feelings and demonstrate them. She does not like speaking in public, work associated with public activities like reading of texts to a large number of people will not fit her, but she enjoys talking with close range of people, especially when such communication is intellectual in nature. This is a “iron lady” who in case of failure, will never ask for help from others, and will rely only on herself. Virgo woman is very honest, and her open, cold and stiff honesty often causes resentment from others. She always knows what she wants from life, never missing stars from the sky, and focuses on real, practical achievements. Virgo woman is not a careerist, but she can go to the highest step of the career ladder for the sake of justice or for the highest mission to organize something. It is useless to argue with Virgo – she enters into an argument only when she is really sure she is right, and provides such indisputable arguments of his view that the opponent will only retreat. She will never forgive the inaccuracy or non-punctuality of colleagues or relatives. It is meaningless to give excuses to a Virgo woman, but to simply admit one’s guilt. She can be romantic and sentimental, but only with the man who fully deserves her trust and respect. In public, Virgo woman never shows her feelings. Virgo’s love can be great, but caring for her love can last a long time without any response from her. She is not one of those women who can fall in love at first sight, or blindly jump into a relationship, forgetting everything else. She may be practical and very romantic at the same time, Virgo woman’s love as well as she herself is a mystery to solve which not all her male admirers can solve. Virgo woman is not contented with only feelings and passions, she values spiritual connection with her partner more than fleshly love.

Virgo woman always feels she is right (and in most cases, that’s the way it is). She will not tolerate active opposition of a partner no matter what it may be. She will single-handedly manage financial affairs of the family and demand a report of all spending. Virgo woman always strictly monitors orderliness, and will not tolerate if her partner throws things around in the house or keeps unwashed dishes – life with this representative of the zodiacal circle turns into a hard work, if her partner is not used to keeping order, and prefers to see his wife as a governess. In relation with her man, Virgo woman likes staidness and refinement, she must find it interesting to chat with him. If she respects her husband, she will agree to make some concessions for him – namely, take care of order in the house. She knows how to control her emotions and externally looks cold. But her man should remember that Virgo woman’s heart is much hotter and softer than it seems from the outside, and so, only mutual development and tolerance, and understanding of each other will help strengthen a union with this lady.


Libra woman is always charming, beautiful, elegant and very feminine, although sometimes her cold rationality carries a truly masculine logic. She easily communicates, can support any conversation, but enters into a dispute only when she is really sure of her right. She does not strive to show the world her intelligence and practicality, but those around her constantly notice her wisdom, even in usual practical, everyday affairs. She is very tactful, and will not go over the head to make a career, but will not hide behind others when she is chosen to a higher position. She assesses every object from all sides, the Libra woman discusses every moment of life both from the negative and positive position. This allows her to analyze and draw correct conclusions and, accordingly, apply the experience in later life.

The Libra woman before making each move, carefully thinks over it in her manner, and if she undertakes it – it will be correct. Unluckily for her, often variations of “for” and “against” so undermine the construction of peace, that she decides to stay put, without taking any decision until the foundation of her life comes back to normal. Thus, the Libra woman often loses some good opportunities to better her life, preferring not to make any decision. The Libra woman should double check that her solution in any activity to get it right, and so that no details were missed, and that she has everything to do the job. This representative of the zodiacal circle with her seeming self-sufficiency, absolutely cannot be alone. She constantly needs support because in life she should focus herself on someone, someone to verify her actions and decisions. It’s better if it is a person whom she respects, and whose opinion she puts above hers, because the Libra woman will never fully reveal herself to a weaker partner in affairs and in personal life. She knows how to make money, the Libra woman needs funds to keep her home in good order and maintain the image of a stylish and elegant lady. She skillfully conceals her rough male traits under a beautiful dress, soft makeup and a stylish haircut, she is always shown like a feminine outwardly, even if she wears trousers and a tie. A man who Libra woman will love with all her heart may discover her for himself and see all the richness of her soul and inner peace. For her loved one, the Libra woman will do he wants, she will carry out his every whim and desires, looking him in the mouth. Libra woman avoids extra responsibility at work, but she can be an excellent source of advice to her beloved man. She was so gently and softly tells him that partners sometimes think that this – his own thoughts and desires. She is a smart and very shrewd manipulator who skillfully influences her partner for the best result in his activities. It is the Libra woman that can make her husband-soldier to become a general, methodically guiding him along that path.

In personal life, Libra woman will always strive for balance and harmony, she hates squabbles, gossip and scandals – anything that destroys a family. She can create an environment at home that her lover will feel secure and happy. Libra woman can successfully combine her own career with family responsibilities, but if she has to choose between these important areas of her life, she will choose the family, remaining a caring mother and wife. Libra woman is strong with her softness and her soft inner strength, which is never destructive or rough.


The mysterious, enigmatic Scorpio woman remains the same for her friends after years of knowing each other. No one on earth can understand her multifaceted soul, she always slips away, streams, transfer from one state to another, and it is impossible to see her as a whole. Scorpio woman is always very confident in herself, she is proud and independent. In her life, she hopes only on herself and never asks for help. She may even take offense at the words “the fairer sex” because she sees herself much stronger than men.

Scorpio woman is always trying to be a leader in everything, she knows that her opinion is very accurate. The role of a caring stay-at-home mother is not for her, this representative of the zodiacal circle will do all she can to make her career in the most glossy version. She can use many ways to draw attention to her personality, to charm the right companion, to obtain favor from him – this involves hypnotic gaze, absolute charm, and brilliant impeccable style of clothes. She perfectly feels when to put pressure on her interlocutor, and when to relieve pressure, and uses this skill very successfully, manipulating people she needs. Scorpio woman skillfully applies a masks when she needs to hide her true identity, and these masks are so different that friends can have the impression that she is talking to different people. Most often she uses the mask of femininity and even weakness – she can pretend to be weak and helpless, only to disarm her interlocutor, reveal her weaknesses to him, allow her to buy time before the harsh actions. Scorpio woman cannot be deceived – she sees through her interlocutor, seeing through him as an x-ray machine, and even a small fraction of falsity will not escape from her. She will never forgive any attempt to deceive her, and tries not to communicate with people who have tried to do it, deleting them forever from her life. Scorpio woman refers to a complex type of so-called rock women who can through half-smile and half-gaze make anyone dance to her tune.

But despite her self-sufficiency and strength, the Scorpio woman needs a loving and caring partner who understand her very well and accept her for what she is. This representative of the zodiacal circle will never love a weak and weak-willed man – her partner must have virile strength and masculinity, which will be fit to be her own masculinity. She would be grateful if her lover will be so strong to be able to slightly curb her, dominate her, not changing her essence. Scorpio woman should be proud of her man and admire him, and so he should look very presentable and elegant, and be wise and calm in behavior. Even in love, the Scorpio woman outwardly remains very cold with her man, and only in being alone together he will know the real fiery passion of the representative of this zodiacal constellation. Her beloved man will remain the center of Scorpio woman’s universe, she will devote all her victories and career to him, she will be caring and passionate. She will protect her family and relationship with her partner, protecting it from gossip and rumors, she will not share the secrets of her personal life with anyone. Outwardly, this couple will look like a couple of good friends and noting anymore. The Scorpio woman will be faithful and devote all her life to her man, and her partner will be a happy man. If he would undermine her trust with lies or cheating – then she will erase him from the face of the earth, and will do this just as passionately as she loved him.


A Sagittarius woman is very straightforward. She is a real battle girlfriend of Robin Hood who fights for truth and justice, and always says what she thinks, even if this truth brings destruction. She often embarrasses others, believing that she is chosen to establish justice and order wherever. Sagittarius woman looks at the world without rose-colored glasses, she is not inclined to idealizing people, and even more – always doubts their good qualities, until she is personally convinced. There are very large percentage of spinsters among Sagittarius women, who have not found their man, or lost all their acquaintances because of their ambition and straightforwardness.

The Sagittarius woman believes that she came into this world to make it better, and uses all her energy trying to fulfill this mission. It is very hard to please her, she meticulous and irreconcilable with errors at work. Sagittarius woman has an amazing energy, she is in constant motion, interaction with people, and a rare man of her life will endure all this fuss in his woman’s life. She sincerely believes that personal life should not harm the public, and often waives it in favor of the latter. It is very difficult to convince the Sagittarius woman in something, she has a strong opinion about everything, and changes it very rarely – only when the circumstances prove to her it’s wrong. This representative of the zodiacal circle does not like when someone tries to dictate or command her, but at the same time, she hates weak and weak-willed men because she is interested in those people with whom she can compete in strength and endurance. She will never be obedient to her man, and even more so – will never turn into a house wife that only cooks soups and cleans the apartment. Sagittarius woman is not a careerist, she has no mercantile expectations from life, but she needs money as necessary keys to freedom, which means she will earn them with all her efforts. This woman can easily become a true friend of men, “shirt-guy” in any male company, and very often the friendship replaces love for her chosen one. She is very proud, and will never ask for help even under critical situations, hoping only on her strength. But few people know that the Sagittarius woman is very vulnerable deep down, she can easily be offended, and even when outwardly she remains indifferent to the snide, a seething fire burns inside her, and at night she could easily cry into the pillow, just so that no one could see or hear her. It seems she easily lose her friends and breaks a relationship with her lover and then, chuckling, tells about it jokingly. But Sagittarius woman always worries deeply from such moments, and nobody will ever know how much suffering and tears her faithful pillow saw last night.

Sagittarius woman can avoid personal relationships, or make it in such a way that they will not be seen externally, but alone with her man, she can be fiery, passionate and romantic. She will be happy to look after her family, because she always strives for purity and order. She is not very willing to cook, and at every opportunity, tries to take her family to a cafe, or entertain everyone with semi-prepared food. Sagittarius woman will never be able to live with a weak man for she will simply crush him with her independence. She will creatively argue and discuss affairs With a strong and equal man. It good if the Sagittarius woman and her man have common interests or work, then their attention would be directed not at soul-searching, where they often quarrel, but at the scope of work that will make them equal partners. Sagittarius woman must always be free – this is the secret of her happiness, and the happiness of her family.


The Capricorn woman has a very difficult nature to understand, which seems to be mostly directed inward to her own experiences than to the outside world. She always gives the impression of a very busy lady, having some kind of an overwhelming job, too much load on her shoulders, and such a sense of feeling about her arises wherever she appears. Due to this, the Capricorn woman enjoys constant respect from people around as someone who knows more than she says. With age, the Capricorn woman may get rid of some of her inferiority complexes, and become a very attractive lady, sociable and moderately cheerful.

Capricorn woman always wants to manage global affairs, she is a maximalist at work and in relationships, and therefore she cannot be interested in casual undermining or in meaningless dating and relationships. She does not want to waste her life on empty talk. And that’s why she gets rid of unwanted observers who come to her personal life out of curiosity, thereby not letting them cross the threshold. In some ways, she is closed personality, and carefully guards the calm of her inner world, but that does not mean that she is stiff and cold inside. Only few close friends may know that there is always a burning fire in the heart of a Capricorn woman. She can be romantic, funny, and sentimental, but will never go beyond the redistribution of this closed world, leaving her real life inside herself. It is very difficult to court a Capricorn woman because she has many demands for her future man, and above all appreciates his intelligence, strength and honesty. The Capricorn woman is always very restrained and proud, she will not show that she is being offended by opponents’ attacks or feels the admiration of a new companion, but inside her, she is subtle, vulnerable and very sensitive. Misunderstanding by her man can deeply hurt her, and the representative of this zodiacal constellation sheds tears and shows frustration very often in life. Having failed in her personal life, the Capricorn woman with a tripled zeal will take up work and career, she does not really need advancement on the career ladder, as such, but she is able and willing to engage in a career as an activity that diverts her attention from failures in her personal life and heavy thoughts on the matter. The Capricorn woman’s partner who does not look into the essence of her personality, will be inclined to think that she is cold and has no feelings, and this is often the main cause of him parting ways with the Capricorn woman. The Capricorn woman is very careful in work and life, she does not make reckless moves and even prefers not to break away from reality during the flight of her thoughts about the future. Despite her apparent strength and independence, Capricorn woman wishes to have a reliable and strong partner who will be a support and protection for her against many life’s winds, because deep down she still wants to become weak and tender.

This confirms the fact that Capricorn woman who found her beloved man, can easily abandon her ambitious thoughts of a career and devote herself to caring for him and the children. The representative of this zodiacal constellation cannot be completely made a housewife, but she only becomes prettier from a successful personal life, she begins to understand her true purpose in life. In addition, the Capricorn woman gets a defender of her interests in the person of a reliable loving partner, and gets rid of many of her old and outdated inferiority complexes, becoming more open, relaxed and upbeat. The Capricorn woman will be a very good housekeeper, a strict but fair loving mother, she will protect the relationship in the family from devastation and misery, and will be a good helper and adviser in her husband’s career.


Aquarius woman is always elegant, charming and attractive, she enjoys communicating, has very strong principles in life, but sometimes not averse to depart from them in favor of fun games or adventures that give her a new inspiration for creativity and new achievements. She has many friends, listens to them with pleasure, being a true friend to whom one can complain and cry in the vest for both women and men. The Aquarius woman has an amazing feeling, she always feels the wind direction, the mood of those around and their problems, and may be the first to rush to the aid of friends even if no one asked her for help.

Aquarius woman is very focused on the society, communication and social links. She finds it very important to feel herself as needed by people, she does not care about her image and reputation, because this is her business card that needs to be presented to new friends. The representative of this zodiacal constellation says only what she really thinks, and her talkativeness sometimes goes beyond measure when she tries to attract maximum attention to herself through verbal flow. Aquarius woman is always on guard for the interests of good and justice. She easily rebels against lies and aggression, even if this happens with strangers. She also does not apply the effects of pressure or aggression on herself, at best, she will simply avoid the person or company in the future, at worst – she will rise in an active battle. However, the Aquarius woman very rarely goes into active fighting, only when there is no way to avoid contact with these people. The representative of this zodiacal constellation is very friendly, she melts in a warm friendly atmosphere, she is inspired by open honest relationship with people. She tries not to argue with others, even if she has to “wrinkle” her opinions and make concessions to another person. The Aquarius woman tries to demonstrate the correctness of her point of view in life, in practice, and under a convenient opportunity will demonstrate the debater who was actually right, even recalling very old disputes. Aquarius woman is always bustling and active, she is constantly searching for something, she is repelled by the mediocrity and ordinariness of affairs and relationships, compelling her to search for something new and interesting. The Aquarius woman in achieving her goals and plans, will never resort to cunning and crafty plans, preferring to honestly earn, openly and with a pure heart. She will never go in the pursuit of self-interest against other people, and happily helps all around, if she feels they need her help. Sometimes it seems that the Aquarius woman does not always correctly assess reality, because often, while helping others, she acts to the detriment of herself, depriving herself a profitable position or wealth. But this seems not to worry the Aquarius woman a bit – a revolutionary who came to this world to change it for the better.

In relationship with her man, the Aquarius woman will not be satisfied with little, she needs all his attention and passionate love of which he is capable of. But if the Aquarius woman does not find a feeling that is able to arouse and ignite her passion, she will prefer to stay alone in the eternal search for her ideal man. She will be faithful to her husband, will try to do everything for him in the family. However, one shouldn’t forget about this woman’s desire for freedom and communication, without which she will simply wither away. She cannot be made an eternal housewife and tear off the society from her, else, the couple will witness serious scandals and wars, and the winner is always known – the Aquarius woman, since she will without regret part with that man who tried to deprive her of her independence. She does not attach much importance to physical love, but responds to her husband’s gusts of passion with equally strong gusts.


The Pisces woman has her highest goal in this world – she’s looking for Love. This woman has a very soft and tender heart. She is sentimental and romantic, and does not fit into the framework of relations that have developed in the society. The Pisces woman is fearful, timid and cautious, prefers not to fight with the world and hides from storms and hurricanes anywhere in a safe shelter, better – behind a strong shoulder. Despite the fact that a Pisces woman is so disposed to personal relationships and love, unfortunately she will not always be able to build real feelings all because of her suspiciousness and anxiety.

Pisces woman’s life will seem to witness more disasters and disappointments in life than the life of any other zodiac sign, but this is because this representative of the zodiacal circle is very sensitive, and she perceives any trouble, even the smallest, as an enormous disaster. This woman has a very compassionate heart, and always strives to give people more than she takes from them, besides – she does not know how to fight for her happiness, because for a Pisces woman, the words “fight” and “happiness” have completely opposite and mutually exclusive meanings. The representative of this zodiacal constellation will just wait for her happiness, believing that once she will someday meet her trusted protector and lover, and this belief is so strong that the Pisces woman can hold on to it for life, suffering in ordinary life from deprivation and bad luck, one after another. This woman’s imagination is very rich. She so vividly imagines her future rich and warm home, her beloved husband, children, harmonious family, of which she already becomes happy from the fact that she thinks about it. If the Pisces woman will however not find her future husband, then those dreams will eventually become her real life, distracting her from gray reality and misery. The mood of the representative of this zodiacal constellation often changes, she can laugh happily, and then suddenly become sad for no apparent reason, as if moving away from his companions. Sometimes the Pisces woman because of this is considered as inadequate and strange, but she only shows her second nature, which is necessarily present in all dual zodiac signs, and there is nothing strange or wrong with that. Pisces woman is always afraid of poverty and tries to work more to earn a living. This can be a real cure for her during her depression, because financial incentive will give her strength to move forward with much greater activeness, and, in turn, an active work will provide additional and enhanced financial incentive. The Pisces woman can be so fascinated by this process that she will quietly and unknowingly rise several steps of the career ladder. Besides, she is always very artistic and can become a great actress, which will enable her change her look now without damage to her reputation.

If the Pisces woman meets her ideal man, she would fully submit herself to his protection, and will become a wonderful wife and mother. She is a good housewife, can economically maintain the house and will never disregard neither the cleanliness of the floor, nor issues matters concerning her husband’s career. Thanks to her natural artistry and ability to adapt to circumstances, she easily adapts to the wave of her loved man’s desire, always creating that atmosphere he needs. Only her excessive coldness and aloofness in the relationship can push away her partner, so the Pisces woman should be more open and passionate, especially since she also would like it very much. The Pisces woman knows how to listen and empathize with someone. She will be actively involved in the affairs of her spouse, supporting him in everything, and if in response to his protection, she will give him the passion he wants – then this family will be truly be an indestructible and happy one.


Aries man is an energetic and strong representative of the zodiacal constellation. He does not know what a state of rest is. He always has many new revolutionary ideas, of which, however, not all of them has logical continuation in his actions. Aries man can be entirely not hot, but cold and unemotional outwardly, but under his impenetrable outer shell hides the real volcano of passions. He is swift in his actions and deeds. If Aries conceived something, he will stubbornly move forward and no obstacles will stop him in his path. At worst, he will stuff himself cones, which often happens in his life, but unlike other zodiac sign, Aries does not learn from past mistakes, and he will with stubborn insistence return to this obstacle again and again.

Aries man is always creatively gifted, in a rush of inspiration, he is able to create the greatest works of art, which however, are easily destroyed in a storm of self-flagellation, which Aries man often experiences. At such moments, he thinks about his mission in life, and he feels that he has gained nothing of what he could achieve. Aries’ “soul-searching” is always held in emotional agony. He is inclined to blaming, despising and accusing himself of all mortal sins. One good thing – Aries man does not stay long in such self-accusatory periods, and after them starts to work more actively and productively. Aries is an independent person, this man does not accept the views of others, and even takes for granted objective arguments in favor of this view – he needs to verify, evaluate and see for himself. Aries man only trusts his intuition and his own eyes, and so it is very difficult to convince this representative of the zodiacal circle in something. Outwardly, Aries man is always smart, he has a sports figure and a youthful face, often looks younger than he really is. With age, Aries man tends to lose shape and acquire “authority” on the tummy, because with time, his life image has become calmer and less mobile. People around do often get the impression that Aries man is not mature – he will forever remain with his children’s maximalism, emotionality, capriciousness and directness, admiration to the world, and touchiness, and these “children’s” qualities of a quite grown up Aries man attracts people to him – especially women, who can help, pity, and console him. But often, Aries man is simply intolerable for people around him because his selfishness and egocentrism makes him demand for complete submission to his will from people. Aries man can be sensitive, compassionate and generous, and moreover, selflessness in him can wake up under the influence of first impressions from what people’s trouble he saw. Sometimes, he is ready to help others but he does so publicly to earn a reputation of a magnanimous and noble man. For Aries man, career is not an empty phrase, he always marks to a place higher than where is currently is, and will do everything to get his way.

Aries is very passionate and hot in love. If he falls in love for real, he is sure to win the heart of his darling no matter what. Aries man always loves as if this is his only, first and last love. With his woman, he will be an attentive, affectionate, loyal and honest partner, he will fully devote himself to feelings and even will be ready to get rid of his own shortcomings that hinder normal relations with his woman. Aries man is very romantic, relationship with him will always be memorable, even if they eventually go into the past.


Taurus man is a very vulnerable and sensitive person, but outwardly always looks unruffled and monumental. He is very careful in affairs and would not take up any affair without first thinking over it, but if he has already started moving in one direction, it is difficult to stop him on this path. It is because of his extreme caution that Taurus seems very slow, and truly, he prefers better not hurrying to dealing with later correcting mistakes, which may be made in a haste. Taurus is a very practical man, and everything he does or thinks is very close to reality – he is not fond of empty dreams and fantasies.

Taurus man is very hardworking, he believes that one needs to pursue and achieve everything in life through one’s efforts. He is very hard-working, and the leadership of any company knows that Taurus can be entrusted with the most complex and routine affairs that require enormous physical and moral strength, and Taurus will deal with them in the best form. Taurus hobbies are also “worldly” – he loves nature and rests only in the bosom of nature. He loves fishing, sitting around the campfire, hunting, happily cultivates his garden and does not want to spend his vacation at the beach or in a super-modern hotel. Taurus man is very stubborn, he is persistent in his line always, despite objections of others, and it should be said that many of the obstacles that would be all-out for other zodiac signs, give in to Taurus man’s extraordinary power. This representative of the zodiacal circle is not a careerist, but always tries to be better, improve himself, and this leads him finally to a high position and authority in society. Taurus man is the most “right” and organic type of a company head that can be imagined. He will achieve high results for the company, and at that, will not forget about justice, conscience and honor. Taurus man’s purpose in life – have a good family, strong and comfortable warm home. With such a partner, any woman will always be safe and reliable. Taurus man always makes plans for the near future, but without dreams. He always follows that which he has planned for, and keeps his word, being a reliable partner both at work and in personal life. Taurus man never forgets anything – he remembers every detail and all the dates, and so he is methodical. From year to year, he wishes people a happy birthday, congratulates them on their wedding anniversaries and so on. Due to good memory, Taurus man often has a have a reputation for vindictive person, because he will never forget those of who once deceived or betrayed him. Extremely honest and fair, Taurus man demands the same from his environment.

Taurus man will do everything that he could for his beloved woman. He will be a bit romantic, would make interesting and expensive gifts, beautifully care for her and carry her on his hands. Not building castles in the air, not reassuring on vain dreams, Taurus man will give everything he has. Even if at the time of acquaintance with his partner, he has not yet managed to achieve great heights in his career and material well-being, she can be sure that all this will soon be because caring for his beloved woman and his family is Taurus man’s main objective in life, which he will always fulfill excellently. Taurus’s house is always a full cup, he is a very practical, good-natured and hospitable host. In turn, Taurus man expects from his sweetheart uprightness, calmness, love and loyalty. He cannot live with a flirt of whom staying in the society is more important than domestic comfort and warmth.


With a first glance on a Gemini man, one gets the impression of a genius – he can speak perfectly on any topic, plan and dream, talk about his victories and conquests. But it should not be forgotten that Gemini is a zodiac sign with two unknowns, both of which tend to draw attention to themselves. He easily plans and just as easily, parts with his plans in favour of other more valuable ones, and he at that would not budge at all. Gemini man willingly communicates and sometimes unbearably chatty, especially in moments of stress or anxiety. One can never be sure in this person because he himself does not know where his desires and thoughts in the next minute will lead to.

It is not for nothing that the zodiac sign is called dual since Gemini man can vary, depending on the situation, and often these changes occur in the opposite diameter direction. This man loves the society. Without communication, he becomes sluggish and sick. His passion – to communicate widely – at first attracts women to him, but later, can be a cause of jealousy and many quarrels in the family life, because the Gemini man will always be focused on society more than on his family. This representative of the zodiacal circle has a great taste, he always tries to look elegant and well. He is able to scatter compliments to all around, others listen to his comments, because they are truthful and witty. Gemini man’s intelligence is undeniable, he can acquire an excellent education and always strives to supplement it, but if his life turned out in such a way that he had not received higher education, he has deep knowledge in many areas of science and life. Gemini man is always full of great ideas and plans, but he should not be believed on words, or looked forward for him implementing these plans because he changes like a weathercock. He is always unpredictable, it is impossible to accurately predict his future actions and therefore life with Gemini man is sometimes simply unbearable for a woman. From birth, this partner already is an active non-conformist – he does not accept rules and conditions that are accepted in society, he has his own views on the norms and rules by which he lives, but that may be unacceptable to others. The Gemini man can easily break up with old friends for new ones, just as he could easily part ways with his loved one for a new hobby. But this person cannot be considered a heartless man much less a traitor – his very quickly changing personality calls him for himself, to new experiences, and in every moment of his life, Gemini man looks for a perfect option that meets these his internal changes.

It is not easy to love a Gemini man, but relationship with him may be of interest to every woman. His change still makes sense because he always tries to be better than he is at the moment. In relations with his partner, Gemini man in the society may be clearly cold and even rude, but only a very sensitive woman who understands his subtle nature, knows that beneath this feigned rudeness of her partner lies a subtle, delicate and vulnerable soul. The partner does not need to take close to heart what he does and how he acts. With Gemini individuals, one needs to adhere to a very important and necessary rule – do not approach him closely, remain a mystery and secrecy for him, which he would want to reveal himself. Gemini man should not be bothered, he cannot be commanded, or imposed with your opinion, otherwise he will consider this as an attack on his personal freedom and will try to escape from the relationship. Gemini man should be left with the right to be independent, and then he would never leave his beloved woman, and will eventually become more and more consistent and open with her.


The Cancer man is very secretive with regards to his inner world. He strives to protect it by all means and often wears a mask behind which he successfully hides from others. This representative of the zodiacal circle is very suspicious, he does not immediately come close to his interlocutors, preferring first to consider and study them from the side. It is very difficult to understand the character of this man because he always tries to get away from view, and better hides behind many masks that are in abundance in his arsenal. The Cancer man has a subtle vulnerable soul but his manners are often rude because Cancer sees a demonstration of delicacy and tenderness as a demonstration of weakness – and he cannot tolerate such a thing.

The Cancer man is careful person, he moves ahead only when he feels the safety of his path. At the slightest change in a situation, he backs up and dissociates himself from that affair. Therefore, Cancer man is very often regarded as a coward. Even his own emotions haunt him, and he may severely suffer from surging emotions or from his own sentimentality. His mood is often pessimistic, he suffers from discouragement, depression and melancholy, but sometimes it hits the other extreme, and his cheerful euphoria with somersaults may enter into a stupor of anybody. The Cancer man is a great possessor and always feels fear of losing something important in his life, even without specific prerequisites for this. He is always afraid of material instability and therefore seeks to provide himself and his family for all the foreseeable future. Life with this partner will be free of major financial problems and difficulties because the Cancer man knows and loves to make money, and as well knows how to save and spend wisely, while he cannot be called a spendthrift or greedy person. Very often, the Cancer man plays the role of an underprivileged and poor person, he tries to play down his income and not to tell others about his amount of savings because he is afraid of jealousy or attack on his precious budget. But in his life, the Cancer man still prefers not to economize on the quality of things because he believes that cheap and poorly made stuff does not help in saving, but durable, strong and comfortable things can serve him more than one year and, consequently, save spending in the future. Cancer man tends to always look stylish and fit, he cannot tolerate disorder or uncertainty in his life, and tries to always arrange everything accordingly. He always feels a great affection for home and family, and if he still lived with his mother, he will then agree to raise up his own family and, consequently, his own home, only if he is convinced of the seriousness of the partner to devote herself to the family and to him.

Cancer man looks for a maternal care in love and in personal relationship with a partner. It would be very grateful if his fiancee will be a good housekeeper, will not waste money for nothing and will care for him when he is sick, or just when he another bout of melancholy begins. Inside the heart, the Cancer man always remains a small child because as a child, typically he was very attached to his mother, and therefore expects motherliness from his beloved woman. This representative of the zodiacal circle is very gallant, he would be happy to care for a woman and to give her signs of attention. A relationship with a Cancer man will always be full of sensual romance and tenderness.


The Leo man is very proud, and sometimes seems unapproachable. He is an aristocrat to the marrow, in need of high society, listeners and admirers of his splendor. He may be outwardly very gentle, but those around should not be deceived by this softness because when the opportunity comes, he would show his true lion nature. The Leo man has good manners, he knows how to care for women and to be very courteous. Leo will throw a treasure of gifts and all his wide soul to his woman. His rare lady can resist his charm and brilliant splendor and very hot energetic passion.

Leo man already from a very young age strives to make a career, get a

good education, or at least plan out his work so to have a career in the future and a pass in the higher strata of society. This representative of the zodiacal circle cannot be contented with little, his ambitions often outstrip its capabilities, but the Leo man will not be an idle talker, as he seeks to actualize them. If the Leo man will be arrogant, but his excessive demands in life will not be supported by an adequate effort – he, in the end, will be very disappointed in life, and such a grumbler will blame others except himself. The Leo man loves a company, where he could shine. Moreover, he is always a leader and the soul of a company. For a representative of this zodiacal constellation, audience is important as the air he breathes for without listeners and admirers, the Leo man simply cannot live. He may graciously ignore the gossips and comments against him since he is generous and should forgive the weaker ones. But those around have to remember that nothing escapes his attention and falls out of his memory. If an occasion comes for him to avenge these “pricks”, the Leo man will do it with satisfaction and great pleasure without thinking. The Leo man’s character is sometimes difficult, and it is sometimes not easy to negotiate with him since he has his own opinion in everything. Leo man does not tolerate opposition and will fiercely fight for his point of view, even if he knows he is wrong. He can be blunt and even tactless, but for his charming smile, people forgive him everything, even deliberately uttered rudeness. Apology from this representative of the zodiacal circle should not be expected. He genuinely believes that, in the first place, “to apologize” – is tantamount to “showing one’s weakness”, and secondly, the Leo man always believes that he is right, and this can never be doubted.

Any woman who will link her destiny with the Leo man must realize that he will never be humble and submissive, and this means that the Leo man should be loved, cared for, cherished, appeased, listened to, and for a good and peaceful relationship – it is very necessary to always compromise, refusing part of your desires. The Leo man is a possessor, he will not tolerate competition, and even an innocent flirtation, designed to inflame his passions, will be an occasion for war. And as is known, Leo takes no prisoners. It seems that this partner is self-sufficient and needs no additional support or incentives, but this is not so. Leo man really needs his muse, a woman, for which he will be able to perform great deeds and achievements, and who will be able to encourage and reassure him when he will have no strength, and create a cozy space for him. He needs a balance that will put his enthusiasm in order and stability which he would want to come back to again and again. And, of course, the Leo man needs a woman that he would be proud of, she must be a queen, for all her quiet and calm qualities of character.


The Virgo man is very practical, he is very cold and prudent in everything, even in personal relationships and feelings. He is completely devoid of romanticism and sentimentality, and everything he does has some real meaning and application. Virgo man does not make empty dreams and fantasy, he is skeptical about the other people’s rosy plans, and tries to set for himself goals that are quick to achieve in the foreseeable future, and not sky-high goals. The Virgo man is a man of his words, and debt, honor, conscience, and honesty mean a lot to him. Discipline for this representative of the zodiacal circle – first of all, he is pedantic in trifles, and very punctual, and demands the same from people around him.

The Virgo man has a very kind and sympathetic heart. Throughout his life, he fights for justice in which the weak and the sick receive the same rights and opportunities as the powerful, and so he strives to participate in all sorts of charity events, help the weak and the homeless. He does not immediately move closer to people, he first looks closely at them, get used to them, see their essence, and then admit them into his first circle of friends. He is very diligent and careful at work. Any company manager knows that Virgo man alone can cope with the complex work that the whole department typically performs. He does not need to be directed, encouraged, or asked for accuracy – he does everything himself, in the shortest time and very rigorously perfecting the details. The Virgo man tries to plan all his affairs ahead, he does not like any kind of surprises, unforeseen consequences, and therefore tries to plan for everything in advance, providing himself a return back route or a reserve route. It’s very hard to take him unawares for he is always smart, active and ready for every kind of surprises, this is one of the few representatives of the stronger sex, who can meticulously and accurately maintain daily entries in his diary. This man is not a fighter, he easily accepts failures and downs in his life, comes in terms with them, and lives as he can, without seeking to significantly improve this life. Loneliness often lurks in Virgo man’s personal life because he finds it very difficult to find a partner that will fully meet his requirements for an ideal woman. Virgo man’s ideal woman hardly exists in nature, he has very high demands for his beloved. He has a very broad and deep intellect. This intellectual always stands out in society with his sharp criticisms and cold rationality. He could easily flirt, his mystique and coldness can inflame women’s hearts, but he does not even make moves towards their direction. It’s impossible to touch his heart or inflame his passions – he is afraid of them and always runs away from them. The Virgo man believes that showing one’s feelings or passion means demonstrating one’s weakness, and he cannot do that.

There are many singles among Virgo men, and this is due to their analytical rationality where there should be feelings in a relationship. But the Virgo man easily accepts his loneliness, not suffering from lack of women around him, he devotes all his time to his work, hobnobbing, hobbies, continuing to ignore burning women’s hearts beside him. Virgo man can fall in love, but his love is rather like a friendship. He will be happy with a woman who would share his views on life, and even better – who would be keen on working in any organization to save the world from evil, where he himself works.


The Libra man is always visible in a group of people – he loves to communicate, talks a lot, knows how to make a joke, handing out advice left and right. He always strives to improve world around him, and sometimes people just get fed up with his innovations. He is always charming and gallant, is able to make an impression, has an open smile and is sociable. Libra man does not dream, he does not brandish in the cloudless distance, but at the same time, he sees his own original perspectives, to which he strives for. Others will see him as a straightforward fellow, but the Libra man is not that simple as it seems.

The representative of this zodiacal constellation is very practical, but his practicality is shrouded in such a complex fog of mystery, posses perhaps only by Scorpio. He can captivate and slay anyone on the spot, but he has no desire to have many romances in his life, this is a sporting event for him, proving that he is always the winner in the art of seduction. Libra man can so confuse and swirl his interlocutor that he has the opportunity to tell him anything. Using his charm and extrovert ability to communicate, a Libra man easily acquaints with people, and gets what he wants. Despite his sociability and openness, he is indecisive including in some matters that need hard decisions, preferring to balance, so long as such matters do not go obsolete themselves. He does not like to take decisions, he is afraid of responsibility, and is always in need of support on which he could lean on and focus in business. He is contradictory in everything, although others see him as a model of stability when he hands out advice. He can drastically change his views or stop halfway in his actions, and nothing would make him move. At times, he is balanced and calm, but from time to time show such big internal fluctuations that often destroy his relationship with associates and loved ones. To be friends with the Libra man, live with him in peace and harmony, you must be a model of stability and calm, not pay attention to his swinging, and at the same time, always help him navigate in the right direction, but – not pressing on his self-esteem. This is a very difficult job, but one benefit is that the Libra man is more often calm and balanced, and his sense of humor makes one to look at things with fun and ease.

In feelings, a Libra man can also swing in the same way as in his affairs. Very often, his female partner takes decision herself, and then he agrees or disagrees with her. The energetic and active woman will find it very difficult to get used to the lifestyle being proposed to her by the Libra man – she must accept whatever he advises, do just as he sees, but she will be also responsible in case of failure, because Libra man knows how to remain on the sidelines. He needs a quiet woman who would become his adviser and support. It is impossible to get away from him, he will fool any woman with undeniable logic conclusion and evidence that his partner will be much better with him than without him, and the woman will gradually take his advice, words and dreams as her own, completely hypnotized by Libra man’s charming smile and eloquence. This representative of the zodiacal circle is always striving for balance, but almost does not find it. So his woman must have strong immunity against his eternal swinging and self-search. The woman’s ability to carefully manage the house will conquer Libra, and this should be the strongest argument of the woman in any disputes with the Libra man.


Scorpio man is always hidden, he is closed from prying eyes, and from the first meeting, it is absolutely impossible to see what he’s all about. But this man, who is a walking enigma attracts attention with his mysterious and even mystical aura, which gives him an unearthly and surreal charm. His interlocutors have the impression that he is able to influence people not only by words or actions, but also with hypnotic fluids, which can be seen from his velvet half-closed eyes. But despite his apparent coldness and even a certain arrogance, the Scorpio man is very passionate and hot, he is a maximalist, both in friendship and in love.

Scorpio man is very sociable and pleasing in society, he may seem light-heartedly cheerful, friendly and open, but he will never admit people around more than at arm’s length, and on all questions about his personal life and secrets, he simply jokes or jump from the answer. It is impossible to expose or surprise Scorpio man – this is a clever strategist who knows how to think through the entire path of his movement forward, and prepare an escape route in case of failures. It’s impossible to defeat him, he was born only to win, but his victories are not loud and visible, but quiet and peaceful. It is useless to compete in strength and wisdom with the Scorpio man, he will never go into an open battle, but with pleasure prove his superiority to his opponent when a good opportunity comes. The only situation that can provoke anger and aggression from him is someone trying to infringe upon his self-esteem. It can explode like an oxygen cylinder and strike his offender a sudden blow, which will be very precise and very painful. Anybody who tries to enter into a battle with a Scorpio man, should remember that he never forgives insults, and never misses when striking. It is better to have this representative of the zodiacal circle as a friend than as an enemy. Love for the Scorpio man is never enough, he prefers to love beyond measure and excessively. The opinion of people around him is not that important to him, he’s not at all focused on tips and warnings of friends, because he prefers only his own sensibility, his laws and his own orders in everything. Scorpio man can be a friend, but always has a very small circle of true friends that are able to understand him and tolerate his difficult nature. Scorpio man is never indifferent to anything, even though outwardly he may be cold and indifferent. Nothing escapes his attention, and so deceiving the Scorpio man is a thankless job. He very much loves beautiful women. He can care for his lady for a long time and even romantically, make a proposal to her on his knees, but this is not a gust coming from Scorpio man’s soul, it is an effort to conform to the standards of conduct in society, adapt to the pattern of conduct so as not to scare his partner from the beginning.

In relationships, the Scorpio man can be very courteous and well-mannered, but he can become a tyrant, if his partner will always try to deceive, trick, or cheat him. Scorpio man always has very high demands to his woman, and does not tolerate any compromise. The straightness of a representative of the zodiacal circle often causes his lady to suffer, because he can easily make his uncovered truth and stinging remarks against her in public. This is a favorite pastime for the Scorpio man. In personal relationships, Scorpio man will never tolerate the dictates of his partner, he will always fight for a sole rule in the family. He will be a demanding, strict but fair father to his children. A woman who associates her destiny with the Scorpio man must accept him for what he is, not take his criticism personally, and try to lead everything to humor, and then their relationship will be quite harmonious.


Sagittarius man is a very interesting man, he has many hobbies and new ideas that are ready to be actualized immediately, that anything can be expected from this person in every minute. He always has a lot to do, he tries to have time to do all at once, but in most cases he can’t because he does not have enough energy to do everything. The Sagittarius man is a famous fighter for truth, his arrows always catch up with liars and people who do injustice. He is the zodiac Robin Hood who rises up to protect both his and others’ violated rights and freedoms. Sagittarius man likes to communicate. We can say that communication, cooperation, and public work are the main and favorite area of activity of this representative of the zodiacal circle.

Sagittarius man is always focused on the society, audience, viewers, and leaves little time and energy to communicate with his loved ones. People always surround him, he is the soul of any company, and people are drawn to him because he exudes a pleasant worldly wisdom, gaiety and cheerfulness. Sagittarius man is a great optimist, he always looks to the future with faith, he cannot be knocked out of the saddle by small troubles and misunderstandings. He is so generous that he can forgive his enemies for their attacks against him, being content with the fact that he comes out the winner from all of their ploys. Sometimes he is so naive, believes in his own utopia with a child’s spontaneity, and this gets him into trouble. The Sagittarius man is always pressing forward for better horizons, for a bright future, that he does not pay attention to what is happening around him – this quite often is the cause of his mistakes. Sagittarius man is always looking ahead, trying to see the future, but he is not at all a dreamer and does not indulge in empty fantasy – amusement is not for him. He knows that moving forward is necessary only with practical affairs, and strives to take up many affairs as much as possible. His dreams of a brighter future are not based on imaginary images, but on reality and practical curiosity. Sagittarius man has a passion for sports, once there is a clear objective in front of him – he tries to make it as attractive as possible for himself, and does his utmost to achieve it immediately. Large, global objectives are not for him, he prefers to see observable practical space, which he can really reach. He manages to evade in case of unforeseen circumstances and has enough winning moments on the fly. He will have to fight with windmills all his life, because enemies who will be willing to trample his bursting initiative in the bud will always be everywhere – and he will not tolerate this. Sagittarius man is a true perpetual engine, which is so needed by people for communication and in the workplace, but which does not leave his partner hopes for a quiet life with him. While rushing, the Sagittarius man can be inattentive, say tactlessness, but this is not a result of natural rudeness or cruelty, but of inattention. When he is faced with a prospect – he forgets about everything and thinks that his every game is worth a candle, and therefore there is no need to pay attention to minor misunderstandings.

Sagittarius man’s woman must have the courage, wisdom and great patience to constantly expect feats and accomplishments from her husband. He will so widely communicate that he will periodically be literally lured home. He does not like when he is pushed or dictated for, but he listens to a convincing opinion and submits to it if it seems reasonable to him. His fiancee must be a woman of generous soul, she must not in any case lie, because he will never forgive dishonesty in a relationship. If a woman wants to keep the Sagittarius man near her, she must accept some of his freedom, and he will always be grateful to come back to her, in a quiet cozy home, to his beloved wife.


This person always tries to keep a low profile, his inner world, desires and intentions are unknown, and this becomes attractive and even frightening for some people. Contrary to popular belief, the Capricorn man does not like loneliness, he likes to go out, he just never takes a central position as a leader, and tries never to attract attention. But the representative of this zodiacal constellation always finds it interesting to manipulate people from his hiding place in such a way that none of them will suspect that they are being controlled by such a shy and timid Capricorn man.

Capricorn man is a very pleasant man, his intelligent and aristocratic manners make him a welcome guest in any self-respecting company of people. The representative of this zodiacal constellation is always afraid of pressure on him, he cannot admit that someone penetrates his inner world, penetrate who wants to put his order there, or, conversely, ruffle things, and therefore hides behind the mask of indifference and coldness. Fire always burns inside his mind, and people who got to know him better, can say with certainty that he is very passionate, has a hot nature, skillful, can be offended, and have fun like a child. Secretly, Capricorn is an unusual romanticist and inspired dreamer, he loves to travel and likes to have fun. Capricorn can often tell jokes in the public, but they are ironic, sometimes – with a hint of malevolent, but there is nothing from the real Capricorn man, which is locked in Capricorn’s mind – mask. Externally, the Capricorn man tries not to show his emotions, he always looks cold and aloof, and this creates a view of him as a cold-blooded and even callous man. A representative of this zodiacal constellation will never go too far in his imagination, he prefers to settle for small dreams that can be easily actualized and achieved in real life. Capricorn man does not like showing his feelings because of fear of being weak and irresolute, but therefore even with a loved one in public, he sometimes appear cold and even rude. He cannot be changed. He is a conservative to the marrow, and even in clothing, the Capricorn man tries to stick to classical and low-key style, and sometimes prefers older and stressed cut stuff. He is skeptical of comments made by other people to him. He does not care what people around say about him, whether they praise or scold him. But after compliments, the Capricorn man is illuminated by new ideas and inspiration, and this proves the fact that he after all does not neglect praises made to him.

Capricorn man becomes wiser with age, he opens up with time, getting rid of many inferiority complexes, and in adulthood may show a completely open cheerful man who knows how to tell a joke and make a compliment. Capricorn man loves his family and will do everything he can to keep his family altar intact. He can flirt with other women, but will never be tested on family ties, because he is always afraid to lose them. He has a lot of demands for his future woman, but of particular significant to him are such qualities of his partner as attentiveness and kindness, diligence, ability to keep the house and cook well, look good, have intelligence, education and wisdom. Female beauty for a Capricorn man – is a relative term, he believes any woman who is independent in outlook and has extensive knowledge in all spheres of life is beautiful.


The Aquarius man always gives the impression of “not of this world” – he is constantly in a certain dreamy aura, busy with his thoughts and fantasies, often not paying attention to what is happening around him. But he is not locked in his own world, quite the contrary – he is always looking for communication, new experiences and acquaintances, because he believes that the purpose of his life on earth is opening something new for himself. Aquarius man strives to test everything by himself, learn the world has much as possible, he is attracted by the most unusual and mysterious. He happily enters into new relationships or goes for a trip.

The Aquarius man is always full of original ideas, he even tries to apply nonstandard, original moves, for example, save money on something, or facilitate domestic routine work. A representative of this zodiacal constellation always knows how to do better, and does not forget to talk about this wherever possible. People can get fed up with his advice, that sometimes he is regarded as an intolerable bore or a pedant, but his advice indeed works. Aquarius man is not interested in making money as such. He does not have passion for hoarding money, although he needs money to be free. Having achieved a relative freedom in money for himself, he will not try to increase his capital or climb the career ladder higher. Aquarius man loves to communicate. Moreover, he can in the same way communicate and make friends with both members of the high society, and street cleaners – regalia. Class and social status mean nothing to the Aquarius man for he focuses only on the beauty of the human soul, his mind and conscience. The ideas of this representative of the zodiacal circle so ardently and persistently promoted by him in life, may suddenly lose their appeal in favor of new, original ideas, and Aquarius man will abandon them without finishing it. Boredom, routine, and monotony can become all-pervasive factors for this man, after which he loses interest in this affair or even in personal relationships. The Aquarius man does not like old, familiar things and ways of life, he spends his adult life trying to invent his bicycle, and sometimes his ideas are too utopian or unrealistic. He readily finds friends among the fairer sex, he enjoys talking to women, he is attracted to their flexibility, kindness, gentleness and openness of character. If Aquarius man’s female friend mistakenly took his interest to her as a courtship between them, all sorts of misunderstandings may arise between them, while the Aquarius man will not understand what happened that his female friend is so mad at him. Aquarius man does not really worry when something goes away from him, he considers it as a natural process, which opens new horizons. Therefore, you cannot see an Aquarius man worrying for a long time about the loss of friendship or even love relationships.

Aquarius man does not like to compete with another man in courting a woman, and always gives way to a more stubborn and obstinate person. He tries not to lose his mind even against strong feelings, preferring to have an easy attitude to everything. Some woman’s secrecy and mystery may attract his attention, which he will want to unravel, this mystery can keep his love for his partner for many years. Once the relationship becomes routine and lose all appeal and interest for the Aquarius man, he will go for new experiences, and can without undue regret leave his former partner for a new passion, or cheat on her making new romancing other women. The Aquarius man is very afraid of strong attachment to a woman, because this means loss of freedom for him. A smart partner would give Aquarius his private space and part of his freedom, and he will never part from her.


The Pisces man is a dreamer who prefers to stay in sweet dreams and sad melancholy than to seriously be occupied with the realities of this, by his view, harsh and cruel world. He constantly lives in fantasies of his some extraordinary successful rise and untold wealth, which he is bound to receive for his many talents, but does nothing to somehow bring this happy day closer. The Pisces man all the time waits for a mythical happy fortune, which would finally pull him out of the quagmire. He will eventually become unbearable because of his grumbling in life, eternal depression and complaints against all the people around him.

However, if the Pisces man takes the initiative, he can easily create that happy occasion and turn his life into success and prosperity. But for this representative of the zodiacal circle, he would have to abandon his old habits and learn new qualities – optimism and activeness. Pisces man must learn to take firm decisions, implement real ideas, and finally get rid of unnecessary aura of reverie, which obscures him and interferes with normal forward movement. Pisces man is a representative of one of the dual zodiac signs, which tends to fluctuate in decisions, doubt in the correctness of his actions, mark on the same place and move away from problems in the hope that they will be solved by themselves. With such an attitude to life, if he does not train himself, he will become just a guest at someone’s feast in the later years of his life, or will try to become a fish-parasite latched on to someone else’s success, and collecting the crumbs from the master’s table. It is a pity that the Pisces man always has a mass of talent, and with adequate attitude towards life he can actualize his own activities. He has a rich, subtle intuition that can be combined with his intelligence, education and creativity in the best possible way. When all the ingredients of this cocktail are balanced, the Pisces man begins to move towards reasonable goals, and will almost immediately begin to win. In this case, the representative of this zodiacal constellation through a very short period of time will have success and wealth, and perhaps even power. Most Pisces men believe that what they already have is enough, and that they need not rush into the muddy waters of life. The Pisces man is not only careful – he is a coward, and prefers a clear space of modern life to an obscure closet of the future palace. Pisces man’s romanticism is very airy and pretty, but only when he does not substitute it for his practical caring about the family and its well-being, including material well-being. In the second version, his romanticism may look like a mockery of common sense of which not all his partners may withstand. He also sees nothing wrong scrounging off his wife or elderly parents, and write romantic opus about his rich spiritual world.

The Pisces man can be a truly great man, the backbone for the family and his loved woman, if he comes to his senses in time. Pisces man’s love is riddled with romance and passion, novels write about such love and it is composed in songs. It will beautifully court his lady, write poems and sing serenades under the window. He really needs an understanding partner, but she must remember that Pisces man’s restless and turbulent soul sometimes needs freedom and solitude, so as to seek his inspiration in them. Pisces man needs commendation, support and words of love. This will not let him lose the thread of romantic relationship that have developed between the partners in their very beginning.

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