Change Your Destiny Through Vedic Astrology

The name of Pundit Roshan Singh has now virtually become a household word throughout South Africa. I might add that he has now become Internationally known as his readings and predictions reach all over the world as his client base extends even to persons who live in India who have some of the world’s acclaimed astrologers. He has studied Jyotish Astrology and Ayurveda through the American Institute Of Vedic Studies under the acclaimed Dr David Frawley who is also known as Pundit Vamandev Shastri. Punditji’s predictions in both Numerology and Jyotish Astrology have changed the lives of every person who has consulted with him. He has proven to be a teacher of the subject matter as he guides every client of how to read and interpret their horoscope readings.

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Jyotish Astrology and Science that helps to solve your problems.

Have you ever attracted the same kind of relationships that end up in misunderstandings or suffering? Or jobs with impossible managers? Or are you feeling a total lack of motivation and meaning in your experiences?

Vedic Astrology can solve these daily (and even future) problems through the study and analysis of your astrological birth chart. For this it’s necessary to provide the Vedic astrologer with the exact time, place and date of your birth.

From your Vedic birth chart, you can observe even the people in your life (parents, brothers or sisters, husband or wife, children, various relatives, etc.), particularly what kind of relationship you have with them, whether they’re well or what problems they are facing.

More importantly, you can get help to solve your problems with these individuals and discover everything else about your life, health, your intellect and even your soul.

Moreover, Vedic astrology responds to the needs of those most sensitive individuals, who observe the starry sky, and intuitively feel that they belong to a wider world. And for those who feel connected through their consciousness to both celestial bodies and galaxies and other living beings.

In India, Vedic Astrology is considered a science—this is the verdict of the Supreme Court

Astroworld South Africa under the leadership of Pundit Roshan Singh is the only institution that is offering courses on this ancient science. Empower yourself with the knowledge of this great subject matter that governs our lives.


Vedic Astrology has its origins in ancient India and it’s been taught by scholars of the cosmos called Rishis—masters of the spirit and experts of human consciousness, who discovered the secrets of the universe and human life.


In addition to their advanced knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and astrology, the Rishis obtained their revelations in higher states of deep meditation.
As a result, they managed to create a predictive system that still works today.

In India, Vedic Astrology is considered a science—this is the verdict of the Supreme Court and the University Grants Commission that have found this predictive method to be as precise and accurate as computer science.

Unlike other astrological systems, in fact, the Vedic system is based on universal principles contained in the Vedas and data and case studies collected for 5,000 years.


Can I change my life through Vedic astrology?

Certainly. Despite the fact that our experiences are largely predestined because of our unique mind set and our reactions to circumstances and free will, many problems can be solved through advice from a Vedic astrologer.

How do the Vedic planets intervene in my present and future?

The nine Vedic planets (the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the two invisible lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu) create our consciousness and experiences. Countries and cities are also influenced by the planets. Each of us has a unique relationship with the planets because of their positions in our astrological birth chart, which is a blueprint of our life.

What kind of problems can be solved through Vedic astrology?

An astrologer can identify planets that cause a health problem, or a relationship issue, or financial troubles. In addition, the astrologer will prescribe traditional remedies to solve the problem—often permanently. A good astrologer also becomes a coach showing how to change our attitude that causes a certain problem.

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