The traditional Hindu marriage is performed at a high spiritual level and in a sacred atmosphere.

Marriage is regarded as a union of two souls to help each other in their spiritual evolution. The bride and the bridegroom are no longer two independent beings but one integrated personality in their thoughts, words and actions united by firm resolve to supplement and compliment each other in every aspect of life. They firmly resolve in their vows that they will be committed to each other and serve the Lord jointly in order to pave their way to go back home back to Godhead in this lifetime. That they will have and raise pure and God loving children and teach them the way to true happiness and that is to remember God continuously and consistently.

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Pundit Roshan Singh is renowned for the exemplary manner in which he conducts Hindu weddings with grace and dignity. He is always commended for his command of Hindi and Sanskrit which is coupled with his in depth knowledge of scripture. His discourses are much appreciated in view of his ability to bring enlightenment to both young and old alike. He was chosen to conduct the wedding of film producer Anant Singh which he did in the presence of President Nelson Mandela.

He acted as a Hindu Pundit in the soapie series Isidingo.

Pundit Roshan Singh is the first Hindu Pundit in South Africa to be appointed as a Marriage Officer by President F W de Klerk the then Minister of the Department of Home Affairs.


Identity documents in respect of the bride and bride groom

Identity documents in respect of two witnesses

Anti-nuptial contract if marrying by ANC

Death certificate of your spouse if you are a widow or widower (if applicable)

Divorce order if you are divorcee (if applicable)

Divorce order if your husband if he is a divorcee (if applicable)

4 colour ID size photographs in respect of the couple.

Finger printing is an additional requirement of the Department of Home Affairs which will be done on the day of your marriage. 

The couple must be accompanied by the 2 witnesses.

Please download and complete the Registration of Marriage form by clicking the button below, and email it to us together with scanned copies of all the relevant documents.

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