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Removal of Negative Energy

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Signs of Negative Energy in a Person

Have you ever met someone who just seemed to suck the energy out of a room? You know, that person who makes you feel tired and drained after spending time with them.

It’s not always easy to tell what it is about them that has such an effect on us, is it? But there are certain signs of negative energy in a person which can help us figure this out.

What is Negative Energy?

Before we can go into the signs, it’s essential that you clearly understand what negative energy is.

Negative energy is negative thoughts that are trapped within a person’s mind, creating negative emotions and negative actions. These negative emotions–which can be of any kind, like fear, anger, jealousy, or even hatred– cause people to behave negatively.

What negative energy does within a person is that it builds up over time until released through negative actions. For instance, if you were to hold your anger inside, it’d build up until you finally lose control and shout at someone.

When someone emits negative energy, they’re essentially draining your energy in one way or another. Some negative energy emitters may be aware of what they’re doing, but others may not. It’s a person’s subtle negative energy that’s often more detrimental than their apparent negative behavior.

Most people are exposed to negative energy without even being aware of it. Have you ever gone through a phase in your life where you were constantly experiencing negative emotions? If yes, then you have felt negative energy yourself.

This is to reverse negative energies directed toward you and to send them back from where they came.

 A word of warning…..this is best done just before you go to bed. Under no circumstances are you to leave your property while this is burning!!!

You will need frankincense  or sandalwood incense, one blue candle and nutmeg oil (we do have stock of pure nutmeg oil). Cut a normal sized candle into three pieces.
 Light the incense and anoint the candle with the oil. (Rubbing up) While doing this chant,  think, or say something like:
  “I reverse all negative thoughts, feelings, energies and magic directed  towards me and send it back 10,000 (or whatever number you want) folds over.”
  After the candle is anointed you need to charge it. You do this by placing the candle
 between both hands and rubbing it in your palms and keep repeating the verse above.

Do this till you feel that the candle is fully charged. Then light the candle and let it burn all the
 way out. Set it up so that it will not fall or burn anything.

Above all else do this safely

This has been proven and tested and will most certainly produce the desired results.


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